Lucha Brothers & H2L, Bandido & MSG

El Planchitas says they heard CMLL never really asked Penta & Fenix if they were free for Homenaje a Dos Leyendas and replacing them after finding out they were working in Arena Neza. That still doesn’t make sense to me because Volador is working the same match in Arena Neza and hasn’t been removed from the CMLL card.

Women’s Health Latin America has an interview with Sofia Alonso, talking about being a young woman in charge “at the front of” CMLL. Alonso says one thing she’s realized is it is important to find a group of people you can trust to surround you.

Justin Liger announced he will retire at the NJPW 2020 Tokyo Dome show. He mentioned wanting to go around the world one last time, so I guess it is possible we will see him back in Arena Mexico one last time.

Bandido asked to be included in the Dragon Lee versus Taiji Ishimori IWGP Junior title match at MSG.

The Crash in Tijuana on 03/23

MexaWrestling in Arena San Juan on 04/06 (MextlerCon):

Add 05/18 in Tuxtla Guiterrez as an AAA TV taping.

MicroManFever recaps Cibernetico’s feud with Pato Zambrano.

Pez Tiburon saved his hair and took 24 Kilates’ mask in Acapulco.

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  1. In the Sofia Alonso interview, she says she had to clean house in the Administrative office, or at the least change some personnel, before going to Japan and talk to NJPW officials to strike a deal. Cubs, do you have a possible timeline as to when that happened, and who was replaced in the office? I wonder if she’s responsible for bringing in Rey Fenix, Penta and L.A. Park into CMLL? But also Klan Kaoz (ugh…) and Gilbert. And who the heck is responsible for suddenly giving Vangelys, Rey Bucanero and Shocker so many bookings? That person sucks. I wonder if those last three get make up bookings for being out from injuries in the last year?

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