AAA on Twitch: 2019-04-05


Recapped: 04/11/2019

All matches aired from Auditorio de Tijuana.


Black Destiny beat Genio del Aire, Drake, Jonathan, Rayo Star, Fantastik
(9:55, Black Destiny Spanish Fly Drake, good,
Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))

Drago © beat Hijo Del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr., Aerostar, Argenis to retain the AAA Latin American Championship
(9:21, Drago Dragon’s Tail cradle on Argenis, good,
Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))

Keyra, Lady Maravilla, Villano III Jr. beat La Hiedra, Lady Shani, Niño Hamburguesa
(11:20, Keyra cradle Lady Shani, good,
Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))

Mamba, Máximo, Pimpinela Escarlata beat Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly
(13:50, Pimpinela cradle Super Fly, ok,
Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))

La Máscara & Texano Jr. beat Joe Lider & Pagano
(13:45, Texano/La Mascara wheeelbarrow frontcracker Joe Lider, ok,
Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown beat Blue Demon Jr. & Rey Escorpión in a cage match
(15:33, ok,
Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))

  • 9:35 Psycho Clown escapes

  • 11:18 Rey Escorpión escapes

  • 15:33 Dr. Wagner Jr. escapes

What happened:

the power of Hamburguesa

Dr. Wagner Jr. escaped the cage by unmasking Blue Demon Jr. as they were both sitting on top of the cage.

La Hiedra escorts La Mascara to the ring. She is the newest member of Los Mercenarios and gets involved with the match many times.

La Hiedra seems unhappy about being a tecnica before the match, with the rudas trying to convince her to come over to their side. She plays fair most of the match, but pushes Niño Hamburguesa off the top rope when he hesitates after a Maravilla distraction. Hiedra cuts a promo upset about being booked on a tecnica side, she’s a ruda. V3 seems thrilled with these events and escorts her to the back. Niño Hamburgesa carries Lady Maravilla to the back again, which seemed to surprise Keyra. Keep up with the show, Keyra!



AAA spent 20 minutes setting up a cage and then all these guys in the main event just to decide to brawl outside off the ring. It didn’t last too long but it was still dumb. Otherwise, it was like most lucha cage matches, with lots of brawling and the rudos destroying the técnicos for an exhaustingly long time until they made a mistake with a whip. The cage bit added little to the match and felt unnecessary after just doing the same bit on the last show. They even did a very similar powerbomb spot to set up Psycho Clown’s escape. Demon had some good punches. Psycho and Escorpión fought strongly enough that I’m looking forward to their singles match. It still felt like a long match. The only interesting thing here is how Wagner cheated and was loudly booed for it. Blue Demon was the cheered one last time out too. Maybe they’re heading to TripleMania with both men cheered or Demon being the face.

Los Mercenarios had a trademark average match, keeping up with Pagano’s messy brawling while not really creating much to remember themselves. La Hiedra seemed alright as a second, probably will get better with more time, shouldn’t have been laid on in her first match in the role but it doesn’t matter. This was a CMLL midcard match that I will never remember.

The exoticos worked hard in their match. It just didn’t connect much with me. The crowd seemed to enjoy it and there was a lot of life to it, it just seemed like the same standard match we’ve seen before with a few more dives. It is good to have (seemingly) escaped the La Mascara/Maximo feud but these only really work as buffer matches. It would’ve been much better placed as the second match on the card.

fun for all

The tercera could’ve been a little bit shorter; it was a long way to go for a partner betraying her team finish. The action still seemed good enough. Lady Shani showed a little more personality than usual and Hiedra adapted fine to the tecnica side. Most of the rest was the usual Lady Maravilla/Nino Hamburguesa story but it developed better than some of the recent matches.

The biggest problem for the second match is it followed the first match. This was the better of two multi-man matches, but having them back to back dulled the impact. There’s only so long you can see two people do moves and a third person rush in to do their move next. I thought the luchadors in this looked better, with Hijo del Vikingo & Myzteziz working as opponents better than I would’ve expected and they peaked the match towards the end a lot better. It still all sort of blended together.

The opener was the usual collection of non-stop moves. It suffered a bit because the action never rose or fell, it just kept going at the same level for ten minutes. Keeping it going seemed more important than what was going on, with the key being to roll out of the way so the next two guys could do their moves more than the moves. That’s not to bury the match but it was a limitation of it. This had a lot of GIF-able moments but wasn’t much deeper than that. Drake fit in fine despite probably never working with these other five before. The only spot of his that went wrong was his dive, and that was more Genio del Aire not being in the spot. Despite that, I still thought Genio del Aire looked the best in this match and should be a regular on non-Tijuana shows. Black Destiny seems to have gained weight, though it didn’t affect his offense.