AAA on Twitch (Los Mochis): 2019-05-03

bad times for Vikingo

Recapped: 05/04/2019


Arez & Lady Maravilla beat Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa
(6:59, Arez foul? Lady Maravilla pin Hamburguesa, ok, 00:24:42)

Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana beat Mamba, Máximo, Myzteziz Jr.
(11:56, Mocho Cota Jr. splash Mamba, ok,

Chik Tormenta, Keyra, Monsther Clown beat Drago, Faby Apache, Golden Magic
(7:56, Monster Clown inverted crucifix tossing slam Golden Magic, good,

Chessman & Taurus beat Flamita & Hijo Del Vikingo
(13:06, Taurus Rodeo Driver Vikingo, ok,

Rey Escorpión beat Psycho Clown in a lumberjack rules match
(13:00, powerbomb, good,

Blue Demon Jr. & Texano Jr. beat Dr. Wagner Jr. & Pagano
(10:59, Demon powder throw/small package Wagner, ok, 02:13:40)

What happened:

not sure about Golden Magic’s idea

Demon used a distraction to throw powder in Wagner’s face, though everyone had been using weapons all along.

Lady Maravilla, Poder del Norte, Chik Tormenta, Big Mami, Niño Hamburguesa, Hijo del Vikingo, Faby Apache and Myzteziz worked as seconds. They didn’t have straps. Rey Escorpión unmasked Psycho Clown after the clean win.

Faby Apache and Hijo del Tirantes had problems during the match. Faby challenges Tirantes to a singles match. And they fight for a moment until the rudos comes back to help.

Chik Tormenta

Poder del Norte tease unmasking Myzteziz Jr. after the match for a while, but just tease it waiting for a cue. They give it up and get their arm raised, then Vikingo shows up for the save. Challenges followed.

Niño Hamburguesa still doesn’t want to fight Lady Maravilla, but does accidentally take her out at times. Big Mami is increasingly annoyed, shoving down Hambuguesa at one point. Hamburguesa blocks Mami from attacking Maravilla, and gets fouled by Arez while arguing with her. Maravilla gets the pin and points to her head. Hamburguesa still doesn’t figure it out.


The main event was the usual Demon/Wagner it. Wagner gets beat up for a long time, turns the tide, and is suddenly powered up. Both men bled a bunch to get the brawl over. It wasn’t much worse than usual but it didn’t do much for me. Pagano and Texano basically had their own separate match, rarely interacting with the other two. Pagano headbutted a chair as an offensive move. It definitely was one. Doing a legdrop onto a ladder for no reason seemed an even dumber idea.

Mami splash

Your enjoyment of Flamita/Vikingo vs Chessman/Taurus is dependent on how much good spots outweigh bad spots for you. Chessman was bad in this, especially in the first half. He was being asked to do complicated things, it wasn’t like he was messing up simple moves, but the results were consistently horrible. It was bad enough to take me out of the match, even with the action improving dramatically in the last few minutes. Flamita wasn’t as good as last weekend but he’s still more polished than Vikingo, who is trying a few things that he couldn’t quite pull off (and one big one that he almost killed himself on.) Taurus and Vikingo match up well; I’m surprised Vikingo keeps taking pins, but I’m hoping they get a match to themselves at some point.

AAA lumberjack matches are usually bad news. This one was the best match on the show. The lumberjack antics usually overpower matches like this. Maybe not actually have straps helped, but the bigger idea here is that everyone (except Hamburgesa) seemed to get one and just one major interference spot during the match. They gave a break to the match and they got out of the way. Rey Escorpión and Psycho Clown were entertaining on their own and the gimmick felt like it actually added to the match instead of taking it away. Just a very good TV match.

seems familiar

The mixed trios was a match where everyone was working hard and everything seemed OK, only they’d have to stop every few minutes for a Hijo del Tirantes/Faby Apache bit. Those two didn’t figure into the finish at least. (Chik Tormenta tossing Drago to the ground in the background did.) Golden Magic had a good night, Chik Tormenta and Keyra’s offense looked good. This was a borderline match for me.

The exoticos matches remain simple. This one didn’t seem to get as over as the others, but there didn’t seem to be any particular reason why. Poder del Norte are not as interesting as exotico foils as against Myzteziz but they did their part here. Myzteziz got in a few high spots and seems to be more consciously doing Mistico spots now. Not sure that’s the best idea but they’re already down the bad idea path when they decided to give him the Myzteziz Jr. gimmick.

The mixed tag did move along the dynamic a bit – Mami and Hamburgesa are close to breaking up, Maravilla actually got a win – but probably was the weakest in-ring match of this recent run. It was slow at times and had moments of people waiting around for moves or repeating spots that didn’t work. Arez was fine, trying to play over the top to fit in, but this didn’t come together as well as others ones. This part of the breakup angle makes it hard to have a good match in general.