lucha TV preview for weekend of April 5th, 2019

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CMLL Friday will be on Marca and Facebook and maybe YouTube if I remember it. You will be OK skipping this one.

Really, you’ll be okay skipping this AAA on Twitch stream too – it seems mostly notable because it’s the only one for weeks. AAA is listed as starting a half hour after CMLL starts, though it’ll usually be a little later than that. You can figure out the start time where you’re at here. The card actually seems fine but with gimmicks that only are for the Tijuana crowd and not so essential for everyone else. The opener could be really good depending on who actually ends up in it.

I’m doing this early so I have no real idea what will be on CMLL Puebla or Tuesday beside the title match. No one will be paying attention to AAA TV releases this weekend but that title match was fun.