CMLL Martes: 2019-08-13


Recapped: 08/18/2019


Espanto Jr. & Grako beat Metatrón & Sonic
(11:16 [5:28, 2:26, 3:22], 1/3, n/r,

Fuego, Pegasso, Stigma beat Espíritu Negro, Hijo del Signo, Nitro
(12:03 [5:57, 1:50, 4:16], 2/3, n/r,

Marcela beat Reyna Isis in a lightning match
(8:40, Marcela double knee smash, ok,

Audaz, Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr. beat Disturbio, Hechicero, Misterioso Jr.
(18:42 [8:12, 3:40, 6:50], 1/3, good,

Felino, Hijo del Villano III, Negro Casas beat Atlantis, Blue Panther, Kráneo
(11:18 [2:57, 3:57, 4:24], 2/3, ok,

La Bestia Del Ring, Rush, Terrible beat Carístico, Soberano Jr., Stuka Jr.
(12:12 [3:32, 4:29, 4:11], 1/3, ok,

What happened:

Negro Casas with a nontraditional attack

Rush distracted referee Edgar from a Terrible foul on Caristico, which gave him the ring. Caristico set up a singles match with Terrible for next week.


I thought the main event was the slightly better of the two very much Tuesday top trios matches because Los Ingobernables seemed to be trying more than usual. The semi-main was sillier and might have connected better with the tourists for that reason. Soberano doing maybe the only pescado of his life because he didn’t rust Bestia del Ring to catch anything bigger was amusing.

Hechicero led a really good Tuesday trios match. Everyone was looking a little bit motivated than usual. You don’t get many belly to belly suplexes out of Misterioso. Hechicero was the standout, making Blue Panther Jr. look great early on the mat and then being there for Audaz’s big moves. Audaz looked great racing around the ring and nailed the tricky headscissors good. This stood out among the usual CMLL b-show fare.

The lightning match was all about Marcela showing she could do anything Reina Isis could do better. Even when Isis got the better of Marcela on the outside, Marcela just took back over like nothing had happened when they got back in the ring. Isis did get in her finish (maybe so Marcela could kick out of it.) This wasn’t as one-sided as the Dalys/Metalica match but was just as much about giving the well-established veteran a meaningless win.