CMLL tournaments, Lucha Memes, other notes

In a video with Felino, Tiger, and Negro Casas, CMLL mentioned Copa Dinastia would’ve taken place in June. I’m trying to remember all the tournaments which have been announced and I’m sure I’m missing one:

  • The Mexican Women’s Tag Team tournament was set to have run the weekend they were shut down
  • The Universal tournament was set for soon after (when they were doing an interview series with past winners)
  • Gran Alternativa would’ve taken place in May
  • Copa Dinastia would’ve been June

The last CMLL had the finals of the Mexican Men’s Tag Team tournament – can we call this the curse of La Parka? – which overlapped with the finals of the incredible pairs tournament. That’s at least a tournament a month. CMLL’s planning on making up most of these, so there will be much more than once a month if they can get going. It’s not a style of wrestling shows I prefer but CMLL seems certain it’s working.

The Upcoming Events section of AAA’s website is now empty. I’m not sure it means much; the only events listed were those which would’ve happened weeks ago and had been canceled. TripleMania was not listed there. TripleMania is still on sale for the same date on SuperBoletos.

The Canada/US travel ban will reportedly be extended through late July. There’s no news on the Mexico/US travel ban, though it’s so far mirrored the Canada/US one.

Lucha Memes released their full lineup for their show next Wednesday. It’s an all singles matches show.

Lucha Memes (WED) 06/17/2020 Coliseo Coacalco, Coacalco, Estado de México
1) Látigo vs Aramis
2) Belial vs Ricky Marvin
3) Arez vs Ripper
4) Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Dr. Cerebro

This will air on +LuchaTV and likely will be taped in advance. It wasn’t originally in Coliseo Coacalco, so that location changed. In addition to these four matches, Rush vs Raymond Rowe and Jack Evans, Astrolux, Baby Star and Black Metal versus Rey Horus, Iron Kid, Aramis, and Alas de Acero from January 2017 will air on the show. I believe those were the two matches on the Lucha Memes YouTube PPV; I’m not sure, because I bought that show on the account that’s now deleted. (Like many Mexican wrestling promoter ideas, the YouTube PPV was tried once, wasn’t immediately a success, and then was never tried again.) You can donate for this show at bank account 5256 7860 8442 9798 Citibank/Oxxo; here’s my thread from two months ago trying to figure out how to do it from outside of Mexico. I will say my experience is you have to give Xoom them a legitimate address or you risk them rejecting the money, which is tough when there is no real address on this information. And Xoom wasn’t working when I tried to use it this morning.

Ripper replaces Hahastary as Arez opponent. Lucha Memes explained Hahastary in back home in Tampico for the duration, was coming to the Mexico City area to also work some shows in Naucalpan, those shows appear canceled, and so she’s not coming in. IWRG’s Rey del Ring plans seemed to have them restarting this Sunday with empty arena shows, but there’s been no mention of it happening this week. They stopped announcing people for the tournament on May 30th. It’s hard to believe Naucalpan is unsafe to run in but Coacalco is fine, or vice versa, but so it goes.

Vanguardia announced Simbolo Azteca and Gasparin Jr. for their more than 15 person battle royal.

Today’s episode of Talk is Jericho is a conversation with members of his AEW Inner Circle group. Konnan comes up in passing in a story about Santana & Ortiz being late for a segment (“they were on Mexican Time, like Konnan”). Jericho then mentions Konnan was trying to get a deal with AEW “for six months”, saying Santana & Ortiz needing a manager, but Jericho was already the guy talking for him. There’s some exaggeration for comedy there.

Pagina12 has an interview with Hip Hop Man on his journey through wrestling, based on his viral popularity a few weeks ago. Hip Hop Man says 100%, the kids focused lucha libre show in Argentina from 2006-2010, was getting “10 rating points” and was among the two most popular shows on TV station Telefe when it was canceled in a management change. They kept touring with the show until 2013 but attendance dropped without TV. Heddi Karaoui helped give him tips about getting working in Mexico, and he originally planned on being there for six weeks. Hip Hop Man wants to wrestle in NJPW and in the US.

DTU has posted a lot of photos of people at the ranch for their iPPV show on Friday, which suggests they’ve already taped it. That’s for the best, streaming a show seems unnecessary. Camuflaje talked about it being an honor to face Ultimo Guerrero.

Mexico State luchador Rudy Garduno is in a hospital due to COVID-19.

Sinaloa luchador Yiyo is temporarily retiring. The announcement says medical reasons, with the only detail being “tested positive in a variety of tests.” It doesn’t appear to be a COVID-19 situation.

SuperLuchas has a bio of luchadora Irma Acevedo.

Box Y Lucha reposted a 1999 interview about Owen Hart in Mexico, though it, unfortunately, starts off with a photo of Owen Hart dead in the ring after his fatal fall.

+LuchaTV’s podcast focused on foreigner wrestlers in Mexico.

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  1. The two matches you listed are indeed the ones from that PPV. I still have it on my account.

    Might be something cool to watch for those who didn’t order it before and I’m guessing it was just a few of us who did.

  2. at this point maybe it would be easier to list the matches CMLL has planned that _aren’t_ for a tournament

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