CMLL on Televisa: 1995-12-30

can’t escape Pantera

Recapped: 2020-08-02


I must’ve seen a tape list that had an extra match on it because it’s on my list as airing but it’s not on what Roy put up. It’s OK, just makes this last 1995 show brief.

El Dandy, La Fiera, Pantera beat El Hijo Del Gladiador, Felino, Kahoz
(Arena Coliseo @ 12/29, 21:01, 1/2 DQ, ok, Roy Lucier CMLL)

What Happened: Kahoz fouled Dandy for the DQ.

Review: The first fall is very long, simmering at low heat, then Pantera pulls out an amazing spot with Felino that makes it worth it. Pantera pulls out a great dive in the third fall. The crowd is into Dandy but the other four guys aren’t doing much for me in this match, and the match ends in an unappealing way after all the time spent on it. La Fiera is in the right position for his spots but seems off at other times.

Atlantis, Shocker, Silver King beat Dr. Wagner Jr., Emilio Charles Jr., Negro Casas
(Arena Coliseo @ 12/29, 12:53, 2/3, ok, Roy Lucier CMLL)

Mostly notable for Shocker being put over strong; he’s the equal of Negro Casas for most of the match and wins cleanly at the end. The mask match comes off as a real elevation, not just a one week blip, though it’d take a few more years for Shocker to really get where he was going. I think I keep expecting these 95 trios matches to build to a bigger ending, but they’re just weekly TV matches and during a holiday week; that’s probably not happening.