2019 indie catch up, part 5 of ∞

Aramis moonsault into a german suplex

Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Juventud Guerrera vs Fuerza Guerrera & Rush
(MDA @ 02/17, 17:30, good, mluchatv)

I really didn’t think this match was anything I would want to see: Rush in an indie setting without an opponent to push him and Fuerza Guerrera at this point in any setting are not something I’m excited to see. It definitely overachieved. Fuerza Guerrera looked a lot better than his recent CMLL appearances. I’m not sure if the brawl allowed him to pick his spots better, if he was more fired up to face Juventud, or if he just didn’t have to deal with Octagon. Rush carried a lot of the action for his team, hammering Juvetund so much at times that Fuerza couldn’t get in his own shots to continue the feud. Juventud survived a near death experience to be a good rudo and worked very hard to make this work. This match ending with a faked foul is unsatisfying and still appropriate for a Fuerza Guerrera match.

Juventud lived

Aramis vs Hijo de Canis Lupus
(IWRG @ 03/03, 12:05, great, HECTOR GODFREY TV)

Significantly the better of the two Aramis singles matches in this group. I’m writing about this one first but it took place second on the same day, which might be part of it. They didn’t have to save anything for another match, and it shows with them doing pretty much everything they can do over a long period of time. Hijo de Canis Lupus strikes me as a more complete wrestler than his brother, and working more of a power style works a better compliment to what Aramis does. Aramis is still the best of this bunch.

inside cradle bomb

Ángel Tormenta, Rokambole Jr., Villano V Jr. vs Demonio Infernal, Eterno, Lunatic Xtreme
(IWRG @ 03/03, 16:05, good, HECTOR GODFREY TV)

Eterno’s high collar makes him look a little bit like a vampire. Eterno taking a broken bottle shard and cutting the Villano Kids head viciously was something a vampire could appreciate. There’s a minute here where Eterno is going after foreheads so savagely that it seems to concern the referee in the midst of what seems like a normal match. I didn’t catch how/why Demonio Infernal got so bloody. I figured it was just normal Demonio Infernal stuff, he tends to bleed, but perhaps it left Eterno unhappy. That trio is good if a little underutilized in this match. Angel Tormenta is the best guy on his team, though Villano V Jr. throws a great foul in the end

Eterno don’t care

Dragón Bane vs Death Metal vs Cerebro Negro vs Oficial AK47 , loser loses hair or mask
(IWRG @ 03/03, 15:02, ok, HECTOR GODFREY TV)

This didn’t do a lot for me. It seems wrong to have a multiman apuesta match where it ends on the first elimination, rather than just keep going until there are two people left. Dragon Bane looks super athletic in what turns out to be the ending stretch instead. Oficial AK47 has moments of great personality, but also seems to be walking between spots a lot. Cerebro Negro is looking very Yoruba in this match with his hair and gear, and he and Dragon Bane conspire to mess up a dropkick spot before they do a Destroyer. Death Metal didn’t make a big impression.

Dragon Bane walking by stomp

Eterno, Golden, Solar I vs Golpeador, Hijo de Canis Lupus, Jeque
(PROLLM @ 03/03, 11:50, good, HECTOR GODFREY TV)

This seems edited, which is too bad because it’s building nicely until then and it’s unclear how much was taken out. It’s very much mat wrestling with a handful minutes of modern stuff to finish it off. I liked the Golden/Jeque sequence more than the Solar/Golepador final one; Solar didn’t do the same as usual, but it more felt like Golepador couldn’t do a lot with him. Eterno & Dragon Bane are enthusiastic if not always heading in any particular direction. Golden and Jeque are fluid and pull off a couple of spots from a direction I wasn’t expecting.

a golden submission

Aramis vs Dragón Bane
(PROLLM @ 03/03, 7:42, good, HECTOR GODFREY TV)

Both these guys selling exhaustion after a big discuss clothesline a few minutes in and only one person clapping in reaction is kind of sad. They didn’t put together this in a way that connected with the audience, but it still an exciting athletic battle. There are some well-performed sequences and a cool Dragon Bane tope. It’s taken down a bit by getting a quiet reaction. I think it still has enough that it would get over in other situations and they do get a fair amount of applause after it’s over, but I’d hope they’d take from this that what they’re doing during the match isn’t quite connecting with this audience.

Dragon Bane Driver