AAA on Azteca & AEW, Caifan/UG hair match?

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AAA held another media event at a TV network – the third in less than a week – at Azteca’s studios last night. This one was for Azteca’s commercial sponsors, obviously trying to make them feel good about spending money for ads during AAA’s show. The commercials during Televisa lucha shows were never impressive – even during the height of Mistico, there’d was a lot of cheap text message service bits during every break – and getting advertisers willing to put their messages in between AAA matches is the key here. Ratings are always good but they only matter if they mean something to advertisers. It is a good sign to see Azteca make this extra effort to try and make that work.

MedioTiempo has an interview with Dorian Roldan, talking about AAA’s alliances. Like a lot of AEW stuff, there’s not a lot of details about future plans. He says he’ll be having a face to face meeting with Tony Khan in a couple weeks to discuss plans. Roldan says they have more surprises for future months, teasing the idea of the Elite appearing on TripleMania without saying it. The AAA/Impact agreement also continues, with Roldan revealing there will be AAA surprises as part of WrestleMania weekend. I believe the plan is for a couple of AAA luchadors to appear on Impact’s show, though the exact wrestlers is not certain until something is announced.

Konnan’s Keepin’ It 100 had a random segue into clarifying Konnan’s role in AAA. He explains himself as the writer, though Disco tries to trump it up to Head of Creative. Konnan makes the (TV) cards, the Roldans may make changes, and then Konnan writes TV. It’s implied Konnan has full control of the writing at that point. Konnan was very happy with how the weekend went, especially in elevating guys like Laredo and Vikingo and keeping people guessing with Puma beating Fantasma. Konnan & Disco gush over Killer Kross, sure he’s going to be a giant star in AEW or WWE. This leads Konnan to offhandedly mention MAD does still exist, though it’s not mentioned by name. The AEW/AAA partnership is mentioned with no new details. Disco is concerned it is going to affect Konnan’s relationship with Impact & MLW but Konnan says that everything is staying as it is.

There’s been no more mention of AAA having English commentary on Saturday since the taping. AAA has bigger priorities at the moment – 200x people (at least) will be watching the Azteca show over any English language Twitch stream – but it leaves the announcers still as a mystery. Matt Striker did RT AEW’s post about AAA & AEW working together, which is truly not proof of anything but enough for me to reaffirm my strongly held fears. I’ll probably end up listening to English anyway if only because my Twitter mentions turn into “did you hear what [X]” all night any time there is an English language AAA commentary and I might as well hear it myself first.

Goya Kong is headed to Stardom from 03/03 to 03/06. Goya has not had a TV match with AAA since breaking her leg in December 2017, though she’s continued to work spot shows and was in some vignettes as part of the Mascara/Maximo feud. She’s previously wrestled in Japan for REINA.

In obvious articles, El Hijo del Santo thinks lucha libre is in poor shape. This was the anniversary celebration of the World Boxing Council, who had given him a wrestling championship many years ago that he still claims is a real thing. Santo blames promoters and commission for letting wrestlers use tables and chairs and stones, making a mockery of it all, and says now it takes 40 wrestlers for shows where before Blue Demon or El Santo crowd draw a full house. Interestingly, Santo says the one people who are upholding the dignity of lucha libre is CMLL. Santo hasn’t had much nice to say about CMLL in many years.

People who were surprised by Niebla Roja making it to the final of the Universal tournament include Niebla Roja himself. Niebla Roja wants a clean fight, having no problem if Terrible cleanly proves he’s better, but he’s ready for some Los Ingobernables style cheating. Roja is proud of beating Ultimo Guerrero after being kicked out Guerrero’s group.

CMLL micro Chamuel changed his mask yesterday on Informa. It is now something looking like a micro member of Los Infernales than the clown mask he had before. The discussion about it came off like CMLL doesn’t think the latex style masks look professional enough for their promotion, so I guess the Psycho Circus will not be making their way to AAA any time soon.

Fenix did end up wrestling last night in Lucha Va Voom’s main event, teaming with Rey Horus against Penta & Lil Cholo.

Lucha Underground writer Chris DeJoseph posted a few things about Lucha Underground this morning. I believe Celebrity Big Brother, another show he works on, wrapped up last night so I’m sure he’d like to have something else to work on right now. Unfortunately, It is probably months away from a LU S5 starting if it were to happen. DeJospeh reiterated a concept he mentioned on some podcasts: the writers see Season 5 as the end of their story, which in theory means everyone goes their separate ways after the next season finished and the 7 season contract length doesn’t matter. A season has to happen first and there’s no guarantee the people in charge of the writers will share those same feelings about ending everything. Looking back at it, it was incredibly daring – one might even say foolish – for Lucha Underground Season 4 to be an “Empire Strikes Back” season of evil winning to set up a tecnico comeback in season 5 when there’s never been any great confidence of LU having a fifth season.

The el Planchitas column has XMW scoops. The show this Saturday has a Caifan/Ultimo Guerrero match. The column says they’ll set a rematch with hair on the line for March, which sounds pretty good. Less good is many of the women advertised not actually planning to appear. In some cases (Metalica & Star Fire mentioned), they were never actually contacted before they were advertised. Other women have not received the normal booking deposit and don’t trust they’re going to be paid. The column also talks about a wrongly (?) imprisoned Mini Apache and vague plans to run a benefit show for him in jail.

Sexy Dulce responded to Tiffany’s challenge by asking for a hair match. There is more Sexy Dulce news expected soon, not involving CMLL.

MLW announced LA Park versus Mance Warner for their 03/02 show in Cicero.

The Crash on 03/02

ROH announced Rush versus Bandido for their 03/15 PPV in Las Vegas. Neither man has lost in ROH yet – I think Bandido has even picked up the pin in all the tag matches – and it is surprising to put them in a spot where one person has to lose. Or maybe they won’t lose. That’ll be the first Friday Rush will miss in CMLL to work in Ring of Honor.

Demus still wants a hair match rematch with Virus.

Octagon took part in a social media campaign against sexual harassment. He suggested he, his son, and his student Dragon Dorada could be working in CMLL soon. Seems unlikely.

An interview with Queretaro’s Medussa.


Sanchez (SAT) 03/02/2019 Arena Neza
1) Geo, Guerrero Mixtico, Tony Cirio Jr. vs Belial, Diabolus, Pavor
2) Dalys, Miss Janeth, Rossy Moreno vs Estrellita, Lluvia, Sanely
3) Súper Muñeco, Súper Pinocho, Súper Ratón vs Gallego, Rocky Santana, Romano García
4) Solar I © vs Negro Navarro [FMLL MASTER]
5) El Dandy, Mano Negra, Negro Casas vs Black Terry, Máscara Año 2000, Satánico
6) Atlantis, Atlantis Jr., Rayo de Jalisco Jr. vs Canek, Hijo del Villano III, Villano IV

The Atlantis & Villano kids are even main eventing legends show. Sometimes booking seems less about marketing and more about a monarchy. Negro Casas hasn’t been since November and surgery, so perhaps this means he’s returning to CMLL soon.

Solar & Negro Navarro used to have that singles match seemingly every weekend (for a title which only exists for them to pass back and forth on the rare chance where they don’t go to a draw.) It hasn’t happened as much lately due to Navarro’s reduced schedule.