Lucha Memes Chairo Kingdom: 2019-03-31

brother on brother violence

Recapped: 06/01/2019

I’m continuing to catch up by picking full shows to go thru. All matches are from Coliseo Coacalco.


Hijo De Dr. Pólux & Murciélago Plateada vs Alas de Acero & Iron Kid and Multifacetico (Puebla) & Prayer
(12:23, good,

I’m pretty sure you have to have a death wish to wrestle in multiman lucha libre openers nowadays. This was present here, especially in some of the dives at the end. There was some interesting back and forth early – Prayer continues to show interesting counters – and then this got all sorts of sloppy for a while. There was big moves mixed in, but it took the strong ending to really save this for me. Everyone has talent, their ideas are just ahead of their execution at times.

there are a dozen crazy spots but I also liked this escape

Dragón Bane vs Hijo de Canis Lupus
(12:01, great,

Hijo de Canis Lupus had a better match with Dragon Bane than Soberano, so I think that makes Lupus the better luchador? The brothers brought the intensity to this match, especially when they spilled outside and thru the crowd. The referee seemed to lose the ability to count to 20 but that was plenty of okay with how the brawl was going. There’s the usual problem with doing so much that it loses it effectiveness with these two – they didn’t need two more back and forth strike exchanges – but it felt like a hard fight. They felt close to getting to another level here.

people aren’t in a hurry to move in Coacalco

Virus vs Flamita
(8:56, great,

Flamita & Virus both can mail in some indie matches when they’re not in the right mood. They were in the right mood to face each other. This isn’t as much tricky Virus submissions as Flamita drawing into a speedy big move battle. Flamita strung together moves beautifully; the handspring elbow setting up a standing shooting star press was just perfect. Virus’ shots looked strong and both guys were really sharp. This match had a lot to it and still flew by.

no more headscissors for Virus

Súper Crazy vs Aeroboy
(9:40, good,

Super Crazy are not particularly interesting things in general in 2019. This one works, due to a helpful crowd, some strong work by Aeroboy, and a match laid out for Super Crazy’s strengths. The brawling keeps the crowd into the match, while not asking Crazy to go too fast for too long. They were violent enough to make the brawl work, and they had some creative spots. Aeroboy had one notable slip on the springboard cutter, but made it work, and had a pretty strong match otherwise. The fans were more into Crazy and he gave them his trademark spots in a way where they were probably totally satisfied.

Aeroboy clears the first row nicely

Aramis vs Negro Casas
(5:35, good,

Aramis & Negro Casas was short, even by the standards of the rest of the show, but they tried to make it work by going all out from the beginning. This was a match of Negro Casas taking moves you wouldn’t expect him to take, and then slipping in a well-timed Canadian Destroyer. It was super generous of Casas to put Aramis over to such a degree, but it also came more of an exhibition of what Aramis could do than a close battle. The ending sequence was really good, and it helps Aramis stand out that his finish move is not another one of the same headdrops everyone is doing but instead a painful looking submission, but I wanted to like this match more than I actually did.

Aramis bomb

Arez vs Ricky Marvin
(7:40, great,

A spectacular violent match for something in Coacalco that didn’t include chairs, or much on the outside at the all. Marvin going after Arez’s arm fiercely to start off didn’t set up a body part attack story, it instead set up a tone of both guys fighting like they absolutely hated each other and absolutely had to win. No one looks like they hit harder than a motivated Ricky Marvin. I was wincing for Arez during some of those slap exchanges. Marvin also has these overpowering bursts of speed that can wipe a person out and made the finish totally believable. Arez did a good of fighting for everything he got and coming off like a very worthy opponent who came up just short. I hope they came doing this match forever.

all that for a forearm to the face

Gato De Ecatepec vs Demus, mask vs hair
(12:38, good,

What Happened:

This match is three falls for whatever reason.

Review: [good]

Gato is willing to get destroyed by bottles to the head and bleed a river. He just didn’t seem to be in Demus’ league during most of the match, and there was not enough they could do to make it appear close. The big dive run in the third fall was supposed to tease that possibility but didn’t work. Gato came up short on his first two topes, so much so that Demus made sure to wander very close to the ring on the third one. The fans being into the match because this has been a long-running feud helped a lot (and is why indies probably did more of them), but this is good for effort rather than something I think others strongly need to watch.

the horrified fan is best part


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