CMLL on Televisa: 1995-02-18 & 03-11

I think Emilio was supposed to catch him in the armbar but it’s not clear.

Recapped: 2020-07-16

The in-between February 25th show isn’t currently available. It was probably better than all of this.


Cadáver De Ultratumba, Espectro Jr., Kahoz beat Ciclón Ramírez, El Hijo del Solitario, Pantera
Arena Coliseo, 2/3, 7:43, ok, Roy Lucier CMLL)

A short match of no note. The third fall seems like it’s building up to a big tecnico comeback, and then it just ends. Pantera looks great in his second fall run and Espectro & Cadaver do well stooging for him, but that’s more notes to look for them in another match than to see this one.

Canek, Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Vampiro beat Dr. Wagner Jr., Emilio Charles Jr., Pierroth Jr.
(02/17 Arena México, 2/3, 17:06, ok, Roy Lucier CMLL)

Longer but not better. Wagner still hates Vamp, just refuses to go up for a suplex from him. Arena Mexico crowd is much more anti-Vamp than the Arena Coliseo crowd. Vampiro tries to get himself over by taking wild bumps, which more almost gets himself killed. This is a twenty five year old match and yet I feared for his life when he went to take a Doomsday Device. (He felt on his shoulder safely.) The build towards Canek/Wagner isn’t much interesting because 1995 Wagner is not great himself. Skip.

Atlantis, Negro Casas, Último Dragón beat Dr. Wagner Jr., Mocho Cota, Pierroth Jr.
(03/07 Arena Coliseo, ½ DQ, 13:5, ok, Roy Lucier CMLL)

A sort of interesting first fall turns into a very drowsy second fall. Mocho Cota is a delight, Negro Casas seems unaccustomed to work as a tecnico, Dr. Wagner shows a bit more personality than usual, but this is nothing special.

El Brazo, Jason The Terrible, Satánico beat Brazo de Oro, Brazo de Plata, Héctor Garza
(03/10 Arena Coliseo, 1/2, 2:30, n/r, Roy Lucier CMLL)

This is highlights, with the rudos winning in straight falls.

Bestia Salvaje, Emilio Charles Jr., Sangre Chicana beat Corazón De León, La Fiera, Vampiro
(03/10 Arena Coliseo, 11:10, 1/3, ok, Roy Lucier CMLL)

La Fiera & Chicana are fine as the central portion of the feud, but not helped much by the tecnico team. Jericho picks up a minor seeming shoulder injury and looks off the rest of the match. Vampiro is Vampiro. Bestia Salvaje is as good as always.