Mexico City events ban extended through at least June 15, commission changes?

Nothing major on the return of lucha libre. A Mexico City health update today has the city and surrounding area remaining in “red” (essential work only) through at least June 15th. The presentation includes a time chart of when the area may go to switch to more positive colors.

The new information mentions sports events will be allowed without public but with health tests under orange conditions. That would theoretically include lucha libre shows, though empty arena ones. Mexico wouldn’t fully open, in new normal conditions, until the beginning of August at the very earliest.

One thing I’ve been reminding during this is not to get too attached to specific dates of when things will change, so don’t get attached to August. Even an August 1st return might make it rough for TripleMania to run on August 22nd; not being sure they can run until three weeks may make be cutting it too close. On the other hand, they probably would like to wait as long as possible to announce a new date, to avoid having to change it again. AAA had previously said they’d announce their plans at the end of the month, but I wouldn’t hold them to that.

The Mexico/US non-essential travel ban has been extended to June 18th. That seems to mean wrestlers like Pentagon Jr. and Jack Evans are unable to travel to the US for wrestling shows, and US wrestlers the same to Mexico. Though, if you read the replies, you can see the ban hasn’t been strictly enforced.

Boxing organization WBC says they’re hoping to resume shows in June, which appear to be Mexico City empty arena shows. LigaMX soccer is back in training but no one’s sure when they might start playing again.

Chica Yeye was found (and was apparently being held in an extortion attempt.)

There was a story floating around that had Mistico jumping to AAA to join his family. It didn’t seem to be reported by any credible place and Mistico shot it down in an Instagram video. Mistico also mentioned he’s still rehabbing from his leg surgery It does not sound like he’d be ready to wrestle now, which seems contrary to earlier reports.

CMLL Informa has no one announced. Dire times.

Román Zacarías, who wrestled as Hermano Muerte I (second version) and Sangre Fria, passed away on Monday. Box Y Lucha has a useful obituary.

80s/90s luchador Mohawk also passed away.

Kaoz has been announcing various people for a closed-door show today. I could see them running a show in the warehouse Lucha Time was using but announcing the US-stranded MechaWolf for Mexico makes me think this isn’t actually a wrestling show, or not one actually happening today. I’m not sure.

Generacion XXI is streaming a show on 05/24. There are two places that could be improved in promoting these empty arena shows. Media mentioning them really needs to start including a link to the place where these shows are going to be streamed. (The promotion should be providing the link; you need to reduce the friction.) The Generacion XXI show can be viewed here. The promotions are also much better off announcing matches, as they’re going to be as good or better selling points than just lists of names like here.

07/03 Lucha Memes in Arena Lopez Mateos

Lucha Memes was asked about the viability of this show happening on this date on Facebook. Dhani Ledesma said it was actually originally a June show, Arena Lopez Mateos has so far indicated they’ll be able to run it on this date, and they’ll move it later if the situation requires.

Furia de Titanes points out an El Dandy post on Facebook saying he was called by El Fantasma to join the Mexico City commission. It’s an unpaid role with an emphasis on cleaning up lucha libre in the city and blocking unlicensed luchadors from working. It’s the default to be skeptical of any of this happening; I’m reading 1970 magazines where people were demanding the same things and nothing really changes, especially when promoters can run just outside Mexico City in a very different commission. The bit that stuck out to me was Blue Panther was also mentioned as being part of this, which is the first we’ve heard of Panther being part of the commission. It appears Blue Panther is a new member of the commission. Traditionally, members of the commission aren’t supposed to wrestle, though that rule has been stretched.

Miedo Extremo mentioned in an Instagram story that he wasn’t thinking if he’d be on the next Zona23 show because he’d hadn’t been paid for the last one. I believe he walked it back a bit in another Instagram story but it’s not a good sign if one of the bigger names in one of the more hyped indie groups in Mexico has complaints about pay.

Box Y Lucha posted an old interview with Sheik Mar Allah and LLI/UWA promoter Francisco Flores. In going through the old magazines, Flores comes up often as promoting around Mexico State previously and being thought highly of at doing.

Infobae has a story on Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. and Galeno del Mal, still training in Arena Azteca Budokan and going stir crazy.

I wanted to know if the RIOT show was as good on video as it felt live. Voices of Wrestling review say nah.

+LuchaTV has a new edition of their podcast.

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  1. Hey cubs. I saw your retweet about a face mask made of lucha fabric, and I’ve seen that fabric around a few places and I’ve always thought to ask but not actually done it, so here I am.

    Who are the masks on that fabric supposed to be? It could just be random masks not supposed to represent anyone specific, but since I recognize several (Ultimo Dragon, Blue Demon, Rey Mysterio, Mistico, Volador, Sagrada] and *sort of* recognize a few more (Villano? Mephisto? Fishman?) I thought that maybe the ones I can’t place must actually be someone.

    So who are they? I figure if anyone knows, it’ll be you.

  2. Yea, I get the same vibe. Most of them seem like they are takeoffs of famous masks but they’ve changed the color schemes in ways to make them hard to identify. Blue Demon and Mascara Sagrada are orange instead of blue and white. It’s sort of breaking my brain.

  3. I’ve seen some lobby cards for Santo and Blue Demon movies that get pretty creative about mask coloring, too.

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