2019 watch later catch up, part 3 of ∞

Aramis tope

Rush vs Último Guerrero
(02/19 @ CMLL GDL, 10:00, ok, thecubsfan)

Último Guerrero throwing around Rush is cool to start the match, but it doesn’t quite stay that way. It also doesn’t go that long, falls into Último Guerrero cliches and has a predictably unsatisfying ending. It’s fine for a diversion but not much more. I don’t know what referee Willy Estrada was doing with his pinwheel counts in this match but he should be considered lucky he didn’t hurt his arm.

this is the match peak

Eterno & Tromba vs Freelance & Imposible
(02/17 @ Super X/MDA, 14:12, good, mluchatv)

This is a three falls match, which is odd for a super indie match and hurts the momentum here. The first two falls are reduced to some isolated interesting spots without really getting going. Eterno is great basing for Freelance, but Tromba also looks impressive through and matches up well with Imposible. I’ve never really paid much attention to Tromba, this performance was worth paying attention to. Freelance manages to take super high backdrops and nearly end himself on a dive, so it is the full Freelance experience.

the best 2019 moves are catching a plancha into a big slam and stopping a headscissors into a spinning powerbomb

Aero Boy vs Aramis
(02/17 @ Super X/MDA, 14:38, great, mluchatv)

The first five minutes of this are unusually messier than usual. I think it was a little more Aeroboy than Aramis, but it was a group effort and it looked messy. Aramis’ supersonic tope somehow knocked everything in to place, the rest of the match gets better and better. The Aramis dive to the floor was incredible and followed by better sequences in the ring. They built up the tension in the last few minutes and easily could’ve kept going for more. Aeroboy looked good and Aramis looked like the best guy people outside of Mexico haven’t heard about yet.

tough to keep Aeroboy down

Laredo Kid vs Dragón Bane
(02/17 @ Super X/MDA, 10:25, good, mluchatv)

Laredo Kid sat back, let Dragon Bane do all the crazy athleticism, and was content just forearming and kicking him hard most of the match. This is a really good sign for how future 40-year-old Laredo Kid’s ability to have good matches. Dragon Bane isn’t quite as good at building a match as Aramis & Aeroboy were before him; he did so much cool stuff but it didn’t really feel like as much mattered as when Laredo would get in one shot at it did. Dragon Bane did do a lot of cool stuff, he’s still useful, there’s just another level he can still reach.

Dragon Bane fly

Alas de Acero, Impulso, Iron Kid vs Fulgor I, Fulgor II, Mr. Leo in a super libre match
(02/23 @ MexaWrestling, 10:23, good, +LuchaTV)

Fun while it lasted. I muttered “oh no” when the pinfall came, because it felt they had just gotten a good groove. Iron Kid & Alas de Acero had some crazy dives, the Indy Nation team had some good teamwork. Less relevant but still important: the new Fulgor gear looks great, Iron Kid appears on his way to becoming the new Bandido (primarily in the hair department) and the hard camera looking like a security camera was offputting. I need the Fulgor/Metaleon team to try the jump rope spot again, it seemed brilliant.

Iron Kid with all the spins

Gato De Ecatepec vs Demus in a bull terrier match
(02/23 @ MexaWrestling, 8:44, good, mluchatv)

Pretty normal for a bull terrier match to start before one guy has the collar on. That’s pretty standard. In this one, Demus appeared to be bleeding before the collars were actually on. Gato de Ecatepec is over matches and brutalized often in this match, though he does get lucky in the end and forces us to consider if touching the bottom buckle with your boot counts in a four corner match. (The fans vote no, loudly.) This is good fun in the usual way of Demus destroying people and has a lot more ending teases than most of these matches. It is a little weird in that Demus is definitely the aggressor but also somehow the face, but I’m looking forward to the mask match.

gato down