Cuatrero/Caristico in Puebla, Aramis/Latigo in Lucha Memes, Audaz/Templario tonight

CMLL (MON) 02/03/2020 Arena Puebla [CMLL, Lucha Central]
1) El Malayo, El Perverso, Policeman b Espíritu Maligno, Rey Apocalipsis, Toro Bill Jr. Espiritu Maligno, Rey Apocalipsis y Toro Bill Jr. vs Police Man, El Malayo y El Perverso (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Team Perverso took 2/3.
2) Átomo, Gallito, Microman DQ Chamuel, Mije, Perico Zakarías Arena Puebla - 03-02-2020 - Microman, Átomo y El Gallito vs Chamuel, Mije y Perico Zakarias (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Tecnicos took 1/3, the last when Chamuel once again unmasked Microman
3) Hechicero, Sagrado, Vangellys b Dulce Gardenia, El Audaz, Fuego Arena Puebla - 03-02-2020 - Dulce Gardenia, El Audaz y Fuego vs Hechicero, El Sagrado y Vangellys (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
rudos took 1/3
4) Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Star Jr. b Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas Arena Puebla - 03-02-2020 - Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja y Star Jr. vs Negro Casas, Cavernario y Felino (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
tecnicos took 2/3. Negro Casas tried to get Felino & Cavernario to work together but gave up when they started accidentally hit him and walked out.
5) Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón DQ Carístico, Soberano Jr., Titán Arena Puebla - 03-02-2020 - Carístico, Soberano Jr. y Titán vs Sansón, Cuatrero y Forastero (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
rudos took 1/3, the last when Cuatrero unmasked himself and tossed the mask to Caristico. That set up match between them for next week.

The Peste Negra breakup was well told on this show, though it’s still unclear how this is going to work long term. Cavernario comes off as the rudo in the feud, but Felino turning tecnico would probably mean Negro Casas turning tecnico too and that’d be a little strange. I think something where Cavernario wins the hair match but Peste Negra reunites is possible.

CMLL split this show into individual matches on YouTube. (Links are up there.) CMLL originally posted individual matches, in the early days of En Busca de un Idolo and Tuesday lightning matches that weren’t airing on TV. Individual matches tend to do a lot better on YouTube because the wrestler names are more likely to be found if they’re in the title. It’s a sign of someone trying to improve the YouTube channel, which has just mostly existed as live streams and post-match promos for the last couple of years.

NGD face Atlantis, Carisitco and Soberano Jr. tonight in Arena Mexico in another rematch. That also seemed to be a Caristico/Sanson feud last week. It’s possible CMLL will have that in one place and not the other to do a mix. It’s also possible CMLL will Sanson’s just not all the way back from his foot injury and they changed their mind on putting him in singles matches. The CMLL tecnico promos pointed towards a trios title match instead, which would be better than two singles matches.

Audaz faces Templario in tonight’s singles matches. Audaz hasn’t kept pace with Templario’s progress but they’re still very good against each other. Texas wrestlers Graham (Bell) and Ayden (Cristiano) get their matches in the segunda with Magnus, Oro, Grako, and Nitro around them. Those are the first trainees to make a stream, though the three on this past Sunday should make video this upcoming Sunday. It’s also the last of the trainees to wrestle in CMLL, though they’re all on the Arena Rey Bucanero show this Saturday. I suspect there’s a strange CMLL Informa appearance coming up tomorrow.

The show streams at 7:30 pm on CMLL’s YouTube.

Guadalajara has the Guerreros versus the Chavez Brothers and Diamante Azul in another rematch. Gran Guerrero unmasked Azul last week.

Mistico mentioned his surgery took seven hours and posted the screw removed. It looks like a bar about a foot long.

Lucha Memes (MON) 02/03/2020 Coliseo Coacalco, Coacalco, Estado de México [+LuchaTV]
1) Astrolux, Black Metal, Perro de Guerra ?? Lady Cat, Lilith Dark, Zika
Unclear if match happened (or happened with these people) but Perro de Guerra and Puma de Oro set up a singles match for the next MexaWrestling show.
2) Garrobo Punk & Gremlin b Fly Warrior & Príncipe Aéreo
3) Centurion & Metaleón b Rey Apocalipsis & Toro Bill Jr.
Siki Osama seconded Batallion del la Muerte. sets up a rematch in Arena San Juan.
4) Black Terry & Judas el Traidor b El Mimo & Toro Negro
money thrown in
5) Arez b Lunatik ExtremeBrazo De Oro Jr.
Lunatik Extreme & Brazo de Oro Jr. replaced Lady Flammer. Psicosis (Ripper) showed up and challenged Arez to a match with a slap.
6) Toxin b Jimmy
good match
7) Atomic Star, Baby Star Jr., Fly Star b Alas de Acero, Iron Kid, Lunatik Fly
Jose Manuel Guillen won the Lucha Libre Vanguardia 4×4 (24/7) championship from Fly Star during post match interviews. He later lost it back to Fly Star, who also lost and won it from Psycho Kid.
8) Aramis b Látigo
great match

+LuchaTV said they heard there were two MOTYC caliber matches this past weekend: the Aramis/Latigo match here and the Erik Ortiz/Hechicero match in RIOT. The Lucha Memes/MexaWrestling show had a lot stronger turnout than the New Year’s Day show – people were still showing up midway thru the show, I heard – and the reviews on the matches were strong.

Lucha Memes says Aramis/Latigo, Jimmy/Toxin and two more will be added to their YouTube channel.

Hijo del Santo returned Silver King’s possessions to Dr. Wagner and Silver King’s two sons on Monday, in a bit filmed for social media. Santo had held onto Silver King’s bag and gear for 7 months since Silver King died on Hijo del Santo’s show in London last May. The sons involved were the same one upset with their uncle Wagner for letting someone wrestle as Silver King Jr., so it appears everything has been healed there.

AAA on Impact tonight (7 pm CT, streams on Twitch)

  • Hijo del Vikingo vs TJP
  • Daga & Hijo del Dr. Wagner vs Jake & Dave Crist

Chicano, who is listed as returning to IWRG as part of new faction El Imperio, had a retirement match Saturday in Coliseo Chihuahua. Perhaps he’s relocating to Mexico City again and some lines got crossed about retirement.

LuchaWorld has the latest Poster-Mania.


CMLL (SAT) 02/08/2020 Arena Coliseo
1) Fantasy & Kaligua vs Pequeño Olímpico & Pequeño Violencia
2) Leono, Oro Jr., Retro vs Espanto Jr., Hijo del Signo, Inquisidor
3) Fuego, Magia Blanca, Súper Astro Jr. vs Cancerbero, Espíritu Negro, Raziel
4) Diamond, Pegasso, Stigma vs Misterioso, Sagrado, Universo 2000 Jr.
5) Atlantis Jr., Flyer, Volador Jr. vs Mephisto, Shocker, Terrible
6) Ángel de Oro vs Bárbaro Cavernario

Cavernario should be winning these matches right now if there are any universal CMLL booking plans, but often there doesn’t seem to be one. That makes it exciting.

CMLL Puebla: 2020-01-27

how it feels to watch Puebla

Recapped: 2020-01-28


Asturiano & Rey Samuray beat Black Tiger & Rey Apocalipsis
(15:04 [6:55, 4:02, 4:07], 1/3, below average, VideosOficialesCMLL)

La Comandante, La Infernal, Reyna Isis beat Marcela, Mystique, Sanely
(12:57 [7:19, 3:15, 2:23], 1/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Stigma beat Kawato San in a lightning match
(7:47, fisherman’s powerbomb, below average, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Shocker, Templario, Vangellys beat Audaz, Dulce Gardenia, Flyer
(19:38 [6:53, 6:02, 6:43], 1/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón beat Carístico, Soberano Jr., Titán
(17:59 [7:35, 3:27, 6:57], 1/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL)

What happened:

Sanson stole Caristico’s mask and rolled him up for the win.


mysitque is amazing

The main event got extra time but didn’t do much with it. That seemed the case for most of the matches on the show. NGD tried to do a cool Soberano flip into the reverse bear hug to set up the first finish. It didn’t work and it felt that was the end of trying. NGD worked slower than usual in charge, while the tecnicos just ran thru their usual offense. Forastero should consider wearing gear without a hole in them.

There often mismatches teammates in CMLL, but no one felt as out of place as Templario teaming with Shocker. Just two guys having a very different match, only united by a desire not be kissed by Dulce Gardenia. Templario bases for all the tecnicos in the third fall, Shocker walks around ringside for a moment to offer up people besides himself to be kissed by Dulce Gardenia. It’s not as much a balance as a weird counterpoint.

The first few minutes of the lightning match were rough. Stigma botched taking a headscisssors takedown then whiffed on catching Kawato on a dive. Kawato seemed to be working thru shoulder or rib pain the rest of the way. There weren’t any obvious problems past that, but it was slow and never interesting. Kawato kicking out of Stigmatica just to get pinned a move later was strange and didn’t any reaction.

The third fall of the women’s match is aggressively nothing after the first two falls seemed to have a lot to them. The first fall felt rehearsed as well, which made that third fall feel like something went wrong. Mystique is not great the tricky armdrags she’s trying but it’s vastly entertaining and I pray she continues.

Samuray & Asturiano are some times interesting but the opener was not. It fell apart after Asturaino fell out of the ring, with the most forced hanging stomp spot you’ll see. Wipe this from the memory banks.