AAA on Twitch: 2019-02-10

Maximo & Aerostar have different concepts when it comes to dives

Recapped: 02/10/2019

All matches aired live from Auditorio Amado Nervo, Tepic, Nayarit.


Dinastía, Lady Shani, Niño Hamburguesa beat Lady Maravilla, Lanzelot, Villano III Jr.
(11:41, Niño Hamburguesa frog splash Lanzelot, great,

Hijo Del Vikingo beat Jack Evans and Taurus
(9:32, reverse 450 splash, great,

Aerostar, Máximo, Taya beat Faby Apache, La Máscara, Monsther Clown
(10:57, Taya inside cradle Faby, ok,

Laredo Kid beat Drago and Flamita
(11:38, Laredo Fly on Drago, great,

Dr. Wagner Jr. beat Blue Demon Jr. in a street fight match
(12:49, Wagner Driver, good,

La Parka, Psycho Clown, Puma King beat Hijo del Fantasma, Killer Kross, Rey Escorpión
(24:45, Puma King bodyscissors Fantasma, good,

What happened:

Lady Maravilla stomp

Laredo Kid worked twice, replacing La Parka in the main event after Friday’s injury angle. (It is possible Drago was initially supposed to replace Parka, since he was not in on the original card but around for the weekend.) La Mascara attempted to help Fantasma win but it backfired into a Puma King cradle. The técnicos celebrate for roughly five seconds before the rudos beat them up and left them unmasked.

Faby Apache seconded Blue Demon in the street fight. Wagner had no second, though Taya ran out to attack Faby after about 9 minutes in. Monster Clown ran in to attack her, which normally would mean Aerostar to balance him. Instead, it was Joe Lider (in his only appearance on the weekend) helping out his Perro del Mal ally and putting Monster Clown thru a table. Wagner, face covered in blood, beat Wagner cleanly. Both Taya & Faby attack Hijo del Tirantes after the match.

Faby accidentally dropkicked Hijo del Tirantes, who fast counted a pin for Taya on Faby immediately after.

Lady Maravilla again tried to stop Niño Hamburgers from winning the match, but Lady Shani was able to take her out with a backcracker this time.

it is rare to see this move done with any good impact

A leading off the show segment included Parka talking about his injury on Friday night’s show at Fantasma’s hands. He thanked Laredo, Vikingo, and Myzteziz (who was not there) and challenged Fantasma to any type of match he wanted. Dr. Wagner interrupted to back up Parka and also challenge Demon. One of the Unefon masked men, who usually throw out prizes to the crowd before the official show open (they switched the order this time) pretended like he was a fan of Wagner & Parka only to attack them. He was Blue Demon in disguise. Fantasma showed up in a Blue Demon mask to help and pass the mask to Demon. Vikingo & Laredo eventually made the save.

English commentary was announced as starting with next Saturday’s show.


Joe Lider doing a Joe Lider thing

The main event was, in a thin fashion, a lot like AAA’s normal main events. The rudos attacked before the whistle, beatdown the técnicos for a while, and the técnicos made a comeback. It differed greatly from there. There was no showcase of técnicos spots one by one, but instead fast-paced offense and back and forth to a big finish. I thought the opening beatdown was too long (around nine minutes before the técnicos made their comeback, and a few more before it really turned around) and that made the match too long, but it never seemed like they lost the crowd. They picked up for a big near ending during the match and were able to take it back down and keep going for a while longer. They’ve turned Killer Kross’ unpinned streak from something that only seemed to exist in Twitter promos into something that’s an important moment in matches with the near misses (on this show with Laredo Kid following all the técnicos moves, on the previous show with Vikingo.) Regular match wins and losses are not usually taken all that seriously in AAA but they’ve kind of made some progress on making that win mean something if they ever get around to make it happen. The técnicos showed surprising chemistry for a team that’s never been before and may never be again. Puma in particularly played well off Máximo & Psycho on these shows, in a way where they’d be a fun spot show act. Rey Escorpión and Psycho Clown are going to have a great match once they get around to it. Psycho Clown is not particularly clean, but it’s amazing to see him try to get better when a lot of people in his position would coast. That includes him at times in the past, and I’d love to know what’s brought on the urge to add tope arm drags to his matches. This was a strong ending to a strong show.

Blue Demon/Dr. Wagner was not something I particularly wanted to see, but they used Wagner’s blood to connect with the audience in a way this feud really had not the post. The overbooking craziness was reminiscent of the Shani/Apache TripleMania match, but was more effective here since the expectations were less. Demon & Wagner out there in a straight match would’ve been death, and four other people involved made it work. Joe Lider saving Taya because they are old Perros del Mal friends was a nice touch. And also we only had to see Joe Lider for the run-in.

Escorpion top rope headscissors

It was really hard for the Laredo Kid three-way to follow the other three way, but they did enough interesting stuff to still stick out and handled it better when things didn’t go perfect. Laredo Kid had some incredible moments in this. He was clearly the best guy, something that hasn’t always been true, but seemed the case in the end. That’s even with a stronger Flamita performance than on Friday; he’s not pulling out the apron shooting star shoulderblock (?) that often. Drago kept up in something that moved fast, though I was still surprised to see him take the pin.

The tercera was a Mascara/Maximo match, which was fine and got attention to the feuds they wanted and could not follow the match the Vikingo three-way match. La Mascara may have gone thru the weekend without taking a bump. Taya & Faby are ok against each other but they’ve didn’t hit high gear this weekend. Monster & Aerostar haven’t had the same magic they had in their one singles match but they were OK. This kept the plates spinning and at least was a nice buffer between the two action matches.

Psycho armdrag

Taurus started off the second match by UG-like catching Vikingo on a dive and powerbombing him to doom. The match kept going from there, somehow. Hijo del Vikingo isn’t a finished product, there are some headscissors here that didn’t go well (and a top rope splash he and Jack saved into an armdrag nicely), but he what can already do is pretty incredible. The walking the ropes hanging double stomp was new to me from him and followed him getting flattened on a German suplex. Taurus remains a great opponent, destroying Vikingo well when not basing for him. Jack was really good here, and this match flowed really strongly to the end.

The show started off with a great opener. The action built on Friday’s match and surpassed it. Dinastia did well here, maybe his best match in a while, with creativity and speed. The sequence with his and Maravilla leading to Maravilla reversing the behind the back piledriver into a submission was great. The Maravilla/Hamburguesa story is perfect for an early match trios, and they changed up the ending this time.