lucha TV preview for weekend of August 2nd, 2019

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TripleMania. It’s a thing that is definitely happening. I’m going to probably tell Twitter “start at 8 pm CT” because that’s the easiest way to explain it. You, the people who are reading scheduling posts, probably should pop in a half-hour early just to make sure you don’t miss whatever Dragon Bane match is happening.

Nacion Lucha Libre will start their second taping, though I fear it’ll be the least viewed show they run since it’s against TripleMania.

CMLL Puebla is the must-see CMLL show of the week.

como estaz 6×4: preview

I needed to find a new way to get the audio levels wrong, so we tried doing the podcast out on Twitch thru Discord. This is a lot shorter than usual, but a preview of TripleMania still might be worth listening to right now. Enjoy the complete lack of a sensible intro.

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This worked decently enough that we’ll be trying it again, right after TripleMania. Flip over to after the show ends. We’ll go maybe a half-hour with either a post-game show or a group therapy session depending on how the show goes.

(I’ll also try to make available in podcast form on Sunday.)

Silueta returns to CMLL, AAA English announcers, Flamtia/Hechicero


There are so few things going on that I’m leading off with a story on the CMLL Universal Femenil tournament. CMLL revealed the second group of 10 luchadoras involved on Informa, which included some new people. Missing were La Vaquerita (apparently has a family commitment – for both Fridays?), Estrellita (busy studying for her medical career) and Princesa Sugehit. She suffered a concussion on June 1st; two months out for a concussion seems rather serious.

Replacing them are Stephanie Vaquer, La Magnifica and Silueta. This will be the Arena Mexico debuts of the first two. Vaquer, originally from Chile, has most recently been seen on Nacion Lucha Libre shows and wrestles around Mexico City primarily. She’s the significant other of Ricky Marvin. La Magnifica made her CMLL debut back on April 1st as a fill-in luchadora back in April. I went over her long backstory back then. The shorter version is she has the pedigree to be a good part of a women’s division but hasn’t ever been on TV with anyone to know if there’s something there.

Silueta is back in CMLL just two weeks after announcing she was out of CMLL. On Informa, Silueta said Sofia Alonso personally contacted Silueta and invited her to participate in the tournament. Alonso is also quoted as telling the programming department that she wanted Silueta in CMLL, the first public mention of Sofia making that sort of claim. Both those conversations are interesting because of the Planchitas gossip about Silueta’s departure actually being because of the Guadalajara programming department blocking Silueta (and alledged to have demanded favors to start booking Silueta again.) We can’t be sure that Sofia took that story seriously enough to investigate and make some changes, but these actions seem to match up with something happening.

I felt like I was never as high on Silueta as others during her CMLL run as others seemed to be, but she was definitely more exciting than most of the younger tecnicas luchadoras. She also hasn’t suffered two years of losing every trios match to Dalys while she’s been gone. Silueta mentioned Sofia wants to support women’s wrestling and not running off everyone under 35 who shows a bit of talent would be a good way to start. It also might just be a start; CMLL doesn’t usually book 20 different women, so it’s possible this is one appearance and out for the three new people.

(It does say something about Zeuxis that isn’t back for this. I don’t know her and don’t talk to her so this is all a guess, but the way she’s taken matches in the last year suggests to me she’s treating wrestling as an occasional second career and has largely moved on.)

I really have no idea who’s announcing TripleMania in English. Konnan hints around that Vampiro is being replaced by someone else on his podcast but doesn’t use names and it definitely comes up unsettled. Vampiro was asked earlier and said he and Matt Striker are 100% doing the show. It seems like in flux. Vampiro shouldn’t be an announcing a four-hour show and probably shouldn’t be announcing any length of show.

Konnan also mentions the first three matches will air in the first hour and the rest will air on TV Azteca. That means those are probably under a slightly tighter time restriction. One of the other many things I don’t know is if the first three matches are the actual first three matches we know. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentions a Llave a la Gloria match taking place. No names are mentioned. AAA originally said there would be one of those, didn’t mention it during the card rollout and haven’t said anything else. I have no idea if it’d air on the main card or the hour pre-show they’ve scheduled for Twitch. Lots of things could be fixed in a single Tweet but those are apparently expensive.

Ovaciones mentions the entire show will repeat on Space the next day at 10 AM.

The AAA pilgrimage took place today. There are some good photos though no real news. They got a lot of fans showing up, which they always do. I would not have remembered Tiger Boy if he were not wearing a polo shirt with “Tiger Boy” on it, so those were a good idea.

Cain Velasquez will host a TripleMania after party at Pinche Gringo BBQ Warehouse. That’s the same location as the Lucha Central shows.

Dr. Wagner is still saying he’ll retire if he loses his mask hair. He’s going to have to no-show so many dates if that’s the case.

Caristico was officially announced in the NJPW Super J Cup last night. He was previously featured on advertising for the show, along with Dragon Lee. There are about eight spots left to be revealed and any additional Mexican wrestlers would be a surprise at his point. The middle day of the tour falls on a ROH TV taping date, making it unlikely for Bandido to be part of it. There’s nothing that far out yet for the CMLL wrestlers.

PWG announced Rey Horus for their Battle of Los Angeles tournament.

Chavo Guerrero sent in a video for Nacion Lucha Libre, so he’s still around even if he’s not on the shows.

Morelia luchador Argho talks about trying to bring back lucha libre in the area. They’re running a show this Saturday in their old arena with Octagon and Microman, with the hope of running monthly thru the end of the year.

A Lucha Libre Ice Cream shop opened in Greensboro, North Carolina.

LuchaTalk has a new episode.


Mexa Wrestling (SAT) 08/10/2019 Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México
1) Eurus, Hijo De Furia, Kunai vs Adamantium, Blue Monster Jr., Rojo
2) ? & Demasiado vs Denebola & Lady Cat and Dinámico & Tiago
3) Marcela vs Lady Flammer
4) Fly Warrior vs LátigoImposiblePríncipe AéreoFreelance
5) Alas de Acero, Cobre, Iron Kid vs Demonio Infernal, Eterno, Lunatik Extreme and Fresero Jr., Fulgor I, Terremoto
6) Toxin vs Black Terry
7) Séptimo Dragón vs Audaz (CMLL)The TigerÚltimo Maldito
8) Flamita vs Hechicero

This should be pretty good. Flamita/Hechicero is a first time match. A four way and a five way seems a bit much but they both should be good.