lucha TV preview for weekend of March 1st, 2019

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I figured out the way to figure out what matches are going up on AAA YouTube this week is to go check the Space website, since they’re the same matches that are listed in the preview two weeks before. Except, now those previews are no longer up, maybe because they included video links to the show and maybe those aren’t supposed to be up until they air on MultiMedios. At any rate, this episode is listed as Ciudad Madero with no part, so they’ll just pick part of the taping. The other matches may turn up later.

Titan and Templario tomorrow should be pretty good on CMLL Marca.

Princesa Sugehit versus Amapola would’ve been an exciting match in 2009 CMLL Puebla instead of 2019.. Maybe Vangellys & Ultimo Guerrero? Maybe ot