Atlantis appears, many more shows canceled

Atlantis made his first CMLL appearance since November in a sit-down interview on CMLL’s YouTube channel. Atlantis is believed to have undergone knee surgery, though CMLL hasn’t acknowledged it. The video clip starts with Atlantis sitting on a couch, with no sign of a knee brace.

The appearance comes as part of a discussion of the historic Villano III versus Atlantis mask match, which took place twenty years ago yesterday. This is part of the Homenaje a Dos Leyendas interview series, though they end with some talk about the recent tag team title match (suggesting it was taped just this week.)

IWRG, after running one day of shows with no people and announcing an intention to keep running, said they’ll no longer be running. I’m not sure how they financially were going to make it work – whatever money IWRG gets from TV/digital is minimal – and there seemed to be a fair amount of people there for something with restricted access.

The Gladiatores talked to some of the people on the IWRG show about how it felt to do an empty arena match.

El Sol de Puebla has an interview with Benjamin Mar (El Jabato), who is listed as the general manager and administrator of Arena Puebla. Although CMLL canceled events on Saturday (including listing Arena Puebla as canceled on their website), Arena Puebla was still planning on running as late as Sunday night. Puebla’s governor originally said banks under 5,000 people would still be allowed, so they were going head until the Puebla sports director and lucha libre commissioner said no. The unstated difference here is LigaMX announced they were no longer running on Sunday night, which seems to have been the domino to get everything to shut down in a similar way to the NBA has been in the US. Mar talks about all the people out of an income – not just the wrestlers, but the edcanes, the vendors, the security, the people who sell items outside. (Some of those mask stands were still up Monday.) They’re hoping to be back in two to three weeks. More time would be “terrible” for those who rely on lucha libre.

Marcela says she was contacted by phone by CMLL to cancel the events. She was disappointed about the tag title tournament being canceled and hopes they pick it up when the shows resume. The women’s tournament was pitched as explicit women’s month thing; I’d hope it wouldn’t get lost but it’s no sure thing.

CMLL has said Barbaro Cavenario will still happen. The same Ovaciones article mentions the Heroines reality show scheduled to start on April 3rd has also been postponed indefinitely.

Today’s show in Zacatecas has been canceled. I know the people in Torreon are convinced they’re still running tomorrow and this weekend, but everyone has been convinced they’re running until a day or so before the show.

All boxing, wrestling, and MMA in Tijuana is canceled through April 20th. They were originally going to start it on March 23rd, then two coronavirus cases were found in Baja California and they moved it up to take effect immediately. Tepic has also postponed the same shows.

ROH canceled all March, April and May shows. Their next show is scheduled to be June 5th and 6th in Texas

Martinez Entertainment canceled their show. So did RIOT. So did too many to include.

MLW says they’ll be airing LA Park cooking segments. This is probably a pre-taped bit and not necessarily no-TV filler.

Roberto Figueroa told a Guadalajara YouTube channel that he’s sure Nacion Lucha Libre would return in May or June. This was before the pandemic took hold, though I’d have a hard time believing it even then. In related news, apparently no one in WWE actually talked to Alberto before Alberto said he was returning.

Capitan Furia took Super Brazo’s hair in Tuxtla Gutierrez.

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