luchadors talk about life with no lucha libre, empty arena shows

Two of the few shows I knew about still going on Torreon. Arena Olimpico Laguna, which has been running weekly since 1954, has a normal show advertised. Arena Coliseo Tony Arellano, which has only existed for year (at least under that name), has a main event of Bandido & Magia Blanca vs Dulce Gardenia & Halcon Suriano Jr. That was the plan as of last night, but that show was canceled in the last hour. Arena Olimpico Laguna has not updated yet. I’ve seen a poster for a show in Veracruz that still says they’re running.

The Torreon bullring still plans on running their show on Sunday. It’ll be canceled.

GALLI is planning on running empty arena shows, to pay the wrestlers and to pay the rent. A lot of promotions seem to be jumping on the idea of running shows with no fans. I’m not sure if it’s a good health risk; I’m more sure that a lot of them are going to be very disappointed in how little money those efforts make. (People wanting to spend on anything is going to be an issue, but everyone flooding with free content for stuck at home people almost makes it a bad time to add more.) GALLI’s post says they’re going to run shows regardless of how close they come to a $5000 goal.

A person who attended the Vive Latino festival is in intensive care with the COVID19 virus. This was the music festival which included AAA matches this past weekend, so there’s a chance they could’ve been exposed.

CMLL Informa aired as one hour video with no fans in attendance yesterday. It was live even though there was no purpose to it being live. They mentioned the second block of teams for the Mexican Women’s Tag Team tournament would include Princesa Sugehit & Sanely, La Infernal & Dalys, La Metalica & Amapola and Estrellita & Mystique. JCR also explained how the five-person block would work: whoever won the battle royal would’ve gone straight to the block final, with the other four teams fighting it out to meet them. It would’ve been the first CMLL battle royal with an actual point. JCR also mentioned all of Arena Mexico is being cleaned.

El Universal talks to some luchadors about life with wrestling. Pierrothito mentions that CMLL advanced paid part the Christmas bonus to the wrestlers during H1N1 and hopes they do it again. Otherwise, CMLL does not pay a salary or a weekly income if people aren’t working. Guerrero Maya says promoters have told him they’re postponing shows but he doesn’t believe they’ll ever be made up. Pagano is still hoping some of the dates later this month might still happen; both he and Maya note they had other jobs and sources of income during H1N1. Demus is still teaching three classes a week at Rey Bucanero’s gym and hopes that remains open. Dr. Cerebro is in the US, having come up to work a show in Berwyn in Illinois – the turnout was bad (though sometimes it’s bad there anyway.) He’s staying to work in physical rehab through the end of April. Zeuxis remains working as a paramedic and notes the struggles others without a source of income are going to have. Mystique says she always been a person who saves 70% of what she earns, which she’s going to need now without the wrestling income. The hope is they’ll be back running in a month.

Starman says he was dealing with (unspecified) injuries during his absence from CMLL, compounded by depression by not being able to wrestle. He resolved to not let those injuries end his career.

Excelsior has a list of the CMLL class schedule. I’m guessing these classes aren’t happening again for a while, but I’m also guessing someone had a space to fill in the paper today. You must be 14 year olds to train, have a recent medical exam, and have proof of either being legal age or guardian signing up. Classes are 500 pesos (20 USD; that number is moving a lot) for the Monday-Thursday training, $400 pesos (16.5 USD) for Saturday.

In Arena Mexico, all classes are two hours

  • Arturo Beristain teaches classes Monday-Friday at 8, Monday-Thursday at 3, Saturday as noon and 2pm.
  • Ultimo Dragoncito teaches classes at 3 & 5 Monday to Thursday.
  • Tony Salazar teaches classes 7-9 Monday to Thursday.
  • Virus is teaching a class at 11am Tuesday & Thursday for professionals only (implying you could just show up with the right paperwork and gear for the other ones; this one needs a license)
  • Ultimo Guerrero is not mentioned; his class is invited only I believe.

Satanico is teaching classes 9-10 am, 4:30-5:30, and 7-8 pm. No days mentioned.

Arena Puebla has classes 3-4p, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Voices of Wrestling writes about Villano III Jr. vs Aereo.

El Sol de Tulancingo has a profile of DTU referee El Consentido.