lucha TV preview for weekend of 2020-02-13

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These only CMLL ones are sad. Not just for the lack of AAA, the lack of anything else. Maybe I should add the Arena Naucalpan streams, but I’m never confident if they’re actually streaming.

Five straight weeks of Friday night tournaments kicks off on CMLL Claro.

Hechicero vs Drone wasn’t the intended match for CMLL Sunday but maybe it’ll be good. Can you believe CMLL aired five matches from Sunday but not the one with the Texas guys? That’s CMLL.

Diamante Azul versus Gran Guerrero is a  match that should be airing on CMLL Guadalajara.

One thought to “lucha TV preview for weekend of 2020-02-13”

  1. I’d dig the mention of the Naucalpan streams. iirc they’ve been pretty consistent
    maybe like a one-line sticky at the top of the page of “lucha related shows streaming tonight”

    but yeah that Friday looking pretty meh

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