2019 indie catch up, part 11 of ∞

these are just Aramis chronicles of late

Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero © vs Carístico, Soberano Jr., Stuka Jr. for the CMLL World Trios Championship
(CMLL GDL @ , 7:40, ok, A Los Raketazos)

Guadalajara TV no being accessible should stop me from watching these matches which I’m frequently let down by, yet here we go again. I’m pretty sure there were good Guadalajara matches in this past. This title match disappointingly isn’t one of them. It’s a Tuesday Arena Mexico level length, with all three falls feeling rushed. The tecnico just role thru their usual spots and get beat at the first opportunity. The fan camera angle does give a nice unique look to the dives and the crowd is game for something big. They just don’t get it.

Stuka Jr. moonsault

Aramis, Imposible, Metaleón vs Demonio Infernal, Eterno, Lunatic Extreme
(IWRG @ 06/06, 14:52, great, mluchatv)

This match shifts to everyone standing in their corners waiting for tags and it is hard to remember that is actually what is supposed to be happening IWRG matches. It’s after many minutes of usual Naucalpan chaos, with attempted three person dives and the staircase being used. These are two steadily exciting teams with each captain shining the most. There’s a closing stretch of this match where it is very easy to shift from “actually, it’s Eterno who is making Aramis look so good” back to “no really Aramis is the best guy” in a short period of time. The finish was a screwy finish but it hit me as funny enough to nudge this to a higher grade.

so many staircase dives

Dragón Bane vs Fly Warrior
(IWRG @ 06/06, 11:15, ok, mluchatv)

This was not a good match. This was a spectacular match but not in positive ways. This match started with someone seemingly being injured and ended with someone seemingly being injured and there were a few more moments in between where it seemed like people broke themselves too. Dragon Bane can do exciting things and so can Fly Warrior but there was no consistency to them or this match. This was the pro-typical highspot indie guys who can only do half the spots they try match, except these two guys are usually a little better than that. I guess you give them some credit for not letting up but it probably was time to take it home when Fly Warrior whiffed on the huracanrana. There may be entertainment value in the car crash nature of this, it just wasn’t good.


Iron Kid & Príncipe Aéreo vs Fulgor I & Fulgor II
(IWRG @ 06/16, 6:53 seen, good, +LuchaTV)

Los Fulgores returning to IWRG and regular streams remains a pleasure. They were fun as a team, good on their own offense and good at setting up Iron Kid. Principe Aereo basically operates as “not-Iron Kid” and is fine, while Iron Kid himself is frequently spectacular during the match. Iron Kid feels more polished than he used to be while not losing any of the amazing moves. It’s a little on the short side and a shade less than perfect executed but totally enjoyable.

those barricades don’t really help

Dragón Bane, Hijo de Canis Lupus, Negro Casas vs Hechicero, Trauma I, Trauma II
(IWRG @ 06/16, 13:11, good, mluchatv)

The announcers seemed to think this was going to be Traumas vs Dragon Bane & Canis Lupus, but Trauma II wanted to brawl with Negro Casas and so they did. This is a good main event IWRG brawl which seems shorter than time. Hechicero didn’t get to do much beyond based for one big spot. The spot went well. Negro Casas showed more energy than in a usual CMLL trios match, though standing and chopping back and forth with Trauma II is probably easier than taking headscissors. I didn’t feel strongly for it but it did what it intended well.

good idea if a little slow

Aramis vs Demonio Infernal © for the IWRG Rey del Ring
(IWRG @ 06/19, 13:50, good, mluchatv)

An enjoyable title match. The best work I’ve seen from Demonio Infernal has been wilder and he demonstrated some nice range by having a solid near fall focused title match. Aramis did cool stuff and almost landed badly on his big sprigboard plancha. The last few minutes peaked well and they didn’t have any of the missed move issued expected for IWRG guys this young. This suffered a little bit from having a spare and not vocal crowd. They worked for a better reaction than they got. I’m rating these last three all good, but this match (and the Fulgor match) were significantly better than the Traumas one to me.

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