Box y Lucha returns, Kriminal Lucha Libre mystery show, Santo/Atlantis mask match (is not going to happen but what else is there to write about)

While there are still neighborhood groups running shows, the amount of higher-profile lucha libre shows seems to have diminished. I think it’s more a fluke of the calendar than groups who’ve been running deciding to stop. It doesn’t leave much to talk about here, but that’s ok.

+LuchaTV has started rolling out hype videos for their Mas Lucha Suprema, so that’s likely been taped and will start rolling out soon. Maybe there will be an announcement as soon as tonight as a start date.

Toxin planned to run his first Kriminal Lucha Libre show before the pandemic scrambled everything. He’s been advertising a secret show – video available only by messaging on Facebook and presumably a price – and social media suggests it was taped over the weekend.

CMLL hyped a Kemonito Party on July 3rd for his birthday. It turned out to be an interview with Julio Cesar Rivera. CMLL did seem to have plans for doing something big for Monito’s birthday this year, after that bit where everyone though his birthday was earlier in the year.

CMLL also posted a video tribute to Paco Alonso, one year after his passing. There’s an accompanying long text piece on Facebook talking about his achievements. 30% of the fans are said to be tourists, which is the first time I’ve seen them put a number on it.

Lucha Libre Vanguardia is running a drive-in show sometime this month. It’s 200 per car with 25 cars allowed. No date is announced; they’re obviously keeping quiet to avoid the authorities.

Box Y Lucha is resuming publication, though only in digital form. They ceased publication back at the start of the pandemic and are restarting today. The digital issues are 60 pesos for 4 issues or 500 pesos for 50 issues. I’ve tried subscribing digital years before when they were sending out a link to a new issue every week and it wasn’t a great experience; that was when they’d send out a link each issue, only they started forgetting to send the link after a while and I grew tired of asking for it. It sounds like it’s a different system this time so I probably will try the shorter period.

IWRG is soliciting donations for Rey del Ring Part 2, a show with no date or participants announced.

El Hijo del Santo says he heard Atlantis would do a mask match with him and he’s up for it. Santo did this while posting a photo of Atlantis submitting to his hold. Santo/Atlantis has about no chance of happening with the current CMLL freeze out of Santo, though they’ve at least allowed his name to be mentioned of late. Assuming that pretzel can be untied, it’s not a terrible idea.

Ideally, Atlantis would lose his mask to someone who CMLL can build around for years to come. The problem for CMLL is there isn’t a young masked guy who is over enough to be put in that spot without a significant amount of the fanbase immediately turning on him for being “gifted” the win. Soberano Jr., to pick a random mask man, would be a much bigger star if he took Atlantis’ mask but also half the crowd would hate him for years. It’d work better with a rudo but I think there’s a decent possibility the crowd would reject Sanson or Cutarero in that spot. Santo defeating Atlantis – there’s no other outcome possible – would have zero benefit for CMLL long term. Santo and CMLL would likely be back to hating each other within six months. That match would still give CMLL the biggest gate possible ever in Arena Mexico (or even just run Estadio Azteca.) It’s a cynical thought to go for the one-night cash-in over the long term benefit, but I’m not sure there’s going to be a lot of long term benefit for beating Atlantis. This is also not going to happen but there’s not a lot happening.

AAA’s website has been down since July 4th. Someone missed the email to renew the domain. That’s happened in the past. They may have fixed it by the time you read this; it usually just takes a day or two for everything to get reset. This seemed like a big deal the other times it’s happened but now I’m not even sure how many people actually are going to AAA’s website. AAA’s social media, even during this period where there’s no content, continues to be pretty active. Their website, either due to resources or interest, is rarely active. (The only reason the website is down is the script I wrote to check for new shows being added to their Events page; I can’t think of any other reason I would’ve had to check their page.) I think websites for wrestling promotions still have a use – they’re good to push people towards tickets, merchandise, or their TV – but lucha libre promotions rarely use them those ways.

Myzteziz Jr. praises his teamwork with his partners.

Cinta de Oro participated in a music project during his current downtime.

The annual Expo Lucha Libre Chetumal (Quintana Roo) has been canceled. That wasn’t scheduled to take place until December, so they’ve likely decided to cancel it before even getting starting planning it.

There was a local promoter press conference to announce the twice-postponed AAA spot show in Ciudad Victoria is still not canceled, though they have no idea when it’ll happen at the moment.

Guatemalan luchadors El Arriero de San Juan and La Furia have passed away.

A quick profile of Chiapas luchador Tribal. And one on Salamanca referee Luis Enrique Segura. And on some Tampico luchadors.

A look back at Chetumal luchador King Blazer, who passed away a year ago.

Arena Tigre Padilla in Monclova has reopened for training.

Segunda Caida watches the Brazos 25th Anniversary show from 2001.


DTU (FRI) 07/17/2020 Tulancingo, Hidalgo
1) Brazo Celestial & Brazo De Oro Jr. vs Aero Panther & Fight Panther Jr. and Drolux & Moria
2) Shun Skywalker vs PesadillaYoshiokaBlazeGran CobraDragón SuicidaBrazo Cibernetico Jr.
3) Diosa Quetzal, Kevin, Tiburón vs Black Fire, Princesa Azul, Samuray Jr.
4) Avorto & Chaneke vs Crazy Boy & Crazy King
5) Camuflaje & Stuka Jr. vs Kaleth & Negro Navarro

No change from the matches that were announced. This is again 50 pesos in advance, 70 pesos day of the show; you can join a Whatsapp group to get info here. I suspect this show was taped this past weekend and that the Crazy Boy match will again be a “cinematic” match.