AAA eSports, Octagon responds to paternity claims

AAA’s eSport division announced they’ll start to hold and stream weekly fighting game tournaments. The eSports division had previously mentioned plans to do more in 2020, though this seems more specifically tied to providing alternate content during the pandemic. AAA lucha libre people will be involved as commentators and guests, though it doesn’t seem like they’ll be actively competing. They’re competing in a different game each Sunday, with a play-in tournament open to anyone the day prior. You can see the schedule of games here. These tournaments will stream on AAA’s Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.

A second article has a bit on the business of AAA’s eSports division. The division is operated by Arena Esports GG, with Nacho Ortiz listed as the GM, and they’ve got an agreement to continue the project until the end of the year. They’ve picked games that they think will have strong appeal among Mexican fans – that’s why they added a Dragon Ball game – and they hope the luchadors talking about it on social media will bring fans over to the eSports side. Pagano, Lady Shani, La Hiedra, Octagon Jr., Mr. Iguana, Dave the Clown and Murder Clown are those announced as being part of it. There’s a hope this will help expand AAA’s presence in the US.

In an interview with Diaro Basta, Maximo explains his heart situation. He says he felt bad the day of the La Parka mass, his wife took him to the doctor, and the doctor found a blocked artery. He was in danger of having a heart attack but says he did not have one and they were able to fix the issue.

CMLL posted an interview with Terrible talking about the 2004 Homenaje a Dos Leyendas main event, where he teamed with Hijo del Perro Aguayo against Cien Caras and Mascara 2000 in a double hair match. CMLL is in the process of cleaning and disinfecting Arena Mexico. They’ll have Mistico, Ultimo Guerrero and Stephanie Vaquer on Informa today.

En+Carados had Pagano & Ex-Sin Cara on to promote their empty arena show in Ciudad Juarez. They didn’t address why Ex-Sin Cara is no longer using Cinta de Oro but maybe we’ll find out in a few weeks. They talked about all the donations to the Lucha Memes shows being kept as photographs so the wrestlers can see them and that all the money would be distributed out; I didn’t catch a grand total if there is one. (The fundraiser total is always a useful thing to post if you’re doing one.)

Lucha Memes says their next show will be July 5th in Arena Lopez Mateos, mentioning Mexico State says they will not allow lucha libre events until July. It didn’t seem like they were allowing shows this month and Memes ran anyway so I dunno.

IWRG will air the Hijo del Santo vs Dr. Cerbero mask match on Thursday night. A decent quality version of that match has floated around online, IWRG might have a better copy. They might also be airing the rest of the show, which is not online. Cerbero and Santo seemed to be building towards another apuesta match before the shut down. They’re previously posted the 2009 Rey del Ring show on Facebook, which includes some prelim matches not on YouTube. I think these work better on YouTube, but IWRG’s Facebook has a lot more follows than their YouTube.

Empty arena shows breed empty arena shows. CWF, a promotion in Hidalgo, is running an empty arena show on Sunday for a show on YouTube. They’re planning on using YouTube to raise money, having seen +LuchaTV and Lucha Memes do the same. The two channels they’ll stream on have less than 100 subscribers combined, which means it’s unlikely they’ll be able to turn on the SuperChat function and raise money that way, but they don’t appear to know that yet. San Luis Potosi’s Arena Margartia also posted an empty arena show, though there appears to be no obvious fundraiser attempt going on there. Arena Union in Veracruz will run their own on Friday on Facebook Live, and they’ve at least posted a card number (though no bank.) It’s hard to believe people were making their living working shows on these small arenas (if most were getting paid at all), though I suppose any more they can get can help.

Octagon responded to the claims of his twin sons in a YouTube video. His counter-claims are that it was the twins, not him, who did not want to take a DNA test, that he did support them financially, and that he only sued them because they tried to hold him up for money. Octagon said he has 10 children and that Hijo del Octagon is one of them, which is believed to be false.

The Talavision t-shirt store in Mexico City is closed indefinitely.

Dos Hermanos Luchas have five questions with Hijo del Alebrije.

I was on the latest edition of Winter Palace talking about the year in lucha libre. If you don’t care about Animal Crossing, you’re safe to move on once that section starts.

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  1. >They’ve picked games that they think will have strong appeal among Mexican fans – that’s why they added a Dragon Ball game
    it’s not their fault there’s not fighting games for Mazinger or Saint Seiya

  2. well, DBFighterz is pretty popular in competitive gaming I think? the real mexican choice are the two KOF games there.

  3. When you mentioned the games were chosen for their appeal in Mexico,I checked the list just to see if they had KOF. I’ve never understood why only people south of the border appreciated its greatness and it never got as big in the states.

    I’d be surprised to see any fighting game tournament without Dragon Ball FighterZ though.

  4. iirc didn’t Angelikal used to do chest paint of the thing Orochi had on his chest in KoF97 ?

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