a no longer busy weekend, CMLL reveals full women’s tag tournament plans

Today was supposed to the beginning of a very busy weekend. CMLL Homenaje a Dos Leyendas was scheduled for tonight, Rey de Reyes on Saturday night. H2L was probably not airing live, which would’ve made a marathon watch on Saturday for both major spring shows. I was going to AAW on this Friday night instead, to see Aramis & Arez vs Gringo Loco & Taurus as well. It wasn’t WrestleMania weekend level of busy for everyone, but it was about that loaded in my small portion of the world.

Instead, the lucha libre world is shut down, just like almost everything else. There have been different lengths to the hiatus in different places – there are some notes about what different areas are doing below. My impression is CMLL & AAA are expecting to be dark for a month. No one knows for sure but maybe pace out your consumption of other stuff with that target in mind.

CMLL has posted multiple times “your tickets are still valid for Homenaje a Dos Leyendas” on social media. That translates to “we’re not giving refunds at this time.”

Mexico State says all lucha libre (and boxing) is suspended in the state through April 20th.

Torreon shut down all events last night; the lucha libre commission says he was told to do so by the city. That canceled both two shows which were still planning on running last night. They’re hoping to be back in just 15 days (which is two weeks in Mexico terms.)

Okumura, the official lucha libre representative of Japan, says that Mexico will be ok if they take coronavirus as seriously as people in Japan. It does feel like Mexico is suspended public activities a little quicker than the US but it’s impossible to know how far that virus has spread.

CMLL published the 10 teams who were set in the women’s national tag team tournament, set to start whenever CMLL can return

  • Silueta & La Magnifica
  • Marcela & Skadi
  • Lluvia & La Jarochita
  • Tiffany & Reyna Isis
  • La Comandante & La Seductora
  • Princesa Sugehit & Sanely
  • Dalys & La Infernal
  • Estrellita & Mystique
  • Amapola & La Metalica
  • La Vaquerita & La Guerrera

As mentioned previously, these would’ve been five team blocks. The winner of the seeding battle royal would get a double bye to the block final, while the other four teams would have to win twice just to meet them. Princesa Sugehit is the most important CMLL luchador who doesn’t already have a championship belt, so her and Sanely appear to be the favorites.

Mr. Leo, Metaleon and Shere Khan are running an auction on Facebook to raise money for Carxyus’s medical costs

Segunda Caida has a review of Lucha Underground 4×20. The Lucha Underground Japan Twitter posted yesterday about episode 4×10 airing on SamuraiTV. They started later (November 2019), they seem to be spacing the episode out greatly (last episode aired February 22nd?) and there’s still a good chance they beat Segunda Caida to the finish line.

I think I’m giving myself the weekend off from posting. There’s not much left to post; the last few shows announced are getting canceled and that’s it. I’ll do my best to keep checking Guadalajara/Sunday shows to see if anything new (or missed the first time) material posts there. AAA should have the second part of the Tonala taping up on Sunday night; they still have Merida left as well. +LuchaTV seems like they should have shows left as well. There still will be plenty of lucha libre content if you want to find it, but this space is probably going quiet until Monday. A news update or the great match round-up post that’s been sitting in drafts for a week will go up then.