Soberano defeats Casas again in Puebla, normal Tuesday show, AAA PPV details

this spot went better this time

CMLL (MON) 07/22/2019 Arena Puebla [CMLL, Lucha Central]
1) El Malayo & Policeman b Arkalis & Tigre Rojo Jr. LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 22 DE JULIO DE 2019 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
rudos took 1/3.
2) Dalys & La Metálica b Marcela & Skadi LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 22 DE JULIO DE 2019 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Straight falls. Metalica used the ropes to beat Marcela
3) Perverso, Stigma, Virus b Eléctrico, Kairos, Toro Bill Jr. [Relevos IncreíblesLA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 22 DE JULIO DE 2019 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Debut of Kairos here (he had a one match as an opener in Arena Coliseo in 2017.) Team Stigma took 1/3.
4) Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Stuka Jr. DQ Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 22 DE JULIO DE 2019 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Tecnicos took 1/3, the last when Mephisto fouled the Angel de Oro.
5) Soberano Jr. © b Negro Casas [MEX WELTERLA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 22 DE JULIO DE 2019 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Soberano took 1/3 to keep the title. 8th defense
6) Euforia, Valiente, Volador Jr. b Carístico, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero [Relevos IncreíblesLA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 22 DE JULIO DE 2019 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Team Volador took 1/3, including Euforia submitting UG in the third fall.

I saw only bits and pieces of this so far. Soberano/Casas was said to be good. I thought Karios was another slow looking CMLL trainee. He did a handspring pose bit that he should probably not do again in a promotion where a dozen people do handsprings a lot prettier. Nothing seemed to come out of either relevos incredibles, though the women’s match seems to be setting up another Metalica/Marcela match.

Nothing special tonight on Tuesday. Triton versus Polvora might have an interesting lightning match. The rest is the usual mixed up trios matches. The Chavez team with Stuka again on this show, this time against Euforia, Gran Guerrero and Terrible. The Atlantis family teams with Flyer against Felino, Hechicero and of course Hijo del Villano III. The Panther brothers team with Star Jr. against Dark Magic, Okumura and Universo 2000. There are a women’s match and a male opener. The show airs at 7:30 pm.

Guadalajara has Volador versus Rush tonight. That feels like it should be one of the ultimate matches in CMLL but never has had that sort of spark. CMLL’s done it a lot, but only once as a Friday night main event. Rush won back in May in Arena Mexico on a Sunday. They’ve met seven times in total, with Volador winning three of them, though always by DQ. The semi-main has Mistico, Titan and Valiente versus Peste Negra.

The minis (as a group) were announced as appearing on CMLL Informa. I’m guessing that means there’s the annual cibernetico coming up. Kairos & Hijo de Mano Negra are also both announced for that show.

CMLL mentioned Dragon Lee’s win on Saturday in Ring of Honor. They have not mentioned his loss on Sunday or Kenny King coming in yet.

FITE announced they’ll be carrying the AAA US shows on PPV. They’ll have it on cable, satellite, and internet in both English and Spanish. The show will cost $30. The New York show starts at 5 pm CT, while the LA show is 8 pm CT. (They’re both 6 pm local starts.)

No luchadors are actually named in the press release, which seems very important if you’re as obsessed with the visa issue as I am. Either they don’t see mentioning luchadors as important or they’re still totally unsure who will actually be there. The $30 price point seems fine, though I’d guess the select amount of people who are going to buy this at $30 would also buy it at $50. Doing two PPVs in about a month’s time seems hard. It obviously used to be a thing, but I don’t think anyone in wrestling is doing that on conventional PPV now.

Panini is teasing a new AAA sticker album coming out around TripleMania.

Nacion Lucha Libre (Daniel Leal, Tinieblas) held a press conference in Fresnillo to hype Saturday’s TV taping. This is part of the Fresnillo Fair and that group’s organizer says they hope to draw 4,000 people and a gate of 380,000 pesos.

This Facebook page seems to be uploading the Nacion Lucha Libre show.

Pro Wrestling Mexico has a YouTube channel, and is uploading each match from their show. The opener looks like it was cut down to highlights; reports live suggested it needed to be cut down to highlights.

ROH on 08/09 in Toronto

MexaWrestling announced Arkangel Divino is off their show due to a clavicle injury that’ll sideline him a month and a half. That would mean he’s off until early September, obviously missing any chance he had to be in Copa TripleMania as well.

MexaWrestling “Summer Course” on 08/10 in Arena San Juan Pantitlan

Warrior Wrestling added Lucha Brothers vs Tessa Blanchard & Daga to their card on 09/01.

GALLI is advertising Pentagon & Fenix for October. That’s pretty surprising, as everyone in AEW figures to be working almost no indie dates once the TV starts in October.

LuchaWorld has the latest Lucha Report. Please read the section where LA Park talks about Paco Alonso. There’s also this week’s Poster-Mania.

The annual Puebla lucha libre licensing exam takes place August 4th. The registration deadline takes place on August 1st. It cost 234 pesos ($12 USD).

Liger is on the cover of Box Y Lucha 3394.

+LuchaTV has the newest edition of their podcast.