CMLL Puebla: 2019-04-15

the worst

Recapped: 04/18/2019


El Malayo, Toro Bill Jr., Tyson La Bestia beat Asturiano, Oro Jr., Rey Samuray
(12:14 [4:25, 5:09, 2:40], 1/3, below average,

La Comandante, La Seductora, Metálica beat Lluvia, Marcela, Princesa Sugehit
(13:51 [7:08, 3:03, 3:40], 2/3, n/r,

El Perverso, Policeman, Virus beat King Jaguar, Magnus, Stigma
(9:52 [4:10, 5:42], 1/2, n/r,

Carístico, Místico, Soberano Jr. beat Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón
(10:51 [2:30, 2:57, 5:24], 2/3, ok,

Último Guerrero © beat Valiente for the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship
(14:32, 2/3, good,

  1. Valiente half crab (4:22)

  2. Último Guerrero pulpo guerrero (2:41)

  3. Último Guerrero Guerrero Special (7:29)

What happened:

Ultimo Guerrero is crushed

Tyson la Bestia (with Valiente) and Stigma (with Último Guerrero) were the seconds, an odd bit of the rudo/tecnico intermixing seconds. No weights were announced.

Both Marcela & Metalica have brought their belts to their match. Metalica also has a sleeve supporting the same train union as Marcela & Tyson la Bestia. Metalica cleanly defeated Marcela, then challenged her to a title match.

Policeman snuck attacked King Jaguar and snuck in a foul on King Jaguar. This sets up a hair match next week.

This was a show temporally unable to watch on VOD due to a YouTube music copyright issue. The sound was muted out from the end of Oro Jr.’s music to the start of Rey Samuray’s entrance when the show was restored.


a big catapult

The opener started interestingly. The bit about Valiente working over one of Ultimo Guerrero’s leg so much that he couldn’t complete a tapatia and had to tap out to a half crab in the first fall would’ve worked better if Último Guerrero wasn’t running around in the second fall. He heals fast, I guess. It was more disappointing they teased a unique direction to the match before falling back into the same Guerrero pattern. They did that well, Arena Puebla got the best version of an Ultimo Guerrero/Valiente match they’re likely to get in 2019 and it seemed to excite them fine. It just didn’t thrill me the same to see someone try a huracanana on Último Guerrero, Último Guerrero reverse it into a superbomb, and then get a two count.

The semi-main was hot at times. It didn’t come together as a complete match but it had some worthwhile moments. Soberano looked the best on the técnico side, with Caristico & Mistico looking just a bit off. Something went wrong at the end of the second fall – Soberano went for his tornillo too soon – and things derailed a bit. NGD didn’t have one of their bigger matches but were still fine.

Tyson La Bestia is terrible. He has no name value or legacy, he is not an experienced name at the end of his career. There are dozens if not hundreds of people who should be in these matches ahead of him. He should go back to training only before someone gets injured. Instead, CMLL gave him the win.

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