AAA on Twitch: 2019-02-16

rope walkers

Recapped: 02/16/2019


Draztick Boy, Latigo, Dragon Bane beat Látigo, Mini Monster Clown, Mini Murder Clown
(8:10, Dragon Bane 630 senton Latigo, ok, 00:30:59)

Keyra, Lady Maravilla, Villano III Jr. beat Golden Magic, Niño Hamburguesa, Starfire
(11:04, Keyra German suplex Star Fire, ok, 00:52:39)

Laredo Kid beat Sammy Guevara to win the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship
(12:33, Laredo Kid Laredo Fly, good, 01:14:33)

Parka Negra, Super Fly, Faby Apache beat Myzteziz Jr., Dinastia, Lady Shani
(10:05, Faby Apache Tiger Suplex Dinastia, good, 01:39:33)

Mamba, Máximo, Pimpinela Escarlata beat Chessman, La Máscara, Taurus
(11:42, Pimpinela cradle La Mascara, ok, 01:59:06)

Aerostar, Drago, Hijo Del Vikingo beat Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana
(11:23, Vikingo reverse 450 splash Tito Santana, good, 02:19:20)

Jeff Jarrett, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr. beat Dr. Wagner Jr., Pagano, Psycho Clown
(13:49, Texano crucifix powerbomb Pagano thru a table, ok, 02:39:38)

What happened:

Jeff Jarrett hit Wagner with a guitar late in the main event. The two were dead on the apron for the rest of the match. Pagano tried to put Texano thru a table but, of course, went thru it himself.

Earlier, La Parka (in a neck brace) appeared to say he was working with Los Jinetes del Aire to get revenge on the OGTs and Los Mercenarios for their recent attacks. Villano III Jr. and La Parka were seconds in the title match, with La Parka eventually running V3 off after he interfered a second time. After Laredo won, Los Mercenarios attacked Laredo. Vikingo, Myzetziz and Parka ran him off.

Faby Apache & Hijo dell Tirantes mostly got along, at least for them. Tirantes slow count Faby once but then counted the finish fine. They still ended up fighting after the match.

Brazo de Plata was brought out to speak to the crowd early in the show. La Mascara interrupted to tease an attack, Psycho Clown quickly ran him out off and threatened him.

La Parkita was injured, seemingly seriously, on a diving headscissors to the floor late in the match. His head bounced off the floor and he needed a lot of medical attention to be put on a backboard. AAA later said Parkita was out of danger but would be out for a while.

Announcer Jesus Zuniga returned to AAA after being off since Christmas day. He worked as ring announcer and occasional interviewer and appears to be AAA full time going forward.


that’s a good leap

The standard AAA main event ended the show. Psycho Clown threw himself around a lot, a bit too his own detriment. Jeff Jarrett was careful to pick his spots (yet still took a bad legdrop from Pagano) and bizarrely got to take out Wagner with a guitar in what appears to be his final performance. Pagano had one of his cleaner matches, though a spot where he headbutts a chair to block is dumb on many levels. The weirdest was an AAA rudo winning clean, though they got back on trap by unmasking Psycho Clown for no real reason.

The semi-main struggled off the bat, with Aerostar whiffing on a back springboard and then he and Tito just looking completely lost on a running spot. It was tough to imagine how good the match was going to end up being when it got rolling. These matches are built towards Vikingo doing really big spots, and Vikingo is delivering on the really big spots. The double rope spot with Vikingo & Aerostar was incredible and probably would’ve been a great finish, though they did get in a couple of cool dives. Aerostar recovered with his usual tope into the fifth row. Drago & Poder del Norte were solid as usual. It was the most complete match on the show.

The exoticos matches were about the same as always. A lot more exotico spots, or maybe I just noticed them more because Vampiro & Suicide couldn’t stand them. Máximo is trying hard and his partners were not bad but tehir match wasn’t much. It did get over better than some others.

Dragon Bane started off that way

This fourth match was just a good solid trios match. Myzteziz did some fantastic things and also landed on his face. It leaned more towards the good stuff, though Parka Negra didn’t have his super power basing here. Dinastia did overall well with a different group of people than he usually works against. Super Fly probably was a better person for this match than Jack Evans would’ve been, the extra base helped.

Laredo Kid continues to have really fun matches, though he and Guevera had to get around some limitations on him. Interference spots and the post-match seemed to only exist to give La Parka something to do at the expense of the rest of the match. Pierro not understanding the crotch spot Sammy wanted to do was also hilarious. Still, the athleticism in the closing of the match was incredible. This was the best Sammy’s been in AAA, playing the rudo character that’s worked well elsewhere and it gave the match more of a dynamic than people just trying moves. The moves were cool though. This was borderline good/great for me.

a cool cradle after some pre-gif akwardness

Segunda wasn’t quite as good as usual. Star Fire turned out to be a significant dropoff from Lady Shani, having a match where she looked off at a couple of big moments include the finish. Keyra’s stuff was not as sharp as usual. Villano & Golden Magic were good, and this was the same Lady Maravilla and Niño Hamburgesa finish as we’ve seen a few times. Those other times were better.

The opener was entertaining but very sloppy at times. La Parkita was trying bigger spots than last time out in something that seemed to be a spotlight for him. It ended up not going well for him. He had trouble on the apron headscissors spot and far more on the one all the way to the floor. Latigo & Dragon Bane had the best-looking highlights of a match that didn’t come all together.

This was billed as the start of regular AAA English language streams. AAA had earlier announced they were going to let anyone co-stream their show, because that what was they were doing. Australian Suicide & Vampiro watched the show on a tiny delay, and over the top of the Spanish language feed. This meant the action and crowd noise was very much turned down. Suicide had the funnier lines and a better grasp of AAA storylines than Vampiro, who would get more frustrated with the chat room or having to explain the action when he didn’t like was going on. (He didn’t much like the exoticos match.) Suicide was good enough where he could be part of a good team if he stuck around and had a good partner or two to work off of, but he suggested this was his one and only night at it from the start. He is on the next show.