AAA in Tijuana off, Gemelo Diablos introduced, empty arena shows

On Keepin’ It 100, Konnan mentions the 04/25 AAA TV taping in Tijuana is no longer happening. Konnan explained it as Tijuana not allowing events of more than 500 people at that point. Konnan also believes AAA will not run the same Rey de Reyes card later and is unsure Verano de Escandalo (05/26) will happen; their next big show may be TripleMania.

CMLL Informa introduced a new Gemelos Diablo team. The original Gemelos Diablos were Jose Sanchez and Alfredo Sanchez, who wrestled in EMLL in the US through the 60s and 70s. The new ones are unrelated to those wrestlers (and will have a black/white scheme instead of black/red.) They’re said to have trained with Tony Salazar, Virus and Ultimo Guerrero for five years and wrestled for 7. Uno is the slightly taller one of those two.

Matamoros based wrestlers Gemelo Panteras have been appearing infrequently in CMLL the last couple of years and say they’ve been wrestling for 7.5 years. That fits the story. Their father Pantera Blanca was also in Mexico City yesterday for +LuchaTV interview and promoted CMLL Informa before it was revealed the Gemelos Diablos would be on it, then posted a Facebook story which comes of like a farewell to the “Gemelo Pantera” gimmick. Everything points to CMLL just changing the names of the twins.

Julio Cesar Rivera also mentioned on CMLL Informa that there was an idea to run a CMLL empty arena show – perhaps with fewer people on the show and smaller matches – but the “Direccion General del CMLL” (??) said it was not possible because they would not permit physical contact between luchadors.

Dr. Wagner’s Arena Campeones will run an empty arena show on Friday night (8:30 pm local; 9:30 CT in the US) on their Facebook page.

ALITT, a promotion in Hidalgo, was planning to run an empty arena show but will not run now after being told to stop by the government.

Octagon feels like the lucha libre commission (and by extension, the government) should be helping out luchadors finically at this time. This leads into a plug for his union, though no mention of what his union is doing to help. Octagon feels like wrestling will restart in May.

Hijo del Vikingo says he dreams of having a match every night he’s stuck at home.

A lucha libre fan in San Luis Potosi has created lucha libre face masks for 30 pesos.

DoradaFan has highlights of 03/15 CAR The Crash.

Ovaciones has an interview with Mortis 666.


DTU (SAT) 04/25/2020 Arena Lopez Mateos
1) Demonio Gato, Dioseo, Ulised Vengador vs Danny Boy, Séptico, Slash
2) Chucho el Roto vs Randy
3) Divino, Kig Jaguar, Ninja de Fuego vs Dark Diablo, Dark Joe, Dark Orus
4) Aero Panther vs Fight PantherSamuray Jr.Vengador RadioactivoDariuxFlayer BoyHijo Dr. Pólux
5) Belial & Impulso vs Lunatik Fly & Lunatik Xtreme and Halloween Jr. & Hijo De Halloween
6) Halloween & X-Fly vs Cerebro Negro & Fantasma de la Ópera and Ángel o Demonio & Ovett and Paranoiko & Pesadilla
7) Sabú vs Joe LiderPaganoMiedo ExtremoCíclopeCrazy Boy?

Everything is tentative right now, down to Sabu being able to make to Mexico. (Konnan mentions he was asked to be on this show, and couldn’t believe they were running it.) That main is going to be an amazing mess.

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  1. Hey Cubsfan, I have those same Lucha Libre magazines you posted on Twitter. I bought those and a bunch more from a shop just outside L.A.
    A quick anecdote…I remember one time I was browsing for more, and I noticed Rocky Romero was looking at wrestling magazines there, too. It was around the time he was training in L. A., before his Grey Shadow stint in CMLL.
    What you might find in those mags are year-end summaries of championship and apuesta results with dates. Great info for your database.
    Hope you’re doing well. Thank you for all that you do for us Lucha fans.

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