Rey Horus/ROH, Gemelo Diablos, other notes

Ring of Honor signed Rey Horus to a two-year contract. It seems as though ROH might have earlier, but this appears to be the official deal. All of the MexaSquad trio appears to be signed through the end of 2021. Dragon Lee and Rush are also under contract, making five Mexican luchadors signed to ROH. WWE has six (Andrade, Garza, Carrillo, Mendoza, Bolly, Metalik) to eight (Mysterio, Kalisto) depending on how you want to classify “Mexican”, though that’s with a much larger roster. ROH might not be stopping in five. My impression is there was interest in at least trying out other unsigned Mexican wrestlers before ROH went on hiatus and it might still be there after they come back.

Konnan Big vs Dr. Wagner vs Fresero Jr. was at one point going to still happen in an empty arena, but then shut down over the weekendDr. Wagner‘s attempt at running an empty arena show Friday night was canceled within a day. It appears to be an issue over how they were going to pay the luchadors. Really, though, they’re getting the same message not to run as everywhere else and those shows are choosing to listen to the message.

Demasiado & Herodes Jr. talk about having no money coming in because they’re not working. I hope some thought about from the luchadors about changing the way this system works while they don’t have work, rather just trying to go back to how things were as soon as possible. It’s a long-shot hope.

There’s talk of a food drive in Pachuca to support local luchadors. Most work other jobs, but many of those are all shut down for the moment.

Pagano and Cinta de Oro teased a match for April – most likely teaming on a Juarez spot show. Anything for April seems tentative.

CMLL has a sitdown interview with Caristico about his career.

CMLL asks KeMonito 100 questions in five minutes. Monito’s pick for favorite soccer team got picked up as a news item, which is more about the quest for easy news items at this point. Lluvia has also done the 100 questions bit.

On +Lucha, Miguel Reducindo’s column confirms the Gemelo Diablos are the Gemelo Panteras. For what it’s worth, the only Gemelos Diablo trademark I can find at the moment is for a man in Guadalajara. That’s usually something CMLL takes care of before introducing characters.

An interview with Hidalgo’s El Impostor.

Carxyus wrote about his injury on Facebook. He was in surgery less than two hours after the surgery and is still working on recovering strength in his right hand. He’s thankful for the help he’s been given and plans to return to wrestling photography.

DoradaFan has a vlog on his trip to Mexico.

A story about lucha libre themed restaurant Burger Ring in Durando.

LuchaTalk talks about Angel Blanco and Aereo/Villano III Jr.