Mi Sagrada Lucha Libre: 2020-04-30

Tromba with some trauma

Recapped: 2020-05-17

I have this as Mi Sagrada Lucha Libre, but there’s no less than three different promotions named, plus two Dragon Gate trainees just hanging out in Mexico. The shirts are Mi Sagrada Lucha Libre so let’s go with that. The venue appears to be Mexico City’s Star Gym, seen occasionally in AAA vignettes.


Yoruba beat Futuro and Tromba in a semifinal
(3:57, ok, +LuchaTV)

This didn’t last long at all, but they made the most out of the time by going at a fast pace and pulling out interesting moves. Yoruba really was in love with utilizing the bottom turnbuckle in this match. There wasn’t enough time to make much out of it than that.

Shun Skywalker beat Chris Stone Jr. and Prismatic in a semifinal
(6:31, good, +LuchaTV)

This one did get some time, and it was helped in a way by going longer than the opener. The Chris Stone/Shun Skywalker sequence at the end might have been longer than the entire last match, which caused all the pins to feel like it’d be it. Shun remains very good and Chris Stone looked the best I’ve seen him working against him. Prismatic had a cool dive, though falling on top of Stone during what’s supposed to be Stone’s finisher took me out of the moment.

still think he should’ve gone with Motocross Jr.

Demasiado & Yoshioka beat Blaze & Kilvan
(13:56, ok, +LuchaTV)

I found this match particularly visually hard to watch and follow. This is a venue not meant for filming. (Ceiling lights were turned on for the main event.) The light is coming in through windows, which must make it bright in the room. It doesn’t come across that way on video, looking dark whenever the camera’s pointed slightly up at the ceiling. The strong light from behind turns everyone into living shadows at times. Everyone’s wearing dark shirts or dark gear in this match, leading to small moments where two people grappling turns into a blob of indistinguishable darkness. It’s also harder here because it’s a tag match but it’s hard to keep track of the teams. Plenty of lucha libre video is not shot or presented well but this one especially uncomfortable to watch.

This is a tag match but it also might have been a four-way for the lack of teamwork. It’s a lot of two people working together, and both getting dismissed for the other two to work together. Blaze has obvious and great promise with his agility, though he needs some refinement. Yoshioka stands out as being more polished despite just being Dragon Gate trainee with fewer years of experience than some of the others.

Tempo beat Yoruba and Shun Skywalker for the CELESTE Championship
(9:49, ok, +LuchaTV)

The main event kills a lot of time with WWE style three-way hijinks that get dropped before the end. The idea is to have the winner overcome the odds, but the odds are dropped ahead of the finish anyway. It’s a lot of stuff I’m not a particularly a fan of in three-way matches. The finish does come off well.

Blaze breaker