AAA on Twitch: 2019-06-09 (Monterrey)


Recapped: 06/09/2019


Baby Xtreme, Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa beat Komander, Lady Maravilla & Villano III Jr.
(11:44, Big Mami Gori Bomb Lady Maravilla, ok, 00:24:32)

Keyra & Tessa Blanchard beat Faby Apache & Lady Shani
(9:59, Keyra double stomp Lady Shani, ok, 00:51:59)

Golden Magic & Myzteziz Jr. beat Australian Suicide & Villano III Jr.
(12:45, Golden Magic moonsault slam Villano III Jr., great, 01:15:21 )

Laredo Kid © beat Hijo Del Vikingo for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship
(18:13, Laredo Fly, excellent, 01:38:51)

Aerostar, Drago beat Daga, Monsther Clown
(11:38, Aerostar code red Monsther Clown, good, 02:07:49)

Rey Escorpión, Taurus, Texano Jr. beat Dr. Wagner Jr., Puma, Psycho Clown
(18:40, Rey Escorpion spear thru a table Psycho Clown, good, 02:30:05)

What happened:

lots of usage of the ramp tonight

Rey Escorpion used as La Hiedra distraction to unmask Psycho Clown, then speared him thru a table for the win.

Keyra challenged to Shani to a title match, though she took too long to do it so Shani just stole the mic to accept it for Verano de Escandalo. They brawled, as did Tessa & Keyra.

Big Mami demanded Nino Hamburguesa choose between her and Lady Maravilla. Before he could, Daga attacked him with a chair. Daga’s reasoning was he was upset he wasn’t a champion but people like Hamburguesa & Mami were. Daga went to hit Mami with a chair, but Hamburguesa made the save. Tessa came out to help Daga and Drago eventually showed up to clear the ring.

Konnan appeared to promote the Young Bucks/Lucha Brothers match at the start of the match.


creative use of the ropes

I’m switching to the English feed starting with this broadcast. They’ve made some improvements, I never had a problem with the stream dropping frames, and I figure this is the stream people are going to be asking me about next week. One of the announcers noted the pre-match attack was the same Mercenarios we see every week, more in frustration in the rudos cheating than my usual frustration with seeing the same AAA main event style weekly. The hot crowd drove this to be better than usual. Los Mercenarios all being together as one unit, which we haven’t really gotten to see since the changes, helped too. They come off as easily more energetic than the old configuration, with La Hiedra interfering fitting right into the AAA chaos. The crowd was way into Dr. Wagner (and chanting for Silver King), and maybe that helped motivate him to take the painful looking Samoan drop to the floor thru a table. Rey Escorpion actually beating Psycho Clown makes me think that might go somewhere someday and was helped by being the only really shady ending on the show.

There was no way for Drago & Aerostar versus Daga & Monsther Clown match to follow what had come right before. It definitely hurt the reactions of the match, but it came together for a good match with a few good moves. Aerostar & Drago had cool offense set up by the rudos. Monster Clown looked slower than his previous matches Daga was sharp. This would’ve worked better in a different context; maybe the Konnan promo would’ve been better to break up the matches here.

Laredo Kid and Hijo del Vikingo had one of the best matches of the year. It was an outrageous battle of big offense, both well timed and well executed. They pulled off creative moved and they built towards a dramatic end where every pinfall seemed like it could be it for minutes. We have no idea how good Hijo del Vikingo can be. There were spots in this match, the springboard twist headscissors among them, that just have never been done before and make me wonder about even crazier spots left to come. Laredo Kid has long been capable of top flight matches when given the opportunity, he is going to always rise to the challenge of a double springboard setting up to a Spanish Fly. Vikingo is still a kid, a kid who showed spectacular ability in tags and trios but hadn’t really put it together in a singles match yet. Vikingo absolutely did here. Laredo Kid should be given lots of credit for being right opponent, but this came off feeling like another step in Vikingo’s ascension. It is impossible to know how high he can go.

how is this possible

Magic/Myzteziz vs Suicide/Villano was a superb AAA action match, with all the big moves you could want. Golden Magic & Myzteziz are a great team, who knew. Both guys were consistently good during this match and had a surprising array of team moves. Myzteziz almost lost it on his big ramp assisted springboard headscissors but kept enough of it together. Villano III Jr. used that ramp in every way he could, looking like much more of a force than usual. Suicide had some crazy dives and crazy not-dives onto his feet. These guys came together great and it never slowed down. It would be nice to see Villano III Jr. get a win at some point but no other complaints.

The women’s match was disappointing early on, seemingly like they all weren’t on the same page on sequences. It got much better when Faby & Keyra were left in by themselves, with some intricate counters and cradles that looked impressive. Keyra did well in setting up her title match with a tricky pin and the three way they’re going to next (at least for the moment.) Tessa didn’t make as strong as an impression as her previous matches but it wasn’t meant for her this time.

The mixed tag feud was pretty not great for the first half and picked up a little bit in the latter moments. There have been more complete matches with this feud, and this one was heavy on selling the Hamburguesa indecision over the action. It was successful in that but limited the match. Baby Xtreme had a couple of good spots with La Hiedra but didn’t get to do his dive and didn’t make much of an impression. Aero 2000 Jr. did more but meant less.