lucha TV preview for weekend of 2020-02-13

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These only CMLL ones are sad. Not just for the lack of AAA, the lack of anything else. Maybe I should add the Arena Naucalpan streams, but I’m never confident if they’re actually streaming.

Five straight weeks of Friday night tournaments kicks off on CMLL Claro.

Hechicero vs Drone wasn’t the intended match for CMLL Sunday but maybe it’ll be good. Can you believe CMLL aired five matches from Sunday but not the one with the Texas guys? That’s CMLL.

Diamante Azul versus Gran Guerrero is a  match that should be airing on CMLL Guadalajara.

Dalys/Sugehit set for H2L, Fantasma, Laredo Kid

Dalys defending the CMLL Lady’s Ring championship against Princesa Sugehit is the additional match on 03/20’s CMLL Homenaje a Dos Leyendas. This seems like a retry of the Dalys/Metalica match on Aniversario, hoping this one won’t be a disaster like that. Like the rest of the card, it seems like it’ll be useful though it is not at all exciting. Sugehit & Dalys haven’t feuded to this point, it’s a title intended to be defended in Japan, and titles alone being defended mean nothing in CMLL without a feud.

No one seemed to ask if the Homenaje a Dos Leyendas show will stream live. Assume it will not unless told otherwise. It is a thoroughly unexciting lineup with certain outcomes, so there doesn’t seem any urgency to watch it live. Homenaje a Dos Leyendas should draw well with a hair match, Sangre Chicana being honored, and the prestige of being the second biggest show of the year. It also is proof that something can still be successful while being uninteresting.

CMLL Informa announced Rey Cometa & Espiritu Negro and Angel de Oro & Sanson for Block B of the Torneo de Parejas Incredible.

Arena Coliseo Guadalajara wrestlers Leo, Xavier Cruz Jr., Logan, and Omar Brunetti are now teaming as “Latin Boy’s”, complete with usual poor lucha libre usage of an apostrophe.

Hijo del Fantasma, as Jorge Bolly, debuts on a NXT spot show this Saturday. He suffered a knee injury (on what I was told was his first day of training) and has been out for half a year. This is a small show taking across on the opposite end of the country of where WWE is running the NXT Takeover event on Sunday, which means spots are open for some like some lesser-used people and those returning from injury. It may not mean fans will be seeing a lot more of Fantasma right away, though Fantasma does come across strongly in his introduction promo.

Laredo Kid will be on the 04/18 MLW show in Cicero, so being good at wrestling did get MLW to allow him to have more matches this time. MLW press releases on luchadors are delightful for the person writing them clearly having no idea who they are and just gleaming some facts off a quick Google search. That might be the case for all the wrestlers, I just don’t check the other ones, but that one there is amusingly generic.

SuperLuchas looks back at the Arena Mexico history of the national tag team championship.

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CMLL (MON) 02/17/2020 Arena Puebla
1) Hijo de Centella Roja, King Jaguar, Meyer vs Ares, Black Tiger, Guerrero Espacial
2) Astro, Shockercito, Último Dragóncito vs Espíritu Maligno, Joker, Pierrothito
3) Diamond, Fuego, Stigma vs El Perverso, Espíritu Negro, Toro Bill Jr.
4) Diamante Azul, Soberano Jr., Titán vs Gran Guerrero, Shocker, Último Guerrero
5) Felino, Negro Casas, Volador Jr. vs Ángel de Oro, Cavernario, Niebla Roja [Relevos Increíbles]

Another Casas & Felino vs Cavernario match. They’re not committing to turning either side tecnico, though Cavernario ends up working that way.