Rey de Reyes date announced (03/21 Merida), Niebla tribute show, Cinta de Oro Jr. to unmask

CMLL Informa was pushed to Thursday this week, but the usual press interviews took place Wednesday. Shocker & Rey Bucanero mentioned they’ll be wearing the old masks in tribute to Mr. Niebla. Olimpico says the same. In the way that the Leyendas shows determine that the only legends are people who wrestled in the early 90s, this Mr. Niebla tribute show seems like late 90s/00s early show. I wish they had leaned more into that direction, both in the promotion and the names included.

SuperLuchas recap of the CMLL Lady’s Ring show mentioned Jarochita & Dalys are in Ice Ribbon on Sunday, so they (and Negro Casas) aren’t heading back to Mexico soon.

Rey de Reyes will be March 21st at Merida’s Poliforum Zamna. Estrellas del Ring caught this first, though the local promoter had it up more than week ago. The May 23rd date for Verano de Escandalo came out yesterday, and those are recently the two big dates before TripleMania.

Murder Clown told Grafico, like Psycho Clown & Monster Clown, he would like to wager his mask but he has no one to face.

RIOT’s 02/01 show, which has no matches or wrestlers announced, has sold out ten days in advance. RIOT has sold out shows in the past but never before with walk-up tickets. They’ve never sold out a week before the show.

04/04 WrestleCon Worldwide in Tampa

I was told to pay attention to this show as if it was a WrestleMania weeekend lucha show so here I am paying attention. I got excited about a RIOT (Mexico) vs RIOT (Spain) championship match, then people helpfully explained it’s Carlos Vega as RIOT Spain champion, not Carlos Romo. I’m dumb.

MLW says Arez will challenge Myron Reed for their Middleweight Championship on their 02/01 show in Philadelphia.

Cinta de Oro Jr. – this is the one who had been given the name by the original, not Sin Cara – announced he’ll unmask today on a Ciudad Juarez TV show and then wrestle unmasked going forward. (Furia de Titanes pointed this out first.) Cinta de Oro Jr. will debut under a new name, still unmasked, on Sunday’s Arena Juarez show.

El Mexicano has a report of the Tijuana Boxing, Wrestling and MMA Commission. There’s nothing on wrestling – the focus is on boxing, as typical – but Hijo del Medico Asesino (EMW) and Damian 666 (The Crash) were present as apparent reps of their promotions.

Puma King & Barby’s new video is from Barby’s birthday party.

It’s a local turf war of little consequence outside Chicago, but there have been angry Facebook posts back and forth over GALLI and GAW/LLT running at the same time on Sunday. (Berwyn & Villa Park, where they were running, are about a half-hour apart from each other.) The GALLI show was a fundraiser for Discovery, who is in poor health. The GAW/LLT show was announced first, with Dragon Bane & Hijo de Canis Lupus coming to the Chicago area after the Chicago guys had come to IWRG.

Bane & Lupus didn’t make it and there was no explanation as to what happened. It didn’t stop Mr. Reyes of Estrelllas del Ring (tied up to GAW through IWRG) from bosting about the success of the GAW/LLT show and implied the charity show had been constructed just to attack GAW. The GAW promoter chimed in to agree. Attacking a charity show for a local lucha libre institution like Discovery has gone over poorly. Estrellas del Ring & GAW deleted their posts, though screen grabs live forever. LLT has disavowed GAW’s statements; Discovery wrestled for them for a number of years and are planning their own Discovery fundraiser.

Discovery, battling cancer, is still in the hospital as of there last update I can find. There’s no GoFundMe at this point. I still don’t know what happened with Dragon Bane & Hijo de Canis Lupus.