Lucha Libre 171-180 (sorta) magazine recaps

These issues run from issue date January 29 to April 4th, in theory. It’s remarkable how full a collection someone (the Mexico library archive? others who scanned them?) were able to put together of issues from 1966, but they start to miss a few in this group.

The ancillary results continue to disappear from these issues, including in the notes columns. There’s a lot of generic profiles of luchadors instead.

Lucha Libre 171 – 01/29/1967 (Friday of 01/20, released 01/24)

  • Fridays are still at Arena Coliseo. El Nazi leads a team of Rizado Ruiz, Vick Amezcua beat Felipe Ham Lee, Daniel Curiel, and Dantes
  • The Arena Mexico return date is 02/10. Ray Mendoza, Santo, Mil Mascaras, Rene Guajardo and Karloff Lagarde are expected to be on the show. (And maybe not many of them appearing in Mexico City before then; the economics of Arena Coliseo & Arena Mexico payoffs seem to be quite different.)
  • El Nazi happens to be rated an 82 in this edition, with 9s for aggressiveness and recursos.
  • “Rayo de Jalisco is retiring!” is an intentionally misleading headline about the retirement of Fili Espinoza, who used that name as a nickname before the masked luchador.
  • the actual Rayo de Jalisco is getting a couple of weeks off, which the magazine insists is must needed.
  • A Vick Amezcua profile
  • Who’s better, Rene Guajardo or Ray Mendoza? This is obvious foreshadowing.
  • an article predicting the great future of Antonio Montoro
  • A Mao Chang bio, setting up him up as a Karloff Lagarde challenger
  • A Conde Negro (Salvador Gonzalez) bio
  • Karloff Lagarde says his toughest match was against Blue Demon on January 31, 1957 when he won the NWA Welterweight Championship. (This has been listed as 1958 previously.)

Lucha Libre 172 – 02/05/1967 (Friday of 01/27, released 01/31)

  • Felipe Ham Lee, Daniel Curiel and Dory Dixon defeat El Nazi, Rizado Ruiz, Vick Amezcua in the Friday Arena Coliseo main event, a lot of people who are first half of the show luchadors on Arena Mexico Fridays. This was said to be a brawl.
  • The magazine has opened with a section called “1, 2, 3, Fuera” since the last redesign, which has become the most pointed criticism it offers. The bits this time:
  • Rayo de Jalisco says his toughest match came when he wrestled Lagarde & Guajardo the night after his mother passed away. He credits Dory Dixon for being a great teammate.
  • Mil Mascaras is defending his Mexican Light Heavyweight title against Dr. Wagner in Arena Aficion.
  • A Q&A with Cavernario Galindo
  • Blue Demon has finished his latest movie.
  • Solitario is currently wrestling in Guatemala.
  • a photo gallery of various beards
  • a David Curiel profile
  • Nothing really notable in the monthly rankings, except this is the first time Lucha Libre has published some in many months. Rayo de Jalisco is top tecnico, el Nazi top rudo.
  • Alfonso Dantes: big star but super cold and not loved. (I think they’re pushing for a rudo turn.)
  • Chucho Villa: a future star for 1967
  • Angel Blanco profile

Lucha Libre 173 – 02/12/1967 (Friday of 02/03, released 02/07)

  • Karloff Lagarde replacing Ruiz is enough to give the rudos the win over the same group of tecnicos in the Arena Coliseo main.
  • the 1, 2, 3 Fuera section bits:
    • Dr. Wagner criticized for attacking a reported in Acapulco
    • wondering when Daniel Curiel will finally get pushed in Arnea Mexico,
    • praising Raul Reyes’s matches.
  • A Dory Dixon bio
  • Santo has canceled all his bookings outside of Mexico City for the moment. I think they imply it’s due to age but it’s a reference (Tlacote) I don’t totally get.
  • Vento Castella is on his way in, while Vikingo is on his way out to Monterrey.
  • Black Shadow’s hardest match was his mask loss with Santo.
  • Rizado Ruiz is rated 80.
  • Sugi Sito bio
  • a Huracan Ramirez bio, mentioning the guy under the mask wasn’t the first person to use it (actors had used it before it crossed over.)
  • Ray Mendoza vows to die before he retires. This did not turn out to be accurate.
  • How much do luchadors make? Lucha Libre puts numbers out there, though I suspect this is just as accurate as the semi-annual “what do WWE wrestlers really make?” articles that pop up today and are quickly debunked. Santo is said to have made more than a million pesos between wrestling and movies. The rest of top stars are generally between 100-200 hundred thousand pesos.

Lucha Libre 174 – 02/19/1967 (Friday of 02/10, released 02/14)

  • this is where things start to fall apart for the collection. Only a few pages are available from this magazine, just a recap of the Friday show. Felipe Ham Lee, Dorrel Dixon beat Karloff Lagarde, El Nazi in the main event to continue that program.

175, 176 177 are completely unavailable, which makes the next big news come out of nowhere. AT least got it.

Lucha Libre 178 – 03/19/1967 (Friday of 03/10, released 03/14)
(the file says 03/12, though the actual cover says 03/19 and the math says that’s right)

  • Ray Mendoza beats Rene Guajardo for the NWA Middleweight Championship. This is Mendoza finally winning a world title, a win EMLL has wanted to give him since for years. They wanted to crown him over Gory Guerrero and have finally done with Guajardo instead, ending his fourth reign. The match is said to have gone 50 minutes. Rene won fall one in 18 minutes via submission. Mendoza tied it up with El Nudo in the second and uses a leg hold with an inverted nelson to submit Guajarado in the third.
  • the 1, 2, 3 Fuera section bi
    • Roberto Rangel is mean to reporters
    • wondering why the commission is never at Acapulco show
    • praise for Ray Mendoza
  •  an Espanto II bio
  • El Nazi’s hardest match is his hair loss to Ray Mendoza on 02/04/1966
  • Tony Reyna is rated a 78.
  • Women’s champion Chabela Romero is out of action after taking a tope from Irma Gonzalez in Guadalajara and fracturing her jaw. This is the first women’s wrestling news in quite a while.
  • Benny Romero as a profile
  • Henry Pilusso is returning on 03/24.
  • Huracan Ramirez would be willing to be president, he mentions in a profile
  • an Akio Yoshihara profile. Feel like they were short on content this week. Akio hasn’t appeared on cards in a while.

There’s no 179, and 180 is simply the cover DJ Spectro once posted. There are more missing issues than found ones for the rest of the year, so I may just wait until I get all of the 1967 done for the next post.