Mas Lucha Torneo Suprema bracket, packed show in SLP

There is no traffic light health map in Mexico’s battle with coronavirus this week. The secretary of health announced no map would be released due to “inconsistently in data” from laboratories. The impression of that press conference was the situation was getting worse, while it appears the Mexican president spent the next couple of days saying it was getting better. It’s looking like a mess.

San Luis Potosi’s Arena Margarita is not a building known much outside of that city. It, and slightly more famous cross-town rival Arena Mexico San Luis Potosi, run weekly Sunday shows in normal times. The pandemic has stopped most of those sorts of arenas from running or at least running publicly. It didn’t really seem to stop Arena Margarita; the switched to about one show every two weeks but kept running empty arena shows. They very quietly started allowing fans back in on their June 14th show, but it didn’t get much attention until photos of a July 4th show with Cibernetico turned up on the internet. Arena Margarita’s YouTube page has video of the show too; it’s shoulder to shoulder people with few masks. The show from this past weekend is even more full. Criticism in the comments seems to be met with “we’re taking all health precautions” and “mind your own business.” If governmental types in San Luis Potosi cared, they could’ve shut them down, but it does not seem to be important.

Toxin promoted a secret debut show for his Kriminal Lucha Libre promotion in Tijuana last weekend. The location was kept secret, but it was made obvious by luchadors on the show posting pictures of traveling to Tijuana. The idea is fans would have to message Toxin on Facebook to purchase the video; video of it has already spread free online. Tijuana’s boxing, wrestling, and MMA commission have found out about the show, says secret shows are not permitted and is “analyzing the repercussions”. It sounds like suspensions, though suspending people at a time where shows aren’t permitted to anyone. That’s a bit different than San Luis Potosi; reaction to these shows are going to vastly different from state to state while the virus exists.

It’s not just a Mexico issue. GALLI resumed running shows this weekend. It doesn’t seem like many people came out, though it does seem like the fans were wearing facemasks. They’re planning on returning on August 2nd with Aeroboy (in for IWA’s deathmatch tournament) and Gringo Loco. In an interview about the show, Aeroboy says GALLI’s been restricted to 50 people in attendance for their shows, which I believe does fit with the state rules.

Neza luchador/trainer Espiral Negro passed away on Friday. He and his son, luchador Golden Bull, had been hospitalized since July 4th.

It’s behind a paywall so all we’ve got is the title, but Mexico City (and maybe CMLL trainee) luchador Thunder Storm says he’s lost four family members due to coronavirus.

CMLL released a short message from Chris Jericho, sharing his memories of Paco Alonso one year after his passing. It’s not as 100% positive as one might expect in the circumstance, but the thought was there.

The problem CMLL created for itself was hyping the message on social media with teaser videos, leading to speculation of it being a return announcement or something similarly important. A nice idea was meant with disdain because CMLL struggles at setting proper expectations.

TV Mexiquense, one of CMLL’s TV channels, is adding a second digital feed. CMLL says their show will now air on the secondary channel, Fridays at 7pm, in addition to the current Sunday at noon airing. I’m not sure if it’ll still air on the main channel at the old time. This is a slight decrease in visibility for CMLL, though it’s not like it appears many people were watching the show on the current set up. It shouldn’t affect my ability to record the show; the secondary channel is streamed online just the same.

Mas Lucha accounted the bracket for Torneo Suprema Mas Lucha

Mas Lucha (SAT) 07/18/2020 unknown location, México City, Distrito Federal
1) Sexy Dulce vs Baby Love [Torneo Suprema Mas Lucha, quarterfinal]
2) Reina Dorada vs Lolita [Torneo Suprema Mas Lucha, quarterfinal]
3) Diosa Quetzal vs Zeuxis [Torneo Suprema Mas Lucha, quarterfinal]
4) Ayako Hamada vs Ludark Shaitan [Torneo Suprema Mas Lucha, quarterfinal]
5) ? vs ?? [Torneo Suprema Mas Lucha, semifinal]
6) ? vs ?? [Torneo Suprema Mas Lucha, semifinal]
7) ? vs ?? [Torneo Suprema Mas Lucha, final]

This will air complete at 8 pm Saturday on Mas Lucha’s 99 pesos a month channel. A preview special will air at 7 pm on the YouTube channel.

It seems likes the tournament is set up for Sexy Dulce to come out of the top half. The bottom half is less clear and probably dependent on which women would be willing to work with Dulce. I’m curious about how this will go from a technical standpoint, but I don’t think I can bring myself to sign-up to watch a tournament likely featuring three Dulce Sexy matches. (I’m not looking for a handout either.) If you are interested, please let me know how the experience is for you.

People on Facebook were very upset about Yucatan luchador Steel Dragon offering a class about body expression and theatre in lucha libre. Negro Navarro brought attention to it by being angry about it. Diosa Quetzal, who is speaking as part of the class, defended it as being one element out of many that luchadors need to stand out. The Lucha Noticias post above is a good defense of the idea of the class. I would point out that this is a class from a non-famous luchador in Yucatan, not exactly a hotbed. It could be very good, but it also could’ve happened without anyone noticing if the people who hated the concept didn’t spend their time promoting it.

Lucha Libre Vanguardia “Retos Continuos” July 25?

Vanguardia is listed the show as a July without a date, but are saying it’s Saturday. This is the same +LuchaTV/donation as the last two shows. There’s no change +Lucha is airing this the same time as they debut their women’s tournament, so it’s not this Saturday. There’s only one more Saturday left, the 25th. But I’m also not sure why they’d be playing it as a mystery if it’s that obvious so maybe the date still changes.

Ultimo Guerrero has opened a hamburger food truck. He previously had a hamburger restaurant which was promoted often on CMLL Informa before quietly shutting it down.

Atlantis vs Fuerza Guerrera or Atlantis vs Hijo del Santo has devolved into Atlantis vs Fuerza Guerrera vs Hijo del Santo vs Octagon. None of this is happening and now it’s getting too silly to think about.

Segunda Caida watches a 2008 Santo/Wagner vs Demon/Super Parka match.

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