2019 indie catch up, part 7 of ∞

this match is recommended but this particular moment is not recommended

Recapped: 06/04/2019


Cerebro Negro vs Demonio Infernal
(IWRG @ 03/31, 10:24, good,
Internetv Deportes)

I’m not sure Demonio Infernal really earned the blood here – his seemed to start bleeding after a slingshot to the post that was too obviously shoulder first – but the blood looked really cool with his facepaint so it is all OK. This felt quicker than the 11 minutes and didn’t seem to develop totally, though the last few minutes were nicely back and forth. It was still entertaining but felt like they were holding back a bit for the title match set up for next week.

head to head tope

Aramis, Imposible, Metaleón vs Dragón Bane, Eterno, Golden Magic
(IWRG @ 03/31, 12:57, great,
Internetv Deportes)

There’s some shakiness early that might throw you off this match. (Dragon Bane blows a flip, a couple of headscissors don’t come off.) Stick with it, and you’ll get the crazy action trios match a lot more effective than those first minutes. Eterno is at an elite level as a base and continues to have great chemistry together. Dragon Bane looks cool and doesn’t do the over the top things that frustrate about Dragon Bane matches. Golden Magic and Metaleon have a few good sequences, though it feels weird when they end up being the most important ones. This felt on the level to the much liked trios match on the Cuervo Benefit show, easily worth your time.

Metaleon and Golden magic

Wotan vs Fly Star in a super libre match
(FILLM @ 03/16, 13:39, good,
Carxyus Pro.)

HOT TAKE: Carxyus is the best lucha libre video editor in Mexico.

This is very much a “what are they thinking” match, right thru the point where Fly Star does a dive to nowhere on the very firm Arena San Juan floor. Then it just gets stuck trying to top it. At least is a match that totally earned a finish that usually is hard to believe. If your desires in lucha is people hitting each other very hard, hurting themselves nearly as hard, and bleeding a lot, this is the match you should watch. (Also, if you want to see what Wotan looks like unmasked since he pretty much is wearing his mask as bandana by the end.) The hard-hitting nature of a match alone isn’t usually enough for me to love it, but it was that style match about as strong as they could go.

I don’t understand how Arena San Juan has any seats left

Látigo vs Dragón Bane
(ANCLA @ 03/17, 8:50, good,
Estrellas del Ring)

I was worried this was clipped up when I saw the length. This turns out to be instead an indie version of lightning match, albeit one that only seems like it gets going just a couple minutes before it wraps. Latigo keeps Dragon Bane in check for most of the match, though Dragon Bane takes a flip bump so wildly that the referee seems concerned. He should not be that concerned. Latigo is perhaps the strongest person in Mexico because he’s the only luchador who I’ve seen powerful enough to block a Destroyer attempt. At least the first time. This was totally solid but could’ve still used like three minutes.

Dragon Bane feels the power of Latigo

Ángel Estrella Jr., Auzter, Black Dragón, Cheff Benito, Chicanito, Mexica, Neza Kid, Puma de Oro vs Barrio Latino, Gemelo Diablo, Holocausto, Kid Jaguar, Piloto Infernal, Poético, Sky Ángel, Tarasco II Jr. [Copa Higher Power]
(IWRG/FILL @ 03/20, 35:57, good,
Internetv Deportes)

This was a solid cibernetico, hitting the usual bits, and held together for having a lot of young wrestlers. It doesn’t strike means extraordinary and is a really big time commitment for the quality. Chicancito was the best of the IWRG guys I don’t see much, moving around well and having a bit of charisma. Black Dragon probably should’ve stayed to the end instead of Mexica, who did a knees first 450 splash as his big spot. None of the visiting luchadors particularly stand out, though no one’s in this was terrible. Watching the ITV version of IWRG remains a special amount of annoying. There doesn’t appear to be any effort to find out the names of the visiting luchadors for any of these matches, which seem like an important detail to have. Everyone besides Kid Jaguar is referred to as “a student from Golpeador’s school.” I guess should feel lucky they know the IWRG luchadors names. If you find yourself on this show as a guess, definitely wear gear with your name on it. There’s a double backdrop spot that would make for a cool GIF if InterneTV could’ve panned the camera at all.


Ángel de Oro vs Mephisto
(CMLL ACG @ 04/30, 7:59, ok,

This is another Guadalajara match I’m checking off a list, marking it down more to make sure I don’t spend time watching it twice. It is so generically a CMLL big match that I might just do that, with Mephisto doing the same four spots he does in every match and Angle de Oro not really switching it up all that much either. The last few minutes turns into just getting each other on the top rope for spots over and over again. It is more impressive that Titan & Dragon Lee have gotten some emotion out of this setup because there’s not much here. The only surprising thing here is confetti being shot off at the finish, which seemed to shock and scare Terror Chino. People who don’t watch a lot of CMLL and are not as dulled by their usual single match structure. will probably like this more than me. You probably have seen a lot of CMLL if you’re digging into Guadalajara matches.

this is a GIF from this match