How to Watch AAA

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Actually Doing It:


AAA streams live events on Twitch on an irregular schedule. All live shows are free with commercial breaks. Those can happen during matches. A $5/month subscription will give you a commercial-free version and VOD capabilities.

There are separate Spanish and English language channels. Both channels now broadcast every live event. The Spanish feed broadcasts a never-ending stream of old AAA TV episodes along with new interview shows. The English channel is dormant between events.

There is no set schedule for AAA events. They will vary in frequency, day of the week, and start time. AAA will mention the show dates among many other dates on their social media. I have also started a Twitter account (@aaanextshow) that focuses only on AAA streams.

If you pay for Amazon Prime, there is a (complicated) process to get VOD free for a Twitch channel of your choice. It could be either AAA one, though not both. The free subscription lasts for 30 days and does not auto-renew. You can change channels, or even just want until the next time you want to see VOD free.


AAA also posts an episode of their show on YouTube every Sunday afternoon. It includes three or four matches and a or two vignette. These occasionally include vignettes not aired live. The matches are also uploaded individually thru the week and classic matches may also be added.

The YouTube show is always well behind the Twitch live stream. It is a minimum of a three-way delay but can length greatly when AAA has a lot of live events in a short time. Some matches may also be cut out. The entrance music is also dubbed over on YouTube.


An AAA stream airs on Pluto TV Channel 218. This airs old episodes of AAA TV similar to the Twitch stream, though they show different episodes at different times. It does not show live events.

Worldwide TV

If you live outside of Mexico, you can not currently watch AAA on your TV. It is not on Galavision in the US and has not been for many years. It is not on any other US network. There are no alternative cable services which provide AAA in the US or outside of Mexico.

Mexico TV

AAA airs on three networks in Mexico

  • Azteca7: Friday afternoons at 4:30 pm CT
  • Space: Friday evenings at 6:30 pm CT
  • Multimedios: Sunday afternoons at 3:00 pm CT

AAA staggers the TV episodes, so each channel is getting a different show each week. Matches will generally air on Azteca7 the first week, Space the following week, and Multimedios (& YouTube) the third week.


  • Following AAA storylines is double edge swords. AAA expects you to remember everything that happened and also forget everything when they do too. You need a lot of forgiveness or little investment.
  • no matter what is hyped, the only match guaranteed to actually happen is the main event at TripleMania and even that is only after they’ve done a public contract signing
  • There will be giant evil groups formed. Those first shows will be fun. There will be many more shows. The group will wither away without the good guys doing anything. Accept that going in.
  • Titles are very important when they’re on screen and might as well not exist when they’re off-screen. Personal feuds take precedence.
  • AAA does spotfests and hardcore matches very well. They have no interest in technical matches. They do encourage everyone to have the best match they possibly can, which means the openers are sometimes the best matches for the disregard of their own safety. The older wrestlers, who have much more regard and much less mobility, are usually in the main events and those can be a drag.
  • the underlining theme of AAA is to get the crowd to react. If that is done with a cool move or a satisfying finish, great. If they can accomplish it by a referee refusing to count, that works for them just as well. AAA covets having an internet/worldwide fan base but the product is almost all directed at the live audience. They’re going with what works for those folks and the rest of us are along for the ride.

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  1. Obviously there’s no guarantee they’ll keep up the quality but the English commentary for the Twitch feed has been remarkably less awful for the last couple of shows (031619 and 040519), also iirc the video quality has actually been better for the English version.

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