2019 indie catch up, part 10 of ∞

Arez vs Aramis

Romano García vs Dr. Cerebro
(Memes/LLB/MDA @ 04/20, 5:52, good,

This was catch and release llaving-ing early and I was immediately regretting having put this match on my list to watch. And then Dr. Cerebro grabbed Romano Garcia in the setup for la Cerebrina and I decided this was an automatic Good if he just hits the Cerebro Driver out of it and wins. He did! Automatic. The holds they were doing before were creative enough but also sometimes these maestro matches should absolutely go this way. If they’re trading all sorts of potentially fatal holds, they ought to be as fatal in minute five as they are in minute twenty. Dr. Cerebro was good enough to get to it in minute five, won, great story.

the end

Arez vs Aramis
(Memes/LLB/MDA @ 04/20, 11:12, great,

If you could take, say, around the first half of this match, then splice in an Arena San Juan big move section as the second half of this match and put in a place that gets a lot of spotlight, people would be talking about this match and these guys as the future of wrestling. It was that impressive. They were super creative in the sequences they were doing and just as smooth in executing them. They were so clean at doing such complicated that I could see some people being turned off for it feeling as a choreographed fight. For me, a person who enjoys cool reversals, it came off more like people thinking and moving faster than I could imagine. The second half is still pretty good, though the parts where they’re doing llaves because that’s the bit instead of doing what would normally make sense in that situation stick out. Aramis & Arez were very loyal to what the promotion was looking out of this show. It should be commended on some level, though it also felt like this was headed to a match of the year level fight if they just decided to throw out the concept. Worth checking out for something different than you’d expect.

Arez llave

Negro Casas vs Trauma II
(Memes/LLB/MDA @ 04/20, 8:17, good,

Casas & Trauma are Casas & Trauma and so they’re not at all bothered to stick to the concept of this show. It’s basically Trauma II getting to have a vaguely CMLL style lightning match, with a little nod towards the idea of using holds. There’s some stuff that doesn’t come off well (that dragon screw leg whip) but it is an increasingly rare chance to see Casas in a rudo/rudo battle with someone willing to be nasty towards him. He’s catching forearms instead of dives, something the Arena Mexico tecnicos aren’t going to give him. There’d be a great feud here if Casas was a bit younger. The finish is bad but that’s just what you’re getting with the Traumas at this point.

so he’s decided to do this in every singles match, but the fall might have hurt more

Atomic Star, Auzter, Puma de Oro vs Fly Warrior, Fulgor I, Fulgor II
(IWRG @ 05/12, 11:30, good,
Internetv Deportes)

A really good undercard action match with about the usual Arena Naucalpan craziness. The return of the Fulgors as a team I can see regularly and enjoy has a been a pleasant 2019 surprise. The lunacy of a double clothesline doomsday device is exactly what I want out of IWRG undercard matches. The injury in the middle of the match seemed to throw people off but they were back and hitting the barricade in painful fashion before long.

this somehow seems like it hurts more

Star Boy, Viento, Zarco vs Animal, Demencia, Silver Star
(The Crash @ 05/24, 16:15, great,
Arena Clandestina)

A crazy brawl, over the top violence with fans at ringside in the danger zone. Just a great Tijuana rudo brawl with fun teamwork and destruction. The weakest stretch of the match when they were actually having a normal match. The best is when they were throwing the referee out of the ring. (This was actually great, a wronged party actually going after the evil referee instead of just teasing it like always.) Most of the matches in this list don’t have announcing or the announcing is forgettable. I wish they had it here just to keep track of who is who and to explain the angle at the end.

a strong foul

Penta 0M & The King © vs Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf for The Crash Tag Team Championship
(The Crash @ 05/24, 11:32, good,
Arena Clandestina)

A good action match and something that felt worthy of a title change. They go to the Dramatic Near Falls pretty early, but are able to keep them feeling intense and meaningful all the way until the end. I’m sure this would be one that was better in the building just because they did make this feel like this was important. It felt like Bestia & Mecha Wolf accomplished something when they finally got the win after a few tries. I could’ve used a bit more Fenix, especially down the stretch. His armdrags early were cool at least. Everything in this match felt sharp, even if it also felt like the Lucha Brothers were saving their top effort for the next night.


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