CMLL (other) tag team tournament teams announced, new DTU Arena

CMLL Informa announced the first eight teams for the Mexican National Tag Team Championship tournament. These eight teams will be in the 02/28 bracket.

  • Titan & Soberano Jr.
  • Templario & Hijo del Villano III
  • Fuego & Dulce Gardenia
  • Black Panther & Blue Panther Jr.
  • Luciferno & Ephesto
  • Misterioso & Sagrado
  • Pegasso & Stigma
  • Virus & Universo 2000 Jr.

This is the same week as the incredible pairs final, which is going to be a weird show.

Titan & Soberano are the clear favorite. Tempalrio would be up there with a stronger partner. (Hijo del Villano III’s current level is “he disappeared for a month and no one seemed to notice.”) These championships would be more useful if the Panthers had them or the fun seeming Fuego/Dulce Gardenia team did – just in the idea that it might give people who are good something to do, but there’s no guarantee of that.

That’s only half the teams. There was some talk on Informa about holding one spot open for the winning team of the incredible pairs tournament, but no decision had been made.

AAA confirmed Saturday’s AAA TV taping has moved from Guadalajara to Tonala. A person on Twitter says it’s closer to a 10 minute drive between the two venues, so this shouldn’t change all that much.

Panini has a new series of AAA stickers. These appear to be in English, which suggests these are intended to be marketed in the US. Nothing’s been said about them by AAA as of yet and Panini doesn’t appear to allow international orders.

Saturday’s The Crash opener was scheduled to be Gelus & Black Danger versus two disciples of Mesias. The disciples must be busy because The Crash says it’ll instead be Hijo del Impostor and El Dragon. Impostor is from Juarez so this Dragon is also probably the same. This is a shocking moment of a lucha libre promotion advertising a changed match.

03/13 AAA/MLW/EMW in Tijuana

Dr. Wagner took El Siglo de Torreon on a tour Arena Campeones and mentioned he wants to form a new union for luchadors in Torreon/Gomez Palacio.

MLW announced Pagano for their 04/18 show in Chicago.

A quick interview with Satanico.

Laguna luchadora Karisma unveiled her 2020 calendar. She’s got a photo for every month. The article says she did one last year and sold “thousands nationally and internationally”, which seems unlikely for something not even advertised on her Facebook.

A teacher gave out Psycho Clown related math problems.

Spectrum News writes about Lucha Va Voom.

Criterio Hidalgo interviews Vanilla.

A career interview with Xalapa lucahdor Gabriel o Gabriela.

Puma King has a new video.

There’s a local lucha libre themed art exhibit in Leon this weekend.

LuchaWorld has a video update look at the recent AAA Queretaro show and the Rey de Reyes lineup.


DTU (SUN) 03/01/2020 DTU Arena, Tulancingo, Hidalgo
1) Extreme Demon vs ForajidoUriBlack PoisonMr. SolioWertiro PowerIron Sader
2) Fight Panther vs Aero PantherCalibusDestino
3) Dariux vs Hard BoyLuguiBlack Golden
4) Hijo De Prolux Jr. vs MalkriadoGran Cobra
5) Kaleth vs PesadillaAron SykesCamuflajeHormiga
6) Demente Extreme, Paranoiko, Tóxico vs Brazo Celestial, Brazo Cibernetico, Brazo De Oro Jr.
7) Damián 666 & Halloween vs Avorto & Chaneke vs Crazy Boy & Ultrasoniko

This is the opening of a new DTU Arena in Tulancingo, with reuniting Damian & Halloween as the big draw. DTU says they plan on running the building at least once month among other projects.

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  1. Yeah Both Hijo Del Impostor & El Dragon Are From The El Paso/Cd Juarez Area & Hijo Del Impostor Also Just Made His Debut With Martinez This Past Saturday.

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