Caristico & Forastero win tournament via distraction, Templario & Hijo del Villano III win other tournament block

CMLL (FRI) 02/28/2020 Arena México [+LuchaTVculticonESTOMarcaOvacionesR de RudoRecordthecubsfanTUDN]
1) Akuma & Espanto Jr. b Halcón Suriano Jr. & Sonic
9:30. Rudos took 1/3.
2) Sagrado & Soberano Jr. b Dulce GardeniaLucifernoBlack PantherStigmaHijo del Villano IIIDisturbio [MEX TAG, battle royal]
3) Disturbio & Virus b Pegasso & Stigma [MEX TAG, 8f]
4) Hijo del Villano III & Templario b Dulce Gardenia & Fuego [MEX TAG, 8f]
5) Ephesto & Luciferno b Black Panther & Blue Panther Jr. [MEX TAG, 8f]
6) Misterioso Jr. & Sagrado b Soberano Jr. & Titán [MEX TAG, 8f]
7) Hijo del Villano III & Templario b Disturbio & Virus [MEX TAG, quarterfinal]
8) Soberano Jr. & Titán b Ephesto & Luciferno [MEX TAG, quarterfinal]
9) Hijo del Villano III & Templario b Soberano Jr. & Titán [MEX TAG, semifinal]
10) Felino, Negro Casas, Terrible b Ángel de Oro, Diamante Azul, Niebla Roja
17:25. Rudos took 1/3.
11) Carístico & Forastero b Cavernario & Volador Jr. [Torneo Nacional Increible de Parejas, final]
12:19. Straight falls, the last when Felino distracted Cavernario and Felino.

CMLL promos: Akuma & Espanto Jr., Templario & HIjo del Villano III, Felino, Caristico & Forastero, and Barbaro Cavernario.

Pressroom interviews: Caristico & Forastero and Hijo del Villano III & Templario.

The main event was the better of the two 2v2 finals, but the finish kind of made the whole tournament pointless. The Soberano/Titan vs Villano III/Templario match had more issues but a much better ending. The next best tag match on the show might have been the opener.

El Grafico writes about the mixed feelings about the CMLL barricades around the ring following Valiente’s injury. The article correctly attributes them to a Sombra/fan interaction, though the details are slightly off. Hijo del Villano III says it was too risky before the barricades (though he didn’t wrestle in CMLL Before the barricades.) Pierrothito and Halcon Suriano Jr. are less positive about it.

Miguel Reducindo talks about the pointlessness of bringing back the tag team belts: there are too many belts as it, fans do not show up in more numbers to see title matches and champions do not benefit from them.

On the Lucha Time show last night, The Mummy became the first overall champion, while Baby Extreme became cruiserweight champion. Or at least that was what on the poster. Neither report on the show mentions belts, so maybe they were just matches.

AEW has a PPV tonight. Penta & Fenix do not appear to be on it. No lucha libre talent made the show this time. That’s disappointing. The show looks good and I’m going to be there, but still.

Dragon Lee did not win the ROH championship last night. Tonight’s show includes

  • Rush vs PCO vs Mark Haskins for the ROH World Championship
  • Dragon Lee vs Dak Draper for the ROH TV Championship
  • Rey Horus & Bandido vs Jonathan Gresham & Bandido

The show starts at 7 pm tonight, straight up with the AEW show. It is possible Rush wins the championship back tonight, though it’d be a disadvantageous night with attention elsewhere. Dak Draper hasn’t shown anything but height in his Ring of Honor matches so far so it’d be disappointing if he beat Dragon Lee (and I don’t think Dragon Lee is losing.) Horus & Bandido get a tag title shot if they go to a win or draw. It’s possible but there seem to be many contenders for the tag titles already.

There is no AAA Twitch stream this weekend but there are other shows Saturday

The way things work now, where promotions don’t take care of their videos themselves and everyone’s reliant on a few people deciding where they’d like the spend their night, means there absolutely will be five versions of some of these shows and no video of other ones. This frustrates me even though I probably won’t actually watch most of this.


Maximo talks about the rumors about his health, says it was just he and his family being extra thorough about a minor issue following La Parka’s injuries.

Segunda Caida watches one of the recent CMLL Japan matches that have been posted to YouTube.

A promo for the AAA/EMW/MLW show.


CMLL (FRI) 03/06/2020 Arena México
1) Fantasy & Shockercito vs Mercurio & Pierrothito
2) Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Dulce Gardenia vs Misterioso, Sagrado, Virus
3) Titán vs Soberano Jr. [lightning]
4) Rey Bucanero & Shocker vs Felino & Tiger and Cancerbero & Raziel and Pólvora & Vangellys and Atlantis Jr. & Flyer and Rey Cometa & Star Jr. and Drone & Esfinge and Audaz & Fugaz [MEX TAG, battle royal]
5) ? & ?? vs ??? & ???? [MEX TAG, 8F]
6) ? & ?? vs ??? & ???? [MEX TAG, 8F]
7) ? & ?? vs ??? & ???? [MEX TAG, 8F]
8) ? & ?? vs ??? & ???? [MEX TAG, 8F]
9) ? & ?? vs ??? & ???? [MEX TAG, quarterfinal]
10) ? & ?? vs ??? & ???? [MEX TAG, quarterfinal]
11) ? & ?? vs ??? & ???? [MEX TAG, semifinal]
12) Carístico, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Cavernario, Euforia, Último Guerrero

Atlantis & Flyer seem the favorites. CMLL trying to force the second generation Atlantis/Villano feud into happening seems like their top priority. Audaz & Fugaz have an outside shot, but it’s hard to imagine any of the other tecnico teams actually winning the championship. Cometa & Star Jr. would be fun secondary tag team champions but CMLL doesn’t have time for them.

Felino & Tiger seem destined to lose via Cavernario distraction. Shocker & Bucanero being in this tournament is a statement on how far they’ve fallen – everyone else is solidly midcard – and yet they’ll probably advance far. The matches would be better if Cancerbero & Raziel did instead.

Titan and Soberano are going to have a really good match again. Titan won the last one.

CMLL Marca: 2020-02-28


Recapped: 2020-02-28


Akuma & Espanto Jr. beat Halcón Suriano Jr. & Sonic
(9:30 [5:00, 1:56, 2:34], 1/3, ok)

The dumb battle royal went 2:28

Disturbio & Virus beat Pegasso & Stigma in a Mexican National Tag Team eighthfinal
(4:45, ok)

Hijo del Villano III & Templario beat Dulce Gardenia & Fuego in a Mexican National Tag Team eighthfinal
(6:59, ok)

Ephesto & Luciferno beat Black Panther & Blue Panther Jr. in a Mexican National Tag Team eighthfinal
(3:30, ok)

Soberano Jr. & Titán vs Misterioso Jr. & Sagrado in a Mexican National Tag Team eighthfinal
(5:56, ok)

Hijo del Villano III & Templario beat Disturbio & Virus in a Mexican National Tag Team quarterfinal
(5:24, ok)

Soberano Jr. & Titán beat Ephesto & Luciferno in a Mexican National Tag Team quarterfinal
(5:18, ok)

Hijo del Villano III & Templario beat Soberano Jr. & Titán in a Mexican National Tag Team semifinal
(13:43, good)

Felino, Negro Casas, Terrible beat Ángel de Oro, Diamante Azul, Niebla Roja
(17:25 [5:59, 8:00, 3:26], 2/3, ok, )

Carístico & Forastero beat Cavernario & Volador Jr. in the Torneo Nacional Increible de Parejas final
(12:19 [4:18, 8:01], good, ½)

What happened:

Felino distracted Cavernario (and Volador), leading to Caristico & Forastero beating them in a straight fall tournament win.

Templario & Hijo del Villano III advanced in the national tag team tournament bracket.


Soberano easily clearing the ring post

The main event followed a dreary semi-mas well as a tournament final that was all about near falls and was going to have a bad WWE distraction finish. It would’ve taken a special to succeed in that spot. Caristico, Forastero, Cavernario, and Volador just had an ordinary high spot tournament final instead. They got more time and probably was technically better than the other one, but that finish was lame and this was still the second one to air, which made it feel too same-ish. CMLL (purposefully) lacks variety in their styles and this is a night where it hurt the enjoyment of the show. The tournament format also hurt, since there wasn’t a natural tecnico team to root for and neither team tried to played rudo. Forastero did do well in this situation, keeping up and having the best of the night. The effort was there, just the first fall wasn’t much and the second fall was extra extended since they weren’t doing three. Even the finish didn’t feel like they had built up to a big moment; Cavernario doesn’t win big with that splash. It all added to a that was fine during the time but I can’t imagine watching again.

The only purpose of the semi-main seemed to be as a buffer between the two tournaments. It was set up for people to get in, work quickly, and get out. Instead, they worked very slow and long. I have no idea what happened or why it did happen. This was persistently boring.

The tournament final is the one of the block worth your time. Dulce remains good and only got one round out of it. Other teams tried and the match didn’t develop. Luciferno & Ephesto really shouldn’t have gone two matches (and maybe one.)

Templario & Hijo del Villano III versus Titan & Soberano suffered a bit from going straight into dramatic back and forth near falls with no build. It took a while in a drama to build enough to match what they were doing. Hijo del Villano III was also inconsistent and didn’t feel like he raised his level to meet the other three people. Soberano & Titan showed more teamwork, which made Templario overcoming them both more impressive.

Dulce Gardenia

Parejas Increible tournament ends, Parejas Nacional tournament starts, Dragon Lee/PCO

The annual Nacional Increible de Parejas concludes tonight in Arena Mexico. Volador & Cavernario are slight favorites over Forastero & Caristico, but either outcome seems possible. There are no great dramatic stakes to the outcome so far, just a trophy win which might not be mentioned after a month. It could be a great match; Volador’s most enjoyable work of late has come in tag situations, Cavernario is great, Caristico has been in good form. Forastero hasn’t shown a lot in his run of single matches the last four months, but his best effort was against Cavernario and they’ll be back against him either.

CMLL’s resisted having Felino & Cavernario interact during the course of this tournament, but there’s always a chance of tonight’s finish involving some interference. Homenaje a Dos Leyendas currently feels like an appointment on a calendar, not anything people are hotly anticipating. Felino walking down and distracting Cavernario into a La Mistica won’t fix that, but it is something CMLL might try anyway.

The bulk of the show focuses on another tournament to decide new Mexican National Tag Team championships. As a +Lucha column points out today, it’s just the same people who win these CMLL tournaments all the time. Fuego & Dulce or the Panthers would be fun picks but Soberano Jr. & Titan are the clear favorites and it’s hard to see a different outcome. It looks like a big spot for Hijo del Villano III, who hasn’t been around much in recent months but now is teaming with Templario in a block without many rudo teams. They could end up going far and working with good opponents.

Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, and Diamante Azul take on Negro Casas, Terrible and Felino in the only trios match tonight. It serves as a buffer between the two tournaments. Halcon Suriano & Sonic are an exciting prelim team against less exciting Espanto Jr. & Akuma.

The show will stream at 8:30 pm and I’ll be streaming it for US/Japan viewers.

Lucha Central has a preview of the show.

Fuerza Guerrera is signing autographs, so his appearance last week doesn’t appear to be a one-off.

CMLL has a dueling sit-down interview with Felino & Cavernario about why they started feuding in the first place. It’s produced unlike anything else CMLL’s done and feels effective. Cavernario makes the case that Mr. Niebla brought him and “another person” (Herodes Jr.) into Peste Negra, Mr. Niebla teamed with him when he won the Gran Alternativa tournament, so Peste Negra was Mr. Niebla to him and there’s no one anymore. There’s also a Momentos Estelars video, this time using clips from all the streams. I wish they showed both of these during the actual shows instead of just the stream, though even three minutes may be too long for in-between matches. (30-second content that could replace one of the four Roshfrans commercials a night would be nice.)

Ring of Honor is also streaming tonight on their Honor Club service. Matches with Mexican wrestlers include

  • Dragon Lee challenging PCO for the ROH World Championship
  • Bandido vs Marty Scurll vs Slex
  • Kenny King & Rush vs Brody King & Flip Gordon
  • Rey Horus vs Alex Shelly

The show is from Nashville and will stream at 7:30 pm, an hour before CMLL. They’re also streaming Saturday. Dragon Lee is current the ROH TV champion and it would be a massive surprise if he won the main ROH title tonight. I’m not even sure how that match is going to work, but it should be a spectacle.

This is not really lucha, but Ring of Honor announced a 2020 ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds Tour after very smart people thought last year would be the final one for months. Those smart people were not dumb (and may have predicted it now if they had any reason to think about it again recently), but it’s more our collective ability to see where things are going even twelve months from now is not always very strong.

Azteca will air an interview with Maximo today on the AAA show, teasing that he’s out of the promotion. It’s airing on as part of the AAA show, which seems like a good sign he’s not actually gone. Maximo remains on AAA spot shows this weekend. He’s just not been on TV more than once since TripleMania.

Speaking of TripleMania, Dorian Roldan reportedly appeared on TV to say the TripleMania date will be announced in two weeks. I would think that means they’re sticking with 08/22, since it doesn’t leave much time to move it.

There are other shows of note today, though far away from Mexico City. The annual ExpressMania show tonight in Ciudad Madero has Blue Demon & La Mascara taking on Alberto el Patron & Hijo de Dos Caras. Alberto hasn’t been around much this year. Dr. Wagner is leading a weekend swing of shows in Zacatecas starting tonight. Lucha Time has a TV taping tonight, though it looks like they’re changing into a normal promotion rather than the time TV show they’ve been doing, including handing out random titles that will mean nothing.

wXw 16 Carat Gold first-round matches (03/06, Oberhausen, Germany, eventually on VOD)

They’re in the midst of announcing all the matches on Twitter. Taurus’s match should be out soon.

AAA is now listing the 03/28 show in Torreon as a TV taping. Meanwhile, there’s a poster for an Ecatapec show on 03/08 that lists it as a TV taping, but it not actually one.

WrestleCon announced Arez vs Aramis vs Laredo Kid vs Black Taurus for their 04/02 Mark Hitchcock Memorial Super Show in Tampa. That makes me wish I was going (I am definitely not going.) It is more-importantly a near repeat of the excellent Hijo del Vikingo vs Arez vs Aramis vs Taurus match from AAA last year, with Laredo Kid stepping in for the guy who can’t step in the US.

Psycho Clown appears in Cleveland’s AIW on April 24th. I think that’s a good fit with promotion and luchador, AIW is going to do something weird/great/different with Psycho Clown because they make a point of doing those things.

Some tickets are 15% off this weekend for the AAA 05/23 Verano de Escandalo show.

Rey Fenix is working as an ambassador for California’s upcoming census.

LuchaWorld has the latest Lucha Report.