empty arena show plans, Octagon versus his kids, Hijo del Santo sees his son in films

+LuchaTV is running a series of interviews between their hosts or between their hosts and guests. Last night’s conversation was between Jose Manuel Guillen and Konnan, talking about big picture ideas in wrestling. They take a lot of questions. One asks if the Pentagon/Averno stuff on AAA will lead to a singles match. Konnan strongly insists everything we’ve seen set up in AAA will lead to a match and they’ll all happen this year. A common (and fair) complaint about recent AAA is a lot of stuff gets teased or built up and then just don’t end up going anywhere, so this would be a change.

Luchadors in Veracruz will be trying for advertiser/small business supported empty arena shows. They’ll be streaming shows, though they haven’t worked out weird. Advertising money has dramatically decreased in the US but perhaps it’ll be better in Mexico. Everyone seems desperate to run shows, including promotions where it’s hard to believe anyone was making much money on them.

+LuchaTV also posted the most recent MexaWrestling show, which might be the last major lucha libre show they have to post. This show was said to be great. I’ll do a recap of it at some point.

The Facebook account of Juan Carlos Ramirez, one of the two twin sons of Octagon, responded to his comments in a post. They’re offended at how Octagon addressed his relationship with their mom and dispute the idea that he didn’t know about them growing up, mentioning seeing him asleep & drunk on their couch. Octagon’s wife knew of Octagon’s relationship with Sahori and those two women discussed it.

Furia de Titanes points out the documents Octagon was showing off in his video that “proved the sons would not take the DNA test” were actually documents for a meeting with the judge. Octagon has a habit of showing documents in video and claiming they’re one thing when they’re actually something else.

Hijo del Santo, talking with Record, says he’d rather see his Nieto del Santo carry the character in movies rather than wrestling. Santo doesn’t say Nieto is done with wrestling, leaving the possibility of open, but it doesn’t seem like he’s expecting it to happen. Hijo del Santo is insistent the legacy of Santo will carry on whatever happens.

Veneno joins Hijo del Soberano and others in making luchador face masks. Veneno says he made these back during the H1N1 crisis and can make about 300 masks per week with the help of his son.

CMLL Informa’s stream got cut off while streaming live on Wednesday, but they put up the full show later. They also have a 100 questions with Caristico.

ROH posted a video of Rey Horus signing his contract and showing some of the souvenirs he’s gotten in lucha libre.

Box Y Lucha reposted an old video with Crazy Boy.