Soberano & Titan versus Templario & Tiger tonight on 2nd CMLL iPPV

The second of the three CMLL pre-Aniversario PPVs takes place tonight. There’s a better on paper match than anything we’ve seen. It’s still a lot of matches just to have matches.

The main event has Volador Jr., Bandido, Flyer against Sanson, Gran Guerrero, Euforia. Gran Guerrero tossed his mask to draw a DQ on Volador, setting up this rematch. That is the usual CMLL set up a singles match for 09/18. Volador’s already scheduled to have a singles match on 09/25. The same guy having back to back singles matches is almost never done in CMLL, but this is a strange time. CMLL going to Volador to be in a special match is something we’ve seen a lot from them in recent years.

Soberano & Titan take on Templario & Tiger in the semi-main. That looks like a very strong match on paper. Last week’s environment didn’t feel conducive to great matches, but these guys will show enough effort to make up for it. Tiger is the one I’m least confident among this foursome; the disappointing FantasticaMania tour (earlier this year or a century ago, it’s hard to remember) felt like he may have already peaked as far as what we’re getting out of him in CMLL. Maybe the other guys can bring more out of him.

Rey Cometa & Espiritu Negro face Raziel & Cancerbero in a tag match between luchadors likely to challenge for the Aniversario show. La Jarochita & Reyna Isis and Oro Jr. & Coyote meet in singles match.

The show streams at 8:30 pm. If you got the bundle package (which I assume is 95% of the people watching), you need to go into your email and click the same link as last week.

Last week’s show went two hours; the matches went a little longer to compensate for less of them. That seemed to hurt the action if anything; it’s ok and probably better if Oro & Coyote get 10 minutes and not 15. I’d also like to see some copyright-free music for entrances because the silence is weird.

SuperLuchas reports Cavernario is expected out three to four months; we’ve probably seen the last of him until 2021.

Templario officially replaced Barbaro Cavernario in likely trios title challengers. He’s still eligible to wrestle twice and challenge Volador, though it’s unlikely that’ll happen. Gallito has cut Microman’s lead to 11% in that poll, though he’ll have to pick up the pace greatly to surpass by next Wednesday’s deadline. There’s no big shakeups in the other polls.

Olimpico talked about his switch to being a referee on CMLL Informa. It was as much a battlefield promotion as it seemed. CMLL isn’t going to use Pompin, Bestia Negra, and Terror Chino as referees during the pandemic so Panico brought up the idea to Olimpico. Olimpico has no referee license, with Fantasma letting him slide on his wrestler license for the rest of 2020 due to the situation. They’ll sort out a referee license (and maybe a new name, like Metalico/Tigre Infante) next year. Olimpico would like a retirement show, when fans can comeback, but is otherwise considering himself retired.

I wonder if other CMLL luchadors were asked; could we’ve gotten referee Rey Bucanero or Nitro or some other wrestler near the end of their run? I guess we might still if something happens to Metalico or Edgar.

The CMLL media interviews this week were Bandido, Reina Isis, and Mephisto. Mephisto said the best argument for his team to get the trios title is they’ve been a team so long. I think that might actually be why they’re losing. He notes he beat Ultimo Guerrero for tag titles long ago so they’ve got a good chance if they get the match. Bandido says he wasn’t expecting the fan support and has lots of people he’d like to face even past Volador, like a hair match with Ultimo Guerrero.

Mascara 2000 says 2021 will be his last year of wrestling. This is the normal retirement stuff, though the reality is he probably shouldn’t be wrestling this year as it is. If CMLL isn’t putting the older referees in the ring, they probably can’t be putting 62-year-old Jesus Reyes either. 60-year-old Negro Casas is listed in one of the polls but hasn’t been scheduled otherwise for a match yet.

Salvador Lutteroth is again scheduled to appear on a panel discussion next Friday. This one is on the legacy of lucha libre in Baja California, airing on the Facebook page for the Secretary of Culture. Rey Misterio & Maurcio Limon Pino are also from the Comic Con panel. Estudiante Jr., Lady Lee and Ruby Gardenia are also scheduled to appear.

AAA put up a Daga vignette challenging Fenix. I’d like to think these vignettes are going somewhere but Daga being involved makes me feel like it’s just something to keep people talking. Daga also seems to have made his match this Saturday in Warrior Wrestling against Isais Velazquez a title match.

Lucha Memes says their 09/16 show will be their first show on IWTV. There’s no word yet of when it’ll be on there, though the promotion does say they’ll talk more about their plans this week.

Lucha Libre Vanguardia is happening on 09/19 but airing as a PPV on 09/27

Vanguardia set up a Fly Star versus Crazy King match for the Vanguardia 4×4 (24/7) Championship on the last show. Latigo pinned Fly Star for the title during a training session, so that match has changed.

Cancun’s Alfa Dragon talks about his return to wrestling; local venue Arena Revolucion is running an empty arena show tomorrow.

The Reynosa boxing and lucha libre commission has had no leader for three years. That seems like a long time. The mayor typically appoints someone, but no one’s been named since 2017. Two boxing guys are putting themselves forward for the position.

The “Cassandro, the Exotico” documentary, an inspiration for the upcoming film, is available for free on TubiTv.

Warrior Jr. says he’s switching to Hijo de Mano Negra, or maybe Mano Negra Junior. The name’s not his issue; he’s going to be working the same indie shows. Furia de Titanes points out this man has a cousin who is already training as Hijo de Mano Negra in CMLL. That Mano Negra suggested he’d be giving up the name on Facebook, then told Furia de Titanes it actually had been decided. CMLL will probably call their one Hijo de Mano Negra if they want to use the gimmick (and bringing back old gimmicks is what CMLL like to do.)

Crazy Boy is doing a one man tour of indie promotions and autograph signings starting this weekend. A match with Principe Cometa will stream on 09/16. DTU also says they’re running Arena Mama Luchas in Mexico State in November.

A TeleDiario report says lucha libre is not expected to return in Puebla until November. That seems later than Arena Puebla was expecting, though there may be different rules for them.

Sarah Stock’s furlough from WWE has become a permanent job loss. The former Dark Angel has been traveling the US in a van and filming vlogs, having gotten bored with being in the same place for long. It doesn’t seem like she’d be in a hurry to get back the wrestling grind outside of WWE.

LuchaWorld has the latest Lucha Report.

An interview with Tampico’s Mensajero de la Muerte.


IWRG (SUN) 09/13/2020 Arena Naucalpan
1) Legendario vs Rey Halcón Jr.
2) Alas de Oro, Alas De Plata, Eragón vs Avisman, Fulgor I, Karaoui
3) Toxin vs Puma de Oro [super libre]
4) Demonio Infernal & Fresero Jr. vs Big Chico Che & Big Ovett [IWRG IC TAG, #1 Contenders, quarterfinal]
5) Dragón Bane & Hijo de Canis Lupus vs Shun Skywalker & Yoshioka [IWRG IC TAG, #1 Contenders, quarterfinal]

The top two matches are part of an eight tag team tournament, winner to face current champions Marshe Rockett & Bryce Benjamin. Los Traumas face Los Capos and Los Exoticos face Hijo del Espectro and Hijo de Kahoz in the other half. That seems like Los Traumas versus Los Golepadors in the final, though it’s not certain. Far less certain is how a tag title match is going to happen with US based wrestlers. Maybe the winner is heading north.

Mexa Wrestling (SAT) 09/19/2020 Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México
1) Noicy Boy & Rey Halcón vs Sherekan & Zika
2) Fulgor I & Fulgor II vs Alex Black & Mafioso
3) Hija De Gatubela & Séptimo Dragón vs Hijo Del Impostor & Universis
4) Príncipe Aéreo & Puma de Oro vs Galeno del Mal & Hijo Del Espectro
5) El Diablo Fly Star, Lunatik Xtreme, Sobredosis vs Black Danger, Fly Warrior, Toxin
6) Dragón Bane © vs Baby Xtreme [IWRG REY DEL AIRE]
7) Centvrión & León Dorado vs Hijo de Canis Lupus & Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr.

Full lineup for this show. León Dorado is the former (and maybe still occasionally) Metaleon, who was using “León Dorado Jr.” in a few 2016/2017 ELITE shows. Centvrion and Dorado have an on and off mask feud, though this would be an unfortuante time to restart it.

The IWRG Rey del Aire title is a real IWRG title, in that it hasn’t been defended in a full year. Dragon Bane & Baby Xtreme are both capable of having good matches but I’m not sure if they’re a good fit for each other.

This show airs on Mas Lucha’s premium channel. I’m playing around with simple ideas to keep track of the streaming show schedule but I’d still rather someone else do it.

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