Bandido & Último Guerrero off the CMLL Aniversario show after positive COVID-19 tests

This is a breaking news post and may be updated with more details later.

Bandido and Ultimo Guerrero both have tested positive for COVID-19, CMLL announced on Informa Wednesday. They join Lluvia and Princesa Sugehit as COVID-19 CMLL luchadors in the last few days. Four of the seven matches planned for the CMLL Aniversario show, CMLL’s biggest event, have now been changed due to COVID-19 positive results. CMLL still plans on running the show on Friday.

Mexico City wrestling regulations require regular COVID-19 testing. CMLL has said they’re following all testing regulations, have shown glimpses of testing, and have implied they’re doing tests once a week. There are no more further details, including the type of tests being used. Sugehit’s positive test came with her personal doctor in Monterrey. Bandido worked CMLL’s show on Friday, which wouldn’t have been allowed with a positive test. Any positive test seems as though it must’ve also been him getting a test himself. It is less clear when Lluvia or Ultimo Guerrero tested positive. Lluvia did miss Friday’s show with no explanation, but CMLL rarely explains missing wrestlers. Ultimo Guerrero has not appeared or been listed on a CMLL PPV card since their return, but did work some of their TV tapings.

CMLL fans overwhelming voted Bandido to face Volador Jr. for his NWA Historic Welterweight Championship. Bandido can no longer participate. Templario will take Bandido’s place as Volador’s challenger. Lluvia and Princesa Sugehit are to get their make up title matches in October. CMLL will also make up the missing world trios title match in October and plan to also have Bandido/Volador in October.

Box Y Lucha mentioned fan-circulated rumors of Bandido’s COVID-19 diagnosis in their issue on Monday, but the story didn’t get widely picked up until CMLL’s announcement on Wednesday. Ultimo Guerrero’s status has been in question since his partner Lluvia was announced as testing positive on Monday. CMLL quietly deleted graphics promoting both the trios title match and Volador/Bandido from social media on Tuesday.

If I’m right about CMLL testing before TV tapings on Thursday – a lot of guesswork there – CMLL may not know who else is COVID-19 positive until tomorrow. CMLL possibly will change the procedures because of these tests but they have may outward indications of a chance and are continuing on as normal.

reported AAA AutoLuchas plan, COVID-19 positives, panedmic loans

AAA will reportedly resume running events with their first AutoLuchas show on October 3rd. An article in RECORD, republished here, had the details on Tuesday. A press conference scheduled to announce this on Tuesday was postponed, so some or all the information may change.

The current plans are for three shows a day on Saturdays and Sundays at the Hermanos Rodriguez car racetrack. That is a change from running in at Six Flags Mexico. (Dr. Landru alluded to that change earlier Tuesday, mentioning the area around Six Flags is still dealing with a high number of infections.) The AutoLuchas shows would have room for 250 cars a show, hoping for 750 cars a day. The rest of the details are what had been announced in July; there is no new information on streaming or video accessibility.

The AutoLucha press conference is still happening this week at last word but I don’t know when. Obviously, if that press conference never takes place, then these shows aren’t happening yet.

CMLL announced today’s Informa guests will be the champions defending their titles at Aniversario. Expect additional news on that show. The Aniversario show remains on.

Hechicero and Gala Lutteroth appeared on a Mexican sensate sponsored panel discussion about the importance of lucha libre in Mexican Culture. Hechicero, Gala Lutteroth, Salvador Lutteroth Lomeli, Atlantis Jr. and Mystique appeared at the opening of a mask/photo lucha libre exhibit at the W Hotel. That will remain open for two weeks. Gala Lutteroth is officially listed as “CMLL Director of Cultural Relations and has appeared a little more often as a CMLL public representative of late, since the cultural connection appears to have allowed them to start running again.

Mephisto wants to go for the tag titles with Hechicero.

Microman voted for himself twice.

Pandmeic unemployment assistance loans for luchadors will be distributed this week, according to a press conference at the Mexico City lucha libre commission office. 250 Mexico City luchadors and 380 Mexico State luchadors signed up for a 25,000 pesos ($1,159) loan, which they’ll need to repay in three years. The luchadors will receive a card with the value by visiting their local welfare office, which means the lucha libre commission is now out of the process. Fantasma was asked again about the rumor people working on behalf of the office were pocketing a “processing fee” and maintained no one was asked for it while asking anyone who has proof otherwise to come forward.

There’s something funny about Fantasma telling people not to go to secret shows to a media outlet that’s been filming secret shows. On a similar topic, Mas Lucha’s podcast talks to two promoters – the Arena Mama Luchas and one outside of Monterrey – who was shut down by the government this past week.

Konnan Big has tested positive about COVID-19. He is not showing symptoms. Konnan Big later said he’d like to donate blood plasma with COVID-19 antibodies once he gets better, which humorously led to people on social media expressing their distrust for the safety and substances in Konnan Big’s blood.

Referee Babe Richard Jr. says he caught COVID-19 and was sick for some time but now has recovered.

Tijuana Pro Wrestling is advertising a drive-in show tonight (9:30 pm CT, 7:30 pm local) that apparently ill be airing on Facebook. They’re advertising names from Lucha Libre Vanguardia, but no matches are mentioned. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere besides their Facebook.

MexaWrestling’s last show will premiere on Mas Lucha this Saturday. Their next show will be on October 17th and will include wrestlers from DTU, IWRG, and Lucha Time.

Metaleon announced he’d be going by Leon Dorado Jr. from now on, though promoters are generally slow on the uptake on these changes.

Vanguardia teased a surprise debut for their PPV this Sunday. I feel like I should look at the DTU roster and figure out who else has disappeared.

EMW’s drive-in show will now take place on 10/03 at the Toros de Tijuana baseball stadium. They didn’t have a location when they announced two weeks ago so this one might take.

Expo Lucha is going virtual for 2020. On October 10th, they’re going to have a panel discussion with Konnan and the hosts of the MMM show about Lucha Underground and show never before seen matches. This will all stream on their video platforms.

Periodico Correo has a good piece on Leon’s history of wrestling, which has greatly declined since the closure of former weekly stop Arena Isabel. The article argues that the most famous two luchadors from Leon were Black Shadow, who lost his mask to El Santo, and Bobby Lee, who lost his mask to Hijo del Santo.

I’m behind on the podcasts, so the Sam Adonis interview on Chris Jericho’s podcast is a few weeks old but definitely worth checking for lucha libre talk. A sad story inside: Chris Jericho has been DM-ing Negro Casas on Instagram for a couple of years and never gets a response. Jericho figures Casas doesn’t know how to use Instagram and he’s probably right.

Nino Hamburguesa appeared in a rap video.

Aeroboy appeared in a beer commercial.

Crazy Boy believes his biggest rival is himself.

Laredo Kid is raffling off a set of gear.

Periodico La Voz has a profile of Difunto II.


IWRG (SUN) 09/27/2020 Arena Naucalpan
1) Chicanito vs Maradó
2) Atomik Star & Legendario vs Dick Angelo 3G & Shil-Kha
3) Alas De Plata & Diosa Quetzal vs Diosa Atenea & Fulgor
4) Karaoui & Veneno vs Jessy Ventura & Pasion Kristal vs Hijo del Alebrije & Relámpago
5) Demonio Infernal & Fresero Jr. vs Dragón Bane & Hijo de Canis Lupus [IWRG IC TAG, #1 Contenders, semifinal]

The tournament looks to have slowed down to one match a day. The feuds from the last few weeks are gone, this is more a normal pre-pandemic card. The last few shows have been surprisingly tightly booked, which hopefully will continue.