AAA on Twitch: 2019-05-19 (Villahermosa)

Vikingo flip rana

Recapped: 05/19/2019


Big Mami & Dragón Bane vs Halcón 78 Jr. & Lady Maravilla
(6:49, Big Mami top rope splash Halcon 78 Jr., ok,

Chik Tormenta & Hijo del Tirantes & Tessa Blancard beat Faby Apache & Aztroluxe & Niño Hamburgesa
(11:57, Tessa Buzzsaw DDT, ok,

Australian Suicide beat Villano III Jr.Golden MagicFlamitaMyzteziz Jr. for an AAA Latin American title match (11:07, Australian Suicide sideways shooting star press Villano III Jr., good, 01:20:06)

Pagano beat Chessman in a TLC match
(14:07, Pagano Air Raid Crash, ok,

Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, Lady Shani beat Texano Jr., La Hiedra, Rey Escorpion
(12:45, triple powerbomb on Lady Shani, good,

Blue Demon, Daga, Killer Kross beat La Parka, Psycho Clown, Puma King
(14:40, Blue Demon foul La Parka, ok, 02:28:54)

What happened:

not sure why they used a ladder but it worked

Nino Hamburgesa & Chik Tormenta were the seconds for the TLC match. TLC matches – AAA singles matches in general – don’t often have seconds. They needed them here so they could hold the mist material for the finish. Pagano makes no attempt to be sneaky about getting it from Nino Hamburguesa about 10 seconds before he uses it. There’s also a double table spot in this match where Pagano misses his table entirely.

Suicide earned a title match with Drago at some point. Everyone in that match earned a beating from Killer Kross for some reason, with Puma showing up to run him off.

Lady Maravilla and Big Mami again got involved in the finish of the mixed tag match.


Suicide going in circles

Not a lot of thoughts on this one. Two tapings in back to back days will always make me run dry. Especially so when I was watching this sick. There’s also not a lot of new stuff when they’re running back to back tapings. The main event was a good example of this, the same usual AAA match with a couple of different people plugged into it. No Wagner meant no feud with Blue Demon, but the rest was the usual La Parka & Psycho Clown offense. It was fine but nothing to sink into.

Los Mercenarios came across as an effective unit by the end of the semi-main, instead of just the bumbling foils they usually do. They let Vikingo kill himself on a missed tope, they threw Laredo Kid far away and they just totally took out Lady Shani. Prior to that, the rudos did well in basing for the big tecnico big spots. La Hiedra seems like she’s fit in with her new team well, though she did seem to stay out of the way for most of this match. Not sure this is going to work as well with Myzteziz & La Parka replacing Laredo Kid & Lady Shani, but you can see the sort of idea.

The TLC match was a Pagano/Chessman match, complete with an insane dumb spot. They bled a lot. They did big prop spots not thinking about what they’d mean in the match (but they’ll look cool later in a clip). There was really no reason for it to be a TLC match, they only used the ladders as something to crash thru. It could’ve just been a table match or a regular extreme match, and it is strange they had Pagano win definitely (even getting his revenge mist spot) if they had planned on keeping the feud going. This does give the insanity you’d want from Pagano & Chessman if you want it at all.

Myzteziz coming thru

The five-way had all the moves. Just all the moves, with not much more for them. It would’ve worked better in a smaller building or a Naucalpan one and got a muted one here. The foul person superkick to Villano III Jr. got a better reaction than a lot of the tricky spots they did because the fans understood that. They wasn’t really an escalation of moves or a direction like you’d – the Golden Magic Cuerno Bomb probably should’ve been saved for another day if it wasn’t going to be the finish. These matches have a limited ceiling for me because either the work has to be great (and it was sloppy, more so early) or they have to do a story other than seeing every move and someone breaking it up. That’s all this was.

The segunda was the usual Niño Hamburguesa match, right down to the interference. It was also the usual Hijo del Tirantes/Faby Apache bits. Tessa seemed to do more here and might have been a better base than Halcón 78 Junior. You can tell AAA really likes her because they’ve made a point of her getting the winning pins when they usually don’t pay attention.

The opener was an easy, perfectly fine match that gave a few Dragon Bane highspots while keeping the main feud going. This feud could use the same rest that some of the other ones are getting, there’s no need to be doing it on every taping, but at least it didn’t overpower the match. Mami is beloved. Halcón 78 Jr. is pretty low on the totem pole to be taking the loss here.

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