Lucha Libre Vanguardia streaming Wednesday night, Pagano empty arena show on 04/19, Black Panther talks about his early career

Pagano is planning on running an empty area show in Juarez on 04/19. The main event will be Aereo & Hijo del Impostor vs Pagano & “Ex-WWE Sin Cara”. The former Sin Cara is not listed as Cinta de Oro at all on the poster, which is interesting, though it’s clearly meant to be that person. Two other matches will take place on the show. The venue is not listed but is probably the Arena Juarez arena that Pagano’s promoted in the past. The poster originally listed a suggested 100 peso ($4.23 USD) donation, and now is listed as airing on +LuchaTV.

It’s hard to believe anything happening twenty days from now will actually happen as planned at the rate of change and it’s strange they’re waiting that long to run a show for that reason. I think Sin Cara/Cinta de Oro may be living in El Paso, and just crossing the border may be impossible at this point.

I doubt I’ll have three days of news in a row, so might as well remind you now that Lucha Libre Vanguardia is also planning on streaming on +LuchaTV tomorrow night. The start time is 9 pm local – remember, Mexico is still not on DST, so that’ll be 10 pm CT US (or one hour after AEW/NXT ends if that helps.) They’re running an eight-man tournament and two non-tournament matches. The brackets are not known ahead of time. I don’t know if they’ll be accepting donations through YouTube Super Chat but I suppose it probably will work that way.

+LuchaTV has a new edition of their podcast, their first attempt to do it through teleconferencing. It’s a tough thing to get used to; turning off your microphone when you’re not talking helps a lot. They do talk about the Lucha Memes show a bit; the money donated will go to the wrestlers – and the building open, and the person who designed the poster, and various other people. (I haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole thing.) They also have a column on Aeroboy battling through the indies.

Diario Basta has a long interview with Black Panther about his career. Blue Panther did not want his sons to be wrestlers but he trained in secret anyway. His father eventually found out and let him continue, and he moved to Mexico City three or four minutes to continue. He quietly wrestled as Silver for a year and a few months. (I don’t think he was the Silver who was working in Puebla, but there was a Silver working Toryumon shows and the like. A Silver pops up working in Torreon New Year’s Day 2011, so that might be his real debut.) Blue Panther told him to change his name to Cachorro to start 2014, the same name Panther had used at the beginning. The idea to change to Black Panther came from CMLL, who felt many of the fans were calling him Black Panther already because of his gear. There’s a question about if CMLL has been hesitant to push him and get in trouble with “the film”, but Black Panther doesn’t think it’d be an issue.

RIOT’s Tonto Evento Sorpresa III is now up on their Pivotshare and Highspots Wrestling Network. They’re offering a free month to everyone who bought a ticket to their show scheduled for 03/28 who hasn’t asked for a refund.

Angel Garza was planning on getting married in July in Monterrey, but his wedding may be postponed due to the coronavirus.

Box Y Lucha posted an old interview with Pierroth Jr.