CMLL Puebla: 2019-04-01

Tiger has had enough headscissors

Recapped: 04/02/2019


El Perverso, Policeman, Tyson La Bestia beat Arkalis, King Jaguar, Robin
(13:59 [5:16, 2:43, 6:00], 1/3, bad,

Dalys, La Magnifica, Tiffany beat Lluvia, Marcela, Sanely  
(12:32 [6:03, 3:48, 2:41], 2/3, ok,

Esfinge, Flyer, Rey Cometa beat Kawato San, Olímpico, Tiger
(13:01 [4:16, 2:41, 6:04], 1/3, ok, 

Carístico, La Bestia Del Ring, Último Guerrero beat Euforia, Mephisto, Valiente in a relevos increíbles match
(10:15 [2:57, 1:48, 5:30], 2/3, ok, 

Volador Jr. beat Gran Guerrero
(10:34, 2/3, good,

  1. Gran Guerrero package powerbomb (1:33)

  2. Volador backcracker (2:29)

  3. Volador Spiral (6:32)

What happened: 

Gran Guerrero’s new finish

Gran Guerrero is unable to kick out of a Canadian Destroyer about 6 minutes into the third fall. Edgar holds up his count anyway, and he has a quick with the wrestlers. They must not believe it is all that serious because Volador gets in a (rarely seen) Volador Spiral to end it instead. The move doesn’t look good, and Gran Guerrero is unable to stand without assistance after the match.

Euforia & Ultimo Guerrero fought in the semi-main, which is treated here like a big deal and treated like no deal by a day later.


Volador’s match with Gran Guerrero had a couple of things different than usual – Volador is smart enough not to take the powerbomb on the floor on a Monday match – but it was still a Volador match with both guys taking turns doing big moves until it is just done. Volador must be certain this is a winning formula since it never changes. It did expose that the match ended early, since Volador got in two straight moves in a row to win the thing after Gran Guerrero got hurt. Guerrero was having a solid match then, and it does say something positive that Volador trust him to take the Volador Spiral, a move he’s pretty much given up doing otherwise. Still, this is just another Volador matches and you know what you’re getting with these now.

not as good at the powerbomb as his brother

It was fun seeing Último Guerrero and Euforia briefly go at each other. They were smart enough to make it a thing in a match that needed a thing to work. Valiente and Carístico weren’t on the same level, and Bestia working as a sort of tecnico was just weird. It was really quite short and didn’t have much to it but they at least did something.

The tercera was not quite the typical professional midcard match but it wasn’t too far below. Tiger and Rey Cometa would be a fun feud in a world where those guys were allowed to feud. Kawato’s double stomp is horrendous and I can’t believe no one’s explained that him yet. Flyer did a better German suplex than Kawato in his match, though that may have something to do with Esfinge. Esfinge and Kawato proved to be a poor pairing in this match repeatedly. Flyer was better than that.

The women’s match gave us Lluvia & Sanely as a tecnica duo, a half decent idea that will never go anywhere (and they were immediately beat), and La Magnifica’s debut. She did well, looking solid on offense and putting some impact into her kicks. Tiffany & Dalys not giving her much to do not seem like a great sign, but Marcela seemed to enjoy wrestling against her. Hope she’ll be back.

I don’t know why I watched the whole card but at least the opener gave me something to write about. Tyson La Bestia was horrendous, looking like someone who had no business being in a CMLL ring. The Gemelo Panteras are generally boring but seem trained. Tyson was horrendous here. The second fall finished with King Jaguar and Arkalis almost shoving each other to get into their spot. I generally like Arkalis, but he and Perverso teamed up from some wretched backbreakers in the third fall.