Mexico baseball return date, Rey Mysterio retirement storyline, DTU PPV lineup

Black lives matter.

Today turns the month to June. Mexico has opened up some industrial work today, while the number of cases continues to rise. More widespread opening is not expected until at least June 15th and likely later in other places. It’s still an open question when we might see AAA or CMLL run significant shows again. Smaller groups continue to run empty arena shows continue to crop up. I suspect we’ll see at least AAA tape again in an empty studio sometime this month.

Mexico’s baseball league, LMB, will start their season on August 7th. They appear to be expecting some amount of fans for those games; they’re specifically not running empty arena shows. It’s not clear if August 7th is because that’s the earliest they can have fans; if that’s the reason, that probably means no lucha libre with fans for the next two months.

Mexico City is looking to double their COVID tests per hundred thousand.

+LuchaTV noted a Facebook post saying Matematico II is in the hospital due to the coronavirus.

+LuchaTV also writes about food donations to luchadors in Guadalajara. Licensed wrestlers were also given food donations in Chiapas.

WWE is doing a retirement angle with Rey Mysterio tonight. It’s an angle likely to set up a match with Seth Rollins, he is not retiring. He may not even be onscreen for it, given how promotions have done this bit previously. Mexican sports media has gone along with the idea that this is a legitimate retirement – Reporte Indigo has a career retrospective today. This originally seemed like people who don’t follow WWE not understanding it was an angle. It has lately appeared more like newspapers in desperate unconcerned whether the story is true or not but very concerned with filling space at a very slow time for sports. Revealing it was an all storyline is another article for later.

DoradaFan has a video tribute to Rey Celestial.

Box Y Lucha looks back at the Mr. Niebla vs Mr. Niebla mask match and an interview with a young Ricky Marvin, hoping to get some bookings in Japan.

Arez has a new video fighting Tromba.

Various closed arena shows:

Lucha Libre Vanguardia’s next show will be on June 20th, streaming on +LuchaTV. They’ve announced Ciclope versus the Invisible Man, with Santy Hernandez as referee.

Diamante lost in the block final of the King of Gate 2020 tournament.

Criterio Hidalgo has an interview with Hidalgo’s Metahuro.


DTU (FRI) 06/12/2020 Pachuca, Hidalgo
1) Dariux vs Gran CobraDragón Suicida
2) Aero Panther & Blaze vs Fight Panther & Samuray Jr.
3) Black Fire, Kaleth, Paranoiko vs Brazo Celestial, Brazo Cibernetico, Brazo de Plata
4) Crazy Boy vs AbortoCorsario Negro Jr.Chaneke [no-ring]
5) Texano Jr. vs Camuflaje

This is DTU’s Facebook PPV lineup for $50 pesos, payable through bank account and Whatsapp. The lineup doesn’t jump off the page but they’re promoting it pretty strong. The main semimain event is a no-ring barbed wire match; I presume they’re going to be using the outdoor setting (an actual ranch?) for action.

Edit: I didn’t understand they had one more match coming; Texano/Camuflaje better explains the ranch theme. That’s a good match to get people to take a chance on this.

Funcion Estelar has a profile of Blaze, who’s making his DTU debut on that card. I would’ve not guessed he’s been wrestling for 10 years, though he’s only recently changed to this name.