CMLL Martes de Nuevo Valores: 2019-03-26

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Recapped: 03/26/2019


Astral & Eléctrico beat Inquisidor & Yago
(11:52 [5:05, 2:50, 3:57], 2/3, ok, 00:02:00)

Cancerbero, Espanto Jr., Raziel beat Arkalis, Halcón Suriano Jr., Oro Jr.
(16:01 [4:34, 4:40, 6:47], 2/3, ok, 00:22:10)

Audaz, Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa beat Pólvora, Templario, Virus
(9:23 [5:46, 3:37], 1/2 DQ, ok, 00:47:41)

Titán beat Flyer in a lightning match
(8:45, el Inmortal, good, 01:07:29)

Atlantis, Soberano Jr., Stuka Jr. beat Ephesto, Hechicero, Mephisto
(12:32 [6:12, 2:30, 3:50], 2/3, ok, 01:22:11)

Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Volador Jr. beat Cuatrero, Euforia, Sansón
(12:06 [4:52, 4:10, 3:04], 1/3, good, 01:45:40)

What happened:

the new look does work for dives

Templario fouled Rey Cometa for no great reason.

Inquisidor is a sub for Cholo. CMLL still plays Cholo’s music for a few seconds before figuring it out. Yago is mentioned for recovering from injuries suffered in the apuesta match months ago. He’s got a good over his mask, which also may have been changed. The Subzero faceguard still is very bright.


The main event fulfilled the goal of a positive match to send the people home happy. I’m not sure if I’ll remember it by the time this actually goes up, but they did a quick match and a good pace, keeping the match moving thru the rudo section to the quick comeback and win at the and. This is what they seem to try for every Tuesday and it worked a little better than usual even while being shorter than usual.

Remember the time Averno left CMLL and Mephisto & Ephesto needed a new partner and veryone wanted it to be Hechicero and it ended up being Luciferno? That didn’t really work out for us but maybe it worked out for Hechicero? He’s doing OK, though he showed how well he could work with the other two if given the chances. Hechicero and Stuka worked this match like their feud was something CMLL cared about, and they brought the rest of the match-up. The downside was the timing was just off in the third fall Atlantis run, and that’s enough to make him look really old. Atlantis working Tuesday show semi-mains doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

Raziel having a good day

The lightning match was a rare moment of Titan not being the underdog. Flyer is still a bigger size than Titan but he was the one who had to keep sneaking in the superkick at the right time to avoid taking big blows and eventually made the big mistake that cost him. This was more Flyer getting in limited shots at the right time and get knocked around a bit, and he did better at it than the generic aerial luchador on some Fridays. It probably doesn’t work against anyone but Titan, who looked as good as usual, but there’s some hope there.

The tercera felt cut short because of the foul finish, which was too bad because the técnicos looked on. Audaz did a few evasive Audaz things but also got so much height on his dive. Maya looked sharp too. Cometa/Templario should happen when Templario eventually gets a title but it was a random bit to end in a DQ here. Templario did get dropped right on his skull on a Rey Cometa Spanish Fly. Maybe the foul was a bit justified.

The segunda was I guess fine, but too long for me. They took advantage of the space to try some weird offense instead of just the usual same brawling, though maybe Oro Jr’s attempt at a handspring stunner could use some work. They did get in a dive in the segunda, a Tuesday rarity, and Raziel did that thing where he looks like great for about five minutes.

The opener was more competent than usual. The year of being the lowest people on the totem pole has definitely taken a big toll on Astral & Electrico’s energy. They were just fine here. Yago moved like a guy who wasn’t dealing with an injury, though the t-shirt at least made him look like he gained weight. He had some creativity and was willing to set up for técnicos. There are parts here that could’ve worked in a better match.