Ingobernable(s), Monster Clowns and Momias – an AAA 2020 refresher

AAA wakes up from hibernation Saturday night. The first show of the year takes place in Mexico City at 8 pm. It is AAA’s first TV/Twitch show in 42 days. Perhaps AAA hasn’t been on top of your mind all that time. As a refresher, here’s a Q&A:

Q: Didn’t Guerra de Titanes end with a big angle? What was that?

The AAA year ending story started a couple of weeks prior, at TripleMania Regia. LA Park & Rush put aside their differences to form a new version of Los Ingobernable. Their group is called “La Faccion Ingobernable.” The concept is Park & Rush believe they together are better than anyone AAA has to offer. Park & Rush invited Bestia del Ring & Konnan to join the group in Monterrey. The group added Killer Kross at Guerra de Titanes, though he may have also wrapped up in AAA.

La Faccion Ingobernable notably attacked and unmasked rudo Blue Demon in Guerra de Titanes. There is a lingering issue between LA Park and Blue Demon, as Park is upset about how Demon won at TripleMania. AAA presented this attack as part of a larger Faccion Ingobernable versus AAA (tecnicos & rudos) feud. It did come off as if Demon may not be a rudo forever. 

There’s no TripleMania main event match announced or event hinted at this point. This AAA versus Ingobernables feud includes most of the big names who might be involved, though the exact combination isn’t yet evident. Demon & Park would be a gigantic match, though it remains hard to believe any mask match with Park is ever happening.)

Q: What else happened that was important on Guerra de Titanes?

Big Mami defeated Lady Maravilla in their hair match. Mami & Hamburguesa ended reunited as a team, triumphant. Maravilla & Villano III Jr. remain the AAA Mixed Tag Champs but will put up the titles against Hamburgesa & Mami, Dinastia & Lady Shani, and Arez & Keyra. The Mami/Maravilla story was one of the more successful AAA bits of 2019, so it seems likely some twist will happen to keep it going in 2020.

Q: Who were the other champions at the end of 2019? Are their stories there?

Fenix & Pentagon Jr. are the AAA Tag Team Champions. Texano Jr. & Rey Escorpion assaulted them to set up a title match at Guerra de Titanes. It never took place despite everyone being there. The Mexico City main event could set up a Faccion Ingobernable challenging team instead.

There’s not much going on with most of the other championships. Kenny Omega (AAA Megachampion), Daga (AAA Latin American Champion), and Taya (AAA Reina de Reina Champion) all wrestle only occasionally in AAA and have no stated next challenger. Daga is owed a shot at Laredo Kid’s AAA Cruiserweight Championship, but he’s still on the Exatlon reality show, and it remains unclear when his participation will end. (Also, AAA tends to forget owed title shots after about three months, so this is likely a dead issue.)  

Myzteziz was also on Exatlon, but left the show late in 2019. That means the AAA Trios Championships might now be back in play. Poder del Norte are logical challengers but nothing’s been announced.

The minis champion, Dinasita, is around, but that championship seems to exist only for scramble matches.

Keyra and Hijo del Vikingo won the Lucha Capital tournament, though that has not necessarily led to matches for AAA’s main titles in the past. 

Q: Did anything else important happen late in the year?

The big one is Monster Clown losing his mask to Aerostar. He lost at TripleMania Regia. Neither man appears on Guerra de Titanes, so the Mexico City taping will be the first time he’ll be wrestling unmasked on TV. No Mexican wrestling feud ends, expect those two to continue to fight.

Sin Cara, under that name, made a surprise save for Pagano at Guerra de Titanes. They appear to be linked up going forward. Sin Cara has subsequently changed his name to Cinta de Oro, though Konnan’s suggested AAA would prefer to stick with the Sin Cara name. AAA does not have Sin Cara listed on any of the announced lineups. He may only be appearing at bigger shows.

Mamba and Pimpinela Escarlata reverted to feuding, with Mamba once again a ruda. Monterrey’s Dulce Canela debuted as a new Pimpienla partner. It’s unclear where (or if) Maximo fits into all of this. 

Rey Horus debuted at Guerra de Titanes. He’ll be back in Queretaro.

Q: Will Karis la Momia Jr. wrestle as La Parka Jr. now?

Karis La Momia will certainly wrestle as the son of La Parka at some point. “Now” is the harder question. Momia has only been in-ring for about half a year, and AAA’s been careful to keep him off TV so far. Parka spent the last year transforming characters from one gimmick to another, and he would’ve likely done the same for his son within a couple of years. I have not seen a lot of Karis La Momia Jr. spot show matches, but my sense would be to give him more time.

On the other hand, Atlantis Jr. didn’t have a lot more experience than Karis La Momia Jr. and found his footing after a year. Karis may not be ready yet, but there’s a lot of good people to help carry him through in AAA at the moment. It may come down to feeling out if the fans will accept a new La Parka so soon or if it needs some time to rest. 

AAA will honor Parka as part of their first TV taping, and probably other times during 2020. Karis La Momia Jr. will be part of some of those, and AAA may make their plans clear at that point. 

Q: Are their other notable changes?

Not really. AAA’s roster seems unusually stable. They’re working to make it stabler. Fenix & Pentagon confirmed they signed a deal to be AAA exclusive in Mexico in 2020. They look to be TV regulars instead of appearing a handful of times. Rush & La Bestia del Ring are similarly no longer listed on non-AAA shows. It’s unclear if they’ve signed with AAA, but it looks a possibility. 

AAA’s also signed some of the freelancers who were working early matches the last year or so. Blue Demon & Dr. Wagner still appear to be setting their schedules.

Mascarita Dorada and AAA are running a fan poll asking if he should continue as Mascara Dorada or return to his Mascarita Sagrada identity. AAA lists Mascarita Sagrada under that name on their poster so that they might have had a pretty good guess at the results. It also suggests he (and Demus) will be around AAA more in 2020.

As noted above, Killer Kross appears close to being done or is already done. Kross is not on the two AAA TV lineups announced or the Tijuana show. He is still working the US indies, he may yet pop up in AAA, but he’s apparently not taking bookings for WrestleMania weekend, so there’s not much time left for AAA to go anywhere with him.

Q: Are the shows still airing on Twitch? Are there any changes to the distribution of these shows?

A: No changes. AAA continues on Twitch in Spanish & English

The AAA YouTube channel drifted well behind TV late in the year. They’re only getting to Guerra de Titanes this weekend. They are getting there as part of catching up, so perhaps there won’t be as long as a lag early in 2020. 

(The Twitch VOD is still there. If you buy VOD for this first show, it should also cover the second and third shows of the year.)

Q: When is AAA running other shows?

Known shows so far:

  • 01/25 Mexico City
  • 02/08 Queretaro
  • 02/22 Guadalajara
  • 03/21 Merida (Rey de Reyes)
  • 05/23 Morelia (Verano de Escandalo)

I will keep track of these shows on @aaanextshow.

All the shows announced so far are on Saturdays. AAA’s schedule won’t stay that way, but it’s an easy start.

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