lucha TV preview for weekend of March 1st, 2019 – daylight savings starts

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Daylight Savings time begins in the US & Canada this weekend. It does not start in Mexico until April 7th. That means, if you change your clock on Sunday, all streams from Mexico will start one hour later. Puebla starts at 10 pm CDT, Tuesdays start at 8:30 pm and Fridays (starting with H2L) start at 9:30 pm. AAA still starts whenever they feel like it.

No AAA TV taping this week. They’re airing some matches from Mazatlan this week on YouTube, which seems to include the four-way title match at the last.

One thought to “lucha TV preview for weekend of March 1st, 2019 – daylight savings starts”

  1. I watched AAA on a+ today. Lots of commercials aimed at women. In fact every commercial not promoting other a+ shows, were Pantene, Head and Shoulders, laundry detergent,

    The show is different on youtube. One unique segment was La Parka(in a neck brace) with Rafa talking about the beating Parka and his son took last week and explaining how he had to take care of his neck. This segment was the lead in to, La Parka’s match. Konnan was on commentary explaining how determined Parka is to get revenge which is why he’s back so soon and wearing a brace.

    Faby and Monsther vs. Aeorstar and Taya aired on a+ but not on Youtube.

    Commentary is just low quality “canned” and sounds like they lost a generation of audio.

    Konnan did a good job explaining angles, characters, and without him it would have been brutal.

    Only once did they show an on screen graphic listing the cities where tv will be taped in coming weeks.

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